Latin American Religion in Motion by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Latin American Religion in Motion
Editor: Christian Smith
Editor: Joshua Prokopy
Table of Contents

Introduction: Joshua Prokopy and Christian Smith--Latin American Religion in Motion PART I: ROMAN
CATHOLICISM 1. Anthony Gill--"The Struggle to be Soul Provider: Catholic Responses to Protestant
Growth in Latin America" 2. Liesl Haas--"The Catholic Church in Chile: New Political Alliances" 3. Sarah
Brooks--"Catholic Activism in the 1990s: New Strategies for the Neoliberal Age." 4. Kristin Norget--
"Progressive Theology and Popular Religiosity in Oaxaca, Mexico." 5. Marjo de Thieje--"CEBs and
Catholic Charismatics in Brazil." PART II: PROTESTANTS AND EVANGELISTS 6. David Smilde--"El
Clamor por Venezuela: Latin American Evangelism as a Collective Action Frame." 7. Matthew Marostica-
-"The Defeat of Denominational Culture in the Argentine Evangelical Movement." 8. Timothy Steigenga
and David Smilde--"Wrapped in the Holy Shawl: The Strange Case of Conservative Christians and Gender
Equality in Latin America." 9. Frans Kamsteeg--"Pentecostalism and Political Awakening in Pinochet's
Chile and Beyond." 10. Cecília Mariz and Clara Mafra--"Family and Reproduction among Protestants in
Rio de Janeiro." 11. Daniel Miguez--"Religious Motives in the Growth of Latin American Pentecostalism:
Exploring the Argentinian Case." PART III: NON-CHRISTIAN AND CREOLE RELIGIONS 12. Robert
Carpenter--"Esoteric Literature as a Microcosmic Mirror of Brazil's Religious Marketplace." 13. Hans
Siebers--"Globalization and Religious Creolization among the Q'eqchi'es of Guatemala." 14. Tina Gudrun
Jensen--"Discourses on Afro-Brazilian Religion: From De-Africanization to Re-Africanization."

Latin America is undergoing a period of intense religious transformation and upheaval. This book analyzes
some of the more important new discoveries about religious movements in the region. It examines
important shifts such as the expansion and politicization of Protestantism, the ongoing transformation of
the Catholic church, the growth of Afro-Brazilian religions, and the genuine pluralization of faith.

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