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					                               VILLAGE OF HUNTLEY
                        JOINT MEETING of the VILLAGE BOARD
                                   August 21, 2007

A joint meeting of the Village Board and the Historic Preservation Commission of the Village of
Huntley was called to order on Tuesday, August 21, 2007 at 6:25pm.in the Municipal Complex
Village Board Room 10987 Main St, Huntley, Illinois 60142.


Mayor Charles H. Sass, Trustees: Pam Fender, Jay Kadakia, Niko Kanakaris, Harry Leopold,
and John Piwko.

ABSENT: Trustee Paul Mercer

Chairperson Donna Britton; Commissioners: Tom Conley, Lonni Oldham, Larry Melman, Karen
Rocks, and Michael Vander Ploeg

ABSENT: Commissioner Debra Waters

IN ATTENDANCE: Village Manager Carl Tomaso, Assistant Village Manager David Johnson,
Village Attorney Tom Spencer, Senior Planner Charles Nordman, Planner James Williams,
Director of Development Services Lisa Armour, and Recording Secretary Anita Powers of
Karick & Associates.


The Historic Preservation Commissioners and the Trustees briefly introduced themselves.

Chairperson Britton presented a PowerPoint presentation of the Commission’s Annual Report to
the Trustees and noted that the Commissioners’ goals are to communicate, share the same vision
and plan for the future.

Chairperson Britton reviewed photos of home landmarked within the Village and noted that there
are additional owners who would like to have their homes landmarked or become part of a
Historic District. Chairperson Britton stated that the Commission is hoping to propose a Historic
District soon.

Trustee Fender asked about the difference between a County and a Village landmark.
Chairperson Britton stated that the County will no longer be landmarking properties within the

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Village. The County landmarked homes before there was a Historic Preservation Commission in
the Village. Commissioner Conley noted that there can be dual landmark status. Village
Manager Tomaso reviewed the process that led to Woodstock Street becoming landmarked
through the County. Trustee Fender asked if the street is protected as a result of the landmark
status. Village Manager Tomaso answered yes. Commissioner Conley asked if the Public
Works Department is aware of the street’s protected status. Village Manager Tomaso answered
yes, Public Works is aware and uses specialized plowing equipment on Woodstock Street.

Chairperson Britton reported that a CLG (Certified Local Government) application was
submitted to the State of Illinois in July, 2006 and was subsequently denied. Commissioner
Melman reviewed the reasons for denial of the application.

       CLG Status was denied because of the following:

           1. Advisory Review (26A-30)
           2. Withdrawal of Landmark/Historic District (26A-22)
           3. Owner Objection (26A-21)

Commissioner Melman stated that when the City of Elgin received CLG status from the State of
Illinois it had 15 landmarked homes. Commissioner Melman noted that, relatively speaking,
Huntley now has about the same percentage of landmarked homes and should be able to site in
the application that the owners’ willingness to landmark homes shows acceptance of the
ordinance provisions.

Trustee Kadakia asked what the financial benefit of CLG would be. Chairperson Britton stated
that there would be increased funding from various programs. The Village could apply for the
Illinois Main Street program which would give the Village access to expertise from consultants.
Chairperson Britton reported that the Commissioners met with Sarosh Saher, a City of Elgin
Planner, who also offered advice on avenues for funding and noted that CLG status is needed for
most funding programs.

One of the benefits of CLG status is the availability of funds. An estimate from Granacki
Historic Consultants for a historic survey of the 41 Woodstock Street properties was
approximately $4,000. If the Village obtains CLG status 70% of the survey cost could be
covered by a grant.

Additional ideas for funding include:

   1. Working on financial agreements for lower interest loans through local banks.
   2. Collecting a small fee for each building permit issued. The money would be used for
      painting, unveiling, restorations, etc.
   3. Asking developers to make a donation to a historic preservation fund, much the same as
      they donate for schools or parks.
   4. Petitioning the Grand Victoria Foundation for monies for future programs.

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Trustee Fender advised the Commissioners to speak with Thom Palmer from the Park District
about funding for Sunny Valley Farm in Deicke Park. Commissioner Conley stated that they
should also look at moving the Haligus School to Deicke Park. Chairperson Britton stated that
the time is right to create a Historic Society for volunteers to assist in historic preservation.

Chairperson Britton stated that the Village needs to revise the Historic Preservation Ordinance
and then the CLG application to meet the State’s requirements and also meet the needs of the
community. Chairperson Britton noted that it is not unusual for the CLG application process to
take up to 3 years.

A color coded map of the proposed Historic District was presented to the Trustees. Chairperson
Britton stated that downtown and Main Street are the central focus of what can be a Historic
Business District at this time. In the future, the business district could potentially spread onto
Woodstock, Church and Grove, with other areas becoming residential Historic Districts.

Chairperson Britton explained that Staff developed streetscape guidelines that the Historic
Preservation Commission adopted and a subcommittee is developing a database of appropriate
resources for streetscape fixtures.

Trustee Fender asked if a TIF District could be implemented to fund problem infrastructure
improvements. Village Manager Tomaso stated that it could help fund streetscape elements such
as signage and landscaping. Village Manager Tomaso stated he would explore the feasibility of
a TIF District if it is the Village Board’s direction to do so.

Chairperson Britton stated that the Historic Preservation Commission would like to:

   1. Improve communication with the Village Board, Village Administration and the Building
   2. Preserve “Old” Huntley including open and wooded spaces.
   3. Increase educational programs, Village Official involvement, and have greater financial
      support when needed.

Village Manager Tomaso noted that the Commission can request an item be added to the Village
Board Meeting agenda by providing written communication regarding the item content and
requested Village Board action.

Chairperson Britton stated that the Commissioners have discussed adding a Communications
Officer and a Secretary to the offices of the Commission, and have discussed the possibility of
adding a second meeting each month. Trustee Fender stated that she does not agree with the idea
of having all communication go through a commission spokesperson.

Mayor Sass stated an additional meeting per month and designation of specific officers within
the Historic Preservation Commission are permissible in accordance with the Historic
Preservation Ordinance.

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Chairperson Britton reported that there are several upcoming Educational Programs:

   1.   Halloween in Historic Huntley – October 27
   2.   Huntley’s Historic Holidays
   3.   Tour of Woodstock Street’s Historic District
   4.   Placemats featuring architecture styles and elements offered for area restaurants.
   5.   Photos of street signs and the descendents of those honored.
   6.   Monthly activities by season/holiday

With the conclusion of the PowerPoint presentation, Chairperson Britton thanked the Village
Board and reviewed a list Historic Preservation Commission accomplishments for 2006-07:

   1. Wrote the T.S. Huntley brochure using research from N. Bacheller
   2. Updated the map and text of the walking tour of the square
   3. Combined Landmarking and Historic District information in one brochure.
   4. Revised the Landmark application.
   5. Rewrote the Frequently Asked Questions brochure.
   6. Displayed at Saturday on the Square.
   7. Reviewed two proposals for work on landmarked homes.
   8. Created a calendar of educational historical opportunities.
   9. Awarded a Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Goldberg.
   10. Have offered to supply historical information to the Village for use in upcoming
       newsletters and the Village calendar.

Commissioner Conley added the Commissioners attend monthly county-wide meetings and
seminars in order to get information to help with Historical education.

Mayor Sass and the Trustees thanked the Commissioners for their hard work.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Anita M. Powers
Anita M. Powers
Recording Secretary
Karick & Associates.

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