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					May 6, 2003

Marin County Board of Supervisors
3501 Civic Center Drive
San Rafael, CA 94903

SUBJECT: Approve the purchase of an IBM Mainframe Computer System and Dell
components for Marin County Information Services Department. The total cost
including 7.25% sales tax is $1,266,660.00. Approve payment under the existing
lease allocation established with the Bank of America.

Dear Board Members:


1)   Approve the allocation of $1,266,660.00 from an existing lease allocation with
     the Bank of America (Board approval date February 25, 2003) for the upgrade
     of the County’s Data Center. The County Administrator’s Office and the
     County Treasurer have approved this action.

2)   Award Request For Proposal #2417 for an IBM Mainframe Computer System
     and software to Mainline Information Systems Inc., of San Anselmo, CA in the
     amount of $992,979.00 including 7.25% sales tax.

3)   Approve purchase of computer components from Dell Computer Corp., State &
     Local Sales, using Contract No. 92-00151 under the Western States
     Contracting Alliance (WSCA) Program in the amount of $273,681.00.

SUMMARY: The current lease for the County of Marin’s Data Center expires on May
16, 2003. The IST Department has determined that it makes sense both financially
and technically to upgrade its IBM and “open” systems technology rather than
maintain the current equipment.

The new lease will cost the County of Marin $300,000 per year, which will reduce the
County’s lease payment by $100,000 per year from the current payment amount. It
will also save $20,000 in equipment maintenance costs and eliminate $120,000 per
year of future increased software maintenance charges. The Mainline procurement
of IBM components will cost $992,979.00 and the Dell components will cost
$273,681.00. Total costs including 7.25% sales tax will be $1,266,660.00.

Responses to RFP No. 2417 were opened on April 14, 2003. After an extensive
evaluation of the proposals by the department’s technology representative and
purchasing, Mainline Information Systems, Inc., the lowest Proposer, was the
selected vendor. Dell products are the standard set by the Information Services
Department for the county. Dell products insure compatibility with existing
components and hardware platforms. The Dell components will be purchased
through the previously negotiated WSCA Contract No. 92-00151. The IBM hardware
will be used to support core Justice, Property/Tax and Financial systems. The
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Board of Supervisors
May 6, 2003

equipment from Dell will support the electronic mail, file storage/document management and
database systems used by most of the County. In both cases the County will be running its
most critical systems on highly reliable equipment and software.

FISCAL IMPACT: The annual lease for this action of $300,000 per year is included in the IST
FY 2003 – 2004 budget (234-4999) and is not included in any reduction scenarios. It is a five-
year lease commitment.


REVIEWED BY:                       (x)   Treasurer              ()    N/A
                                   (x)   Information Services   ()    N/A
                                   ( )   County Counsel         (x)   N/A
                                   ( )   Human Resources        (x)   N/A
                                   ( )   Auditor Controller     (x)   N/A

Respectfully submitted,

Richard Carlsen
Assistant Director

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