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					                                                                                             December 2009

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         Thanksgiving Dinner
Over 60 people spent this Thanksgiving in the company of friends, family, and neighbors at the annual Phelps
Community Thanksgiving Dinner at the Phelps Community Center. Guests feasted on all of the traditional
Thanksgiving fixings along with a variety of pies baked by several community members. Every guest left with
a door prize as well. Thanks to Ontario ARC and the Garden Hoes for making such beautiful candle center
pieces. A special thank you goes out to all of the volunteers who helped put on this great event including
Linda Leight, who organized the event. Without all of your help this event would not have been possible.

         Phelps Christmas Tree
        Lighting and Celebration
      Saturday, December 5 • 5:30 p.m.                                     In observance of Christmas and
                                                                           New Year’s Day and to allow our

           Phelps Community Center                                         staff and volunteers to share the
                                                                           holidays with family and friends, we
Come join the festivities on Saturday, December 5 at 5:30. You can par- will be CLOSED:
ticipate in the Parade of Lights by entering a float or by supporting your   December 24, Christmas Eve,
community by coming out to see the parade. Fun for the whole family.         closing at 3:00 p.m.
PARADE OF LIGHTS at 5:30 p.m. Cheney light the tree. Join in the             December 25, Christmas Day
Marchers, singers and floats will      caroling around the tree before       Saturday, December 26
light up the night in celebration.     continuing on to the Community        December 31, New Year’s Eve,
Families, organizations and busi-      Center where there will be a Cookie closing at 3:00 p.m.
nesses are invited to enter a float in Walk, photos with Santa and a         January 1, New Year’s Day,
the parade. Be creative and deco- Cake Auction.                              Saturday, January 2
rate anything you want with lights in COMMUNITY CENTER - 7:00 p.m.
a holiday theme appropriate for the Cookie Walk and Cake Auction -          PCC BOARD MEETING
season. An old fashioned Father        In the gym, you can buy a tin and
Christmas in a horse drawn wagon fill it with cookies or win a cake at          The monthly meeting
will lead off the parade processing the Cake Auction sponsored by the
from Wayne Street to Methodist         Boy Scouts. Pick out your favorite                 of the
Park. The parade will conclude with Christmas stories and holiday craft       PCC Board of Directors
Santa aboard a fire engine.            books in the Phelps Community                      will be
                                       Memorial Library. At Santa’s                  Wednesday,
TREE LIGHTING after the parade Wonderland in the Village Meeting
Following the conclusion of the pa- Room, your children can sit with                December 16
rade, we will light up the Commu-      Santa for photos or read letters                     at
nity Christmas Tree at Methodist       from the North Pole mailbox. There              6:30 p.m.
Memorial Park on Main Street next will be crafts, refreshments and
to Vienna Gardens. Santa will ar-      cookie decorating in the Rotary
                                                                                          in the
rive by fire engine to help Mayor      Dining Room.                            Village Meeting Room.
             Phelps Community Center Wish List
The PCC needs your help. Please consider donating any of the following items. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.
All items should be new or gently used, please.
Kids Needs:                            • Puzzle rack                            • Hoses, watering cans, watering
                                       • Puppets                                  wands
• Construction paper
                                       • Train table                            • Containers, pots, and soil
• Arts and crafts supplies
                                       • Toys (ages 2 -12)                      • Garden caddy’s for tools
• Board games (Ages 5 –12)
                                       • Role play/dress up clothes             • Plant markers
• Board games (Ages 13 & up)
                                       • Shelf baskets/storage                  • Bags of cement
• Board books (Ages 2 –4)
• Baking supplies                      Building Needs:                          • Children’s educational and story
                                                                                  books (gardening)
• 4 –24 pc. Puzzles (Ages 2 –4)        • 6’ Aluminum ladder
• Colored chalk                        • Screwdrivers: flat-head and Phillips   Office Needs:
• CD player                            • Hammer                                 • Rolling office chair
• Children’s CD’s                      • Impact Drill                           • 14 stationary office chairs
• DVD’s rated PG and below             • Locked tool storage                    • Desk phone
• Doll House                           • Standard wrench set                    • Colored paper
• Doll Cradle/Bed                      • Short screws (variety pack)            • White paper
• Bulletin Board                       • Pliers                                 • Stapler
• Bean bag chairs                      • Mops/buckets (commercial)              • Scissors
• Soft floor seating                   • Bagless commercial vacuum              • Printer Ink –
• Large bound rugs                     • Drill set                                HP6000A, 6001A, 6002A, 6003A
• Bound rugs                           • Two love seats                         • Digital camera
• Cheery colored paint (new)           • TV Stand                               • Copier
• Toddler love seat                    • Paper Towels                           • Mouse pads
• TV                                   • Portable PA system                     • Optical computer mice
• 19” Flat screen computer monitor     Garden Items Needed:                     • Several Computers ( no more
• Floor mats (soft vinyl)                                                         than 2 years old, please)
                                       • Picnic tables
• Pool ball sets                                                                • Locked filing cabinet 2- and
                                       • Garden benches
• Gaming systems and games                                                         4- drawer
                                       • Shovels: hand and larger
• Large wooden blocks                                                           • 19” Flat screen computer monitor
                                       • Rakes and cultivators
• Large spray bottles

              Please e-mail or call ahead before dropping off larger items.
  The Phelps Community Center                        E-mail:                             Visit us at:
    8 Banta Street • Suite 100         
       Phelps, NY 14532                                                              community-center/
This year’s Vendor Fair headed up
by Laura Smith was a great suc-
cess. We had 21 vendors between
the gym and cafeteria, a bake sale                                                 TOTS
and lunch was served. PCC LINE DANCING on TUESDAYS
brought in over $300! Thank you to                                              The Phelps Community Center is
all of our volunteers and vendors.              All Welcome!                    now accepting new, unwrapped
And a special thanks to Laura       Newcomers at 6:30; Beginners at             toys for the U.S. Marine Corps Re-
Smith and Bev Cheney for making       7:00; Intermediate at 7:30-8:30           serve Toys for Tots program. The
it all possible. We look forward to                                             mission of the U.S. Marine Corps
                                    On a recent Tuesday evening at              Reserve Toys for Tots Program is
doing it all again next year!
                                    the PCC, there was a lot of activ-          to collect new, unwrapped toys dur-
                                    ity. Above is a Line Dance class in         ing November and December each
 MOTHER and DAUGHTER the Dance Studio. In the cafeteria
                                                                                year, and distribute those toys as
          WORKSHOPS                 (bottom), Mothers and Daughters             Christmas gifts to needy children in
                                    made holiday soaps at a Melt and            the community in which the cam-
Tuesday, December 8, 7-9 p.m.
                                    Pour Soap-making Class. Class               paign is conducted. Toy drop-offs
Jewelry Making. Fee: $10.00
                                    participants took all of their crea-        can be received through Decem-
(includes mom and daughter)
                                    tions home for themselves or to             ber 16. Thank you so much for your
Wednesday, Dec. 9, 7-9 p.m.         give as gifts.                              help. Visit us at:
Gingerbread House. Fee: $15.00                                         
(not restricted to mothers and
daughters)                                                                      $10 FITNESS DISCOUNT
                                                                                 Bring in a print-out of our website
                                                                                coupon from now till 12/31/09 and
      MONTHLY                                                                     receive a $10 discount on any
                                                                                   Fitness Center Membership.
                                                                                MEN’S BASKETBALL
  Tuesday, 12/15                                                                There will be an informational
                                                                                meeting of the Men’s Basketball
   11:30 - 1:00                                                                 League on Thursday, December 17
                                                                                at 6:00 p.m. at the PCC.