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 How to stay happy and green
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Huge student intake puts
pressure on resources                                 “resources have been made available for depart-    economics this year”.
    By Tim Walker
                                                      ments to employ more teaching assistants and           Siyabonga Msindwana, a first year Bachelor
    Rhodes has already surpassed its goal of          tutors.”                                           of Social Science student taking Economics 1
registering 6500 students by 2010 which is                Professor Geoff Antrobus, coordinator          said that despite having to occasionally find
placing a strain on available resources and infra-    of the Economics 1 course believes that the        space on the floor or stairs, “everything is in
structure. There are 6708 students registered         problems caused by overcrowding at the start       order, you can still hear the lecture clearly and
for this year.                                        of term have given way to other problems.          there are always alternate lectures to go to”.
    The attainment of this goal has been accom-           This belief is echoed by first year Bachelor       According to Dr Fourie future plans for
panied by an unproblematic registration process.      of Commerce student Paul Warner. “There’s no       new accommodation include the construction
“It’s been a pretty slick process,” said registrar,   problem finding a seat now,” he said.              of two new residences that should be ready
Dr Stephen Fourie, “people have been surprised            Prof Antrobus said the crowding of lecture     for 2011. An additional Lecture theatre in the
at how well it was organised, especially parents      theatres such as Barratt is primarily a result     Barratt complex, for which the foundations
comparing Rhodes to other universities.”              of the increasing number of students from          are already in place, is also being planned to
    The growth in student numbers has caused a        different faculties taking economics this year.    handle overcrowding of lectures.
strain on Rhodes and Grahamstown infrastruc-          “There are a huge number of combinations, and          Rhodes has also convened a special task
ture and resources that cannot be sustained           the clashes that result mean that occasionally     team that is planning to meet the short and
into the future. “Presently the only thing allow-     students cram into one lecture venue because       medium term infrastructure requirements of
ing us to grow is the construction and availabil-     they can’t make the other time,” he said.          the university. “There are contingency plans to
ity of private residences in Grahamstown,” said           At present Prof Antrobus believes that the     deal with space needs before the new build-
Dr Fourie.                                            lecture numbers are manageable but a further       ings can be occupied,” said Dr Fourie. The task
    “Without those beds it would be far more          increase would create problems, especially since   team role is to advice the Vice-Chancellor on
difficult and our targets have been modest as         Rhodes has a lack of tutorial venues. “The real    academic and infrastructure needs of Rhodes.
they are based on the available accommoda-            crisis occurs if we go from around 800 students    It aims to address issues such as the challenge
tion,” he added.                                      taking first year economics to 900, then it        of lecture venues, practical laboratories and
    One obvious sign of pressure of increased         would be impossible to find space,” he said.       “Rhodes University needs arising from the
numbers is the lack of seating in some venues.        “The strain on administrative staff is also dif-   2009 student enrolments, future enrolments
“Venues have been crowded but that is the             ficult to cope with,” he added. “We were taken     and current and proposed research initia-
only difficulty at the moment,” said Dr Fourie,       by surprise at the amount of students studying     tives”.

ICT research rumble 2009
    The Departments of Information Systems
and Computer Science recently hosted the
annual Eastern Cape ICT Research Rumble at
the Gavin Relly PostGrad Village. The event,
organised by Prof Greg Foster (Information
Systems) and Dr Karen Bradshaw (Computer
Science), was attended by 95 staff and senior
postgraduate students from Rhodes University,
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University,
University of Fort Hare and Walter Sisulu
University. The aim of this gathering was to
disseminate knowledge about various aspects
of conducting research and to encourage
discussion between research supervisors and
Master’s and PhD students.
    The agenda for the day covered topics on
time management, proposal and thesis writing,
research methodology and data analysis, paper         ICT Research Rumble staff and student attendees from Rhodes University, Nelson Mandela
publication and the thesis examination process.       Metropolitan University, University of Fort Hare and Walter Sisulu University. Pic: Supplied
At the conclusion of the event it was agreed
by all that this get-together was extremely           who attended. As such Rhodes University            Dean of Commerce, Dean of Science, DVC:
valuable for students both starting their             will once again host the Eastern Cape ICT          Research & Development, Department of
research and for those nearing completion             Research Rumble in 2010. The organizers            Information Systems and the Telkom Centres
of their theses. In addition, the venue was           would like to thank the following sponsors for     of Excellence at Rhodes University and the
considered ideal and most central for all             their generosity in making this event possible:    University of Fort Hare.
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Rhodes Graduates     “iCanSee”
Excel in PPE Results                                                                                  By Saskia Kuiper

                                                                                                          A Rhodes University team consisting
                                                                                                      of Computer Science lecturer, Dr Hannah
By Lauren Minnie                                   Department, has attributed the high pass rate      Thinyane, and lecturer and research
                                                   to a number of factors, more importantly the       coordinator at both Rhodes University and
    Rhodes University’s Department of              quality of education received at university        the University of Fort Hare, Mr Mamello
Accounting has celebrated a stunning success       level, and the quality of training during the      Thinyane, seized the limelight at the recent
with the release of the 2008 Public Practice       candidates’ training contract. “As a form of       Gemalto SIMagine Developer Contest held
Examination (PPE) results; with the pass rate      quality control, we benchmark our pass rates       in Barcelona, Spain. The two South Africans
for first-time Rhodes candidates an incredible     with the national pass rate,” says Mr Williams.    won the TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile)
78% in comparison to an overall national pass      The department has already taken measures          Operator’s Award for their concept
rate of 60%.                                       to maintain the high standards Rhodes              iCanSee, a Smart Card Web Server based
    Aspiring Chartered Accountants                 candidates have received thus far by creating      (SCWS) application.
must complete a BComm(Hons) degree                 four additional posts, in order to recruit new         Dr Hannah Thinyane stated that
at a university accredited by the South            academics. “This will serve to broaden our         although most phones “provide functionality
African Institute of Chartered Accountants         knowledge base, bring in new perspectives,         to personalise their user interface”, such
before completing a three-year training            and enable us to have more time to ensure          as the colour, font, background, etc., they
contract. Before qualifying as a Chartered         our standards are constantly improving - we        do not “provide adequate support for
Accountant, it is necessary to pass two            want to be the university with the highest         the visually impaired community”. It is
further professional examinations. Part one        pass rate,” he says.                               this community for whom the iCanSee
is written during the first year of training,         The department is also proud to announce        application has been created. A community
while part two (the PPE) is written after 18       that Munyaradzi Muvezwa, another Rhodes            which has previously been left out of the
months of practical experience have been           graduate, was placed third nationally in the       digital world can now become part of it.
completed. Candidates wishing to register as       TOPP financial management exam. “We are            The concept is easily affordable and users
an auditor will Train in Public Practice (TIPP)    very, very proud of him,” says Mr Williams.        will not need to upgrade their handsets,
and complete the PPE, while those Training         The department’s success will undoubtedly          but rather make the simple purchase of
outside Public Practice (TOPP) will write a        attract more students into the field of            a new SIM card. The settings which come
financial management exam.                         accounting, as our Rhodes graduates continue       with the SIM can also be transferred to a
    Mr John Williams, Head of the Accounting       to excel.                                          new mobile phone handset, should the user
                                                                                                      wish to upgrade. iCanSee “provides a web-
                                                                                                      based front end to the four most frequently
Lucky Pot makes a difference in students’ lives                                                       used text-based communication tools on a
                                                                                                      mobile phone: the phone book; SMS; MMS;
By: Mma-tshepo Mokgoko                             word that the Old Rhodian Union sponsors           and email,” explained Dr Thinyane.
                                                   bursaries for the children and grandchildren           “After realising the benefits of a SCWS,
      Every year, the Rhodes University            of Old Rhodians and promoting philanthropy         we saw that existing technologies such
Centenary Bursary Club together with               among our alums”. The aim of the lottery is        as Cascading Style Sheets could easily be
a lottery called the “Lucky Pot”, awards           to raise in excess of R50, 000 for the Bursary     used to dramatically alter the look and
bursaries to the children and grand children       Club.                                              feel of the interface,” said Dr Thinyane.
of Old Rhodians. Many students at Rhodes                   Not only did the 2008 Lucky Pot            All that is needed now is the support of
have benefited from these bursaries which are      Lottery benefit Rhodes students but the            network operators. The team was able to
funded, in part, by the Lucky Pot Lottery.         Geography Department’s Technical Officer,          make prospective supporter contacts in
       Fourth-year Bcom-Law student Papama         Glyn Armstrong, also won a whopping                Barcelona, where the contest was held,
Magqwashe is a 2009 Old Rhodian Bursary                R20, 000. Mrs Armstrong, who was stunned       and are hoping to make the application
recipient. He will be awarded R8000 bursary        and surprised by this good fortune, said that      a “commercial product”. The contest
in April towards his studies. “I’ve been getting   she had won R100 from the draw the previous        recognises the product’s market appeal,
a bursary [from the Old Rhodian Bursary            year. “I had just received my [annual] bonus, so   technological and business viability, and
Fund] since 2006,” he said. Magqwashe said         I decided to put the R100 back in [the draw]       most importantly the potential for it to
that the bursary has helped to finance a           so that some other child could benefit from it     develop further.
large portion of his fees. “Financially it [has]   instead,” she said. Little did she know that her       There is potentially a very large market,
made a difference for me, as a result I want       altruism would reap such a tremendous return.      both internationally and within South
to contribute to it so that others can benefit             When asked what she planned to do          Africa, that would support the iCanSee
too.”                                              with her winnings she smiled broadly and           application, and allow individuals a more
       The Lucky Pot Lottery, which funds the      said that she would be using the money to          ‘user-friendly’ digital experience. The fact
Old Rhodian Union Bursary in part, runs from       buy herself a ticket to the United Kingdom, in     that it is affordable, and easily accessible,
March 2009 and the draw will take place in         order to surprise her daughter who is working      makes the product both technologically
December 2009. The lottery is open to anyone       at Oxford University.                              and economically viable. Hopefully with
and it is not limited to persons connected to          Mrs Tweddle said that staff members            the support of local network operators
Rhodes. 2000 lottery tickets will be on sale       “are the backbone of this initiative and their     and other operators around the world
and each ticket costs R50.                         monthly contributions are greatly appreciated.     the application will continue to develop,
       Senior Alumni Relations officer Sharon      Unfortunately it is not possible for everyone      and eventually, narrow the digital divide
Tweddle says, “Lucky Pot is not just about         to win, but if you don’t buy a ticket you don’t    between the visually-able and visually-
making a profit, it is also about spreading the    stand a chance”                                    impaired communities.
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How to stay happy and green
By Laura Durham                                                                                               prevalence of wild tree resources used in
                                                                                                              households, saying that trees contribute a
    The link between trees and humans seems                                                                   range of consumptive goods to over 90% of
pretty obvious: they produce oxygen that we                                                                   rural households. But there is no national
inhale, we exhale carbon dioxide and trees                                                                    support that is monitoring this consumption
turn that into oxygen. But, as Professor Charlie                                                              or promoting sustainable use. “There are
Shackleton’s inaugural lecture “Trees and                                                                     only officers fining for illegal harvesting,”
human well-being” revealed, there is a lot more                                                               said Prof Shackleton. “There is only negative
to this relationship.                                                                                         intervention.”
    Dr Saleem Badat introduced Prof                                                                                In looking at the cultural role of trees,
Shackleton to the audience, presenting his                                                                    it is important to look at access to green
impressive background and list of achievements.                                                               spaces. “Any reduction in or absence of trees
These spanned from his 160 peer-reviewed                                                                      in peoples’ livelihoods will result in reduced
articles to his creating an “outstanding                                                                      well-being unless actively compensated for
academic enterprise” when he came to the                                                                      by some other means and budgets,” said Prof
Environmental Science Department in 2000. Dr                                                                  Shackleton. According to Prof Shackleton
Badat called him an “interdisciplinary dabbler”                                                               there has been a reduction in green space
and an “accomplished, indomitable and restless                                                                per person by 10 times because of urban
researcher”.                                                                                                  densification. Disregard of the importance of
    His lecture focused on the significance that                                                              the environment by government has also had
trees have on our well-being and pointed out                                                                  a negative impact. Desertion is another key
                                                      Professor Charlie Shackleton spoke about the
trees’ numerous roles in our lives: providing                                                                 reason for the decline, and one that many of us
                                                      many roles trees play in our daily lives in his
tangible goods like food and timber; regulating                                                               play a part. “Modern lifestyles are increasingly
                                                      inaugural lecture “Trees and human well-
climate; supporting other ecosystems through                                                                  divorced from contact with nature.”
                                                      being”. Pic: supplied.
soil formation, nutrient recycling and habitat                                                                     In conclusion, he reiterated that trees
provision; and its cultural role as a space           can be traced back to trees. “Some will argue           provide numerous tangible and intangible
for spiritual, recreational and inspirational         that humans inherently started in trees and             benefits, all of which are “central to human
enjoyment.                                            maybe we want to go back. Remember that                 well-being”. Unless we all start looking after the
    He caused much laughter in Eden Grove             when next you hug a tree,” he said.                     local environment soon, we will be facing very
Blue when he suggested that human evolution              He went on to give statistics about the              unhappy futures.

Waainek Research Laboratory opened
By Sarah Schäfer                                      department, whose main interests lie in                 environmental awareness.
                                                      the biological control of weeds and plant/                  The research facility is welcomed by
    A new research facility has been                  insect interactions, played a major role in             staff and students of several departments at
opened at Rhodes University, and has been             the development of this facility. According             Rhodes, including zoology and entomology,
happily acknowledged by academics and                 to Professor Hill, research at the new                  botany and physics, as well as agriculturists
agriculturalists alike. The Waainek Research          facility will especially include effective ways         who have an interest in the field. Lyndall
Facility will provide the necessary space and         of controlling pests. Crops affected that               Pereira, an honours student in the Entomology
equipment for relevant investigations and             will be focused on are citrus, macadamias               department, is excited about the new facility,
experiments into agricultural entomology.             and litchis, as well as chicory, peppers and            because “it’s about having a certain place
The facility was officially opened on 12 March        potatoes.                                               where there is everything that you need, and
and was attended by several people from the               Funding for the facility came from                  so this is perfect – the whole department is
agricultural industry, academics and students.        the office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor,               just blossoming because of it.”
    The Waainek Research Facility was                 Dr Peter Clayton, who stated that this                      Professor Brad Ripley, ecophysiologist in the
previously the Old Tick Research Unit, which          new facility represents “an extraordinary               Botany department agrees that this addition
was started in 1971 and closed in 1991. The           marriage of research and industry”,                     to Rhodes is “great, because the facility is open
buildings on the site (on Rhodes University           making it one of the four areas at Rhodes               to us too”. In fact, the Botany department is
premises) were erected in the late 1970s, and         University that are internationally visible.            running experiments right next door, where
last year renovation began so that the buildings      The philosophy of the Waainek Research                  they are experimenting with measurements on
can accommodate expanding research in the             Facility is threefold: to undertake research            grasses.
field of agricultural entomology.                     that is industry-driven; to undertake                       The research facility houses a research
    Professor Martin Hill, Professor of               fundamental research and not undermine it;              officer, a PhD student, two master’s students
Entomology and Head of the Entomology                 and to advocate a commitment to uphold                  and honours students.

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    Are you going on sabbatical for the second half of 2009 and require someone to look after your house for that period? Responsible and mature Rhodes lecturer
                               available to house sit anywhere in or outside Grahamstown from July 2009. Please phone 0823507949.

                                                                          Classified ads
                             Rhodes University staff members are invited to send their classified ads to the editor:
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“Tickled pink”
By Annetjie van Wynegaard                            that he is very versatile and hard working.
                                                         Housekeeping Services Manager, Ms Janine
   The 2008 housekeeping service staff award         Harris, explained how the selection process
was scooped by Rhodes upholsterer, Mr Dean           took place. Forms were sent out to all
Danster. The award is part of a range of             members of staff who nominated candidates
incentive awards to recognize staff members          for various categories such as cleaner, room
who go beyond the call of duty. .                    attendant, supervisor and support staff of the
   Mr Danster is 40-years-old and has worked         year. Candidates were shortlisted based on
at Rhodes for the past 13 years. He went to          the criteria listed on the nomination forms.       Rhodes University upholsterer, Mr Dean
the Trade School in Aliwal North for three           Questionnaires were sent out to supervisors        Danster, hard at work.
years and obtained his Entry in Upholstery           and peers, as well as to customers, in which       Pic: Annetjie van Wynegaard
and Trimming in 1990. His job is to cover            they were required to comment on their
furniture such as couches, mattresses, even          interaction with the nominee. An incentive            Ms Harris said that Danster was “tickled
ironing boards, for residences and academic          committee finalized the selection of the           pink” when he received the award. She said
departments.                                         winners in the different categories.               that he is “seldom recognized” and that he is
   He said that he did not expect to win                 The criteria for the most suitable candidate   “phenomenal when it comes to walking that
the award and that he is very happy about it.        were that they are consistent with all             extra mile.” “Dean will help wherever there
Against the wall of his workshop there are           compulsory tasks and working beyond the            are pressure points,” she added. It is not in
nine other diplomas testifying to the pride he       call of duty. They are punctual and have good      Danster’s job profile to “cart staff around”,
takes in his work.                                   attendance. They work outside their job            yet he will take staff to the hospital, drive the
   Ms Mary Ceasar has been Danster’s                 profile, are team players who can motivate         cleaner and help with the pillows and curtains,
colleague for 10 years and is very proud of his      the team, communicate well, share their skills     said Ms Harris. She further said Danster is
achievement. Ceasar said that he is the kind of      and knowledge, provide feedback and excel in       patient and has a calming effect on group
person who finds satisfaction in his work, and       customer service.                                  dynamics.

A new Southern Hemisphere Ionosonde Station
in South Africa                                          This station joins the Grahamstown
                                                     (Eastern Cape, 33.3°S, 26.5°E), Louisvale
   The Hermanus Magnetic Observatory                 (Northern Cape, 28.5°S, 21.2°E) and Madimbo
(HMO) in Hermanus, South Africa in                   (Limpopo, 22.4°S, 30.9°E) stations in the
collaboration with Rhodes University and the         South African ionosonde network, and covers
Department of Communications is pleased              the Western Cape region as well as some
to introduce the fourth ionosonde in the             of the Atlantic ocean area. All three of
South African network, located in Hermanus           the older Digisondes are UMLCAR DPS-4
(34.4°S, 19.2°E). An ionosonde is a type of high     models, with Grahamstown operating since
frequency radar which is used to measure the         1996, and Madimbo and Louisvale since
bottomside (90 to 350 km) ionosphere.                2000. At the Grahamstown station a Barry
   Ionospheric research, and in particular           Research Chirpsounder operated prior to
modeling of the bottomside ionosphere                the installation of the DPS-4 and so there is a    Introducing Hermanus HE13N (34.4°S, 19.2°E).
over the Southern African region, has been a         database of ionospheric data for Grahamstown       Pic:supplied.
research topic at Rhodes for many years. An          going back to 1973.
ionosonde has operated in Grahamstown for                An IPS-42 ionosonde used to operate            each ionogram immediately followed by a
more than 30 years, and the department of            in Hermanus in the late 80s and early 90s,         fixed frequency drift scan. All of the data is
physics and electronics has produced many            however, it was completely dismantled when         currently being archived together with the rest
graduates in this field during this time. In 2004,   the funding to operate the station was             of the South African data, and is being sent in
the Institute for Aeronomy, under which this         removed in 1993. This new ionosonde has            real time to the Digital Ionogram Database
research was conducted, was taken over by            been installed on the same site as the previous    (DIDBase) in Lowell, USA, and the World
the HMO under the guidance of Dr Lee-Anne            one , although the installation was treated as     Data Center in Boulder, Colorado, USA. The
McKinnell, who is a research associate in the        a completely new installation due to the fact      latest ionograms can be viewed on the HMO
department of physics and electronics.               that nothing remained after the dismantling of     space weather website (http://spaceweather.
   On the 3 July 2008 the first ionogram             the previous ionosonde. The older data from together with the ionograms
from the Hermanus ionosonde was recorded.            Hermanus is only available in printed format,      from the rest of the network. Real time
The sounder is a new model Digisonde, a              however, the HMO has undertaken to put this        data from the Hermanus ionosonde is being
DPS-4D, purchased from the University of             data into an electronic format.                    incorporated into an ionosonde map giving
Massachusetts Lowell Center for Atmospheric              The new Hermanus ionosonde                     immediate information on the behaviour of the
Research (UMLCAR) in the USA and the                 was donated by the Department of                   ionosphere over South Africa, which is useful
Hermanus station is the first in the world to        Communications and will be operated and            to the defense, aviation and communications
have the new model DPS-4D operational in             maintained by the HMO. It is currently running     industries as well as to navigation, radio
the field.                                           a 15 minute vertical incidence program with        astronomy and amateur radio applications.
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New Rhodes Staff Members Welcomed
By Zamuxolo Matiwana

    Rhodes University Vice-Chancellor, Dr
Saleem Badat, warmly welcomed 104 new
staff members who joined Rhodes at the
beginning of the year. The function was held
in the Oppidan Dining Hall at Bantu Stephen
Biko Building on 11 March. Due to the large
numbers of new staff it was moved from the
customary venue, the Senior Common Room.
    Addressing staff members, Dr Badat said
                                                                                                      Mr Brotherwood Wewe and Mrs Lizeka Wewe
that he hoped that new staff members would
                                                                                                      – Campus Security.
find Rhodes University a welcoming place and
stimulating environment which will enable
them to flourish intellectually. He further
told the audience about the history of the
University and the challenges it faces.
                                                     Ms Shelley Roberts and Ms Lin Andrew –
    In closing, he challenged Rhodes staff
                                                     Communications and Development.
members to help build an institutional culture
that values, respects and upholds the dignity
of everyone irrespective of race, gender,
nationality and the size of their individual bank
accounts. “It is only through building that kind
of institutional culture that you will realise the                                                    Mr Sandile Sukula and Ms Nontobeko Manjezi
potential and culture of the 104 people joining                                                       – Grounds and Gardens.
Rhodes this year. It is by creating that kind
of culture that we can ensure we receive the
maximum benefits from the relationship you
maintain with your colleagues who are joining
us,” he said.
All photos taken by Zamuxolo Matiwana.

                                                                                                      Ms Bernadette King( Psychology), Ms Natisha
                                                                                                      Dukhi (Pharmacy) and Ms Hannelie Calitz
                                                     Ms Debbie Ainslie – Legal Aid Clinic

Ms Calinda Richards and Ms Chantele Clack –
International Office.

Rev Siviwe Gacula and Ms Phumeza Sankobe –           Ms Candice Moore (Political and International Studies) and Ms Courtney Davids (English).
English Language and Linguistics.
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Raising the social conscience
    At this year’s graduation, Rhodes University     development of South African art and culture        “Arts Against
will award four Honorary Doctorates to               in the music fields of jazz and opera”. She will
individuals who have demonstrated leadership
and professionalism that has led not only
                                                     be awarded a Doctor of Music honoris causa.
to their individual success but to a positive
influence on South African society as a whole.                                                           By Reyhana Mahomed

                                                                                                             The prize-giving ceremony for the
                                                                                                         “Arts Against Abuse” competition that
                                                                                                         ran last year was held on Tuesday, 24
                                                                                                         March in the Senior Common Room.
                                                                                                         The competition, which was organised
                                                                                                         by the Dean of Students Division,
                                                                                                         invited students to submit artwork
                                                                                                         that could be used in a campaign
                                                                                                         against sexual harassment.
                                                                                                             The competition ran during the
                                                                                                         second semester last year, allowing
                                                                                                         students a full two months to submit
                                                         Lynette Marais, Director of the                 their entries. Ms Larissa Klazinga,
                                                     Grahamstown’s National Arts Festival                Student Services Officer, organised
    Issa Shivji is one of Africa’s leading experts   1989 to 2008. During the apartheid years,           the competition and considered the
on law and development issues. For over 40           Marais fiercely insisted on giving all artists,     competition to be a creative way of
years his voice has been consistently and            regardless of race, colour or beliefs, the          “getting students involved and getting
implacably opposed to the neo-liberal impact         freedom of expression through art to the            the unreported problems reported”.
in Africa. Shivji has influenced at least three      point of complying with the “cultural boycott”      The entries received were of a high
generations of African intellectuals. Even           imposed against South Africa by progressive         quality, highlighting important issues
South African scholars, normally cut off by          international artists. Rhodes will confer           around abuse and its consequences.
the academic boycott, could not ignore his           a Doctor of Laws honoris causa for her              The judges for the competition
analyses on a wide variety of topics, from the       visionary leadership that has seen the Festival     consisted of a panel of representatives
concept of the bureaucratic bourgeoisie, to          become the most important Festival on the           from the Journalism and Fine Art
the role of education and culture, to human          African arts calendar.                              Departments as well as the Dean of
rights, to the nature of the post-colonial state,                                                        Students Division.
to the land question, law and constitutionalism,                                                             The winning entry consisted of
democracy, development, nationalism and so                                                               two posters, one depicting a male
on. Rhodes University will confer on him a                                                               being touched by many ‘hands’ and the
Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.                                                                           other a female also being touched by
                                                                                                         many ‘hands’, something Ramotsamai
                                                                                                         Khunyeli, a Journalism masters student,
                                                                                                         believed would “best depict the
                                                                                                         offence”. The winning poster received
                                                                                                         R1000 prize money. “I am personally
                                                                                                         against sexual harassment, but not an
                                                                                                         activist” said Khunyeli, “[The poster] is
                                                                                                         based on my own feelings – grounded
                                                                                                         in what they [the organisers] wanted”.
                                                                                                             Christopher Schwagele, a third
                                                                                                         year BSc student came second,
                                                                                                         winning R300. Schwagele entered the
                                                                                                         competition to “create awareness as
                                                                                                         a lot of people don’t know where to
                                                         A South African poet and activist against       draw the line”. The second runner up,
                                                     the apartheid government, Dennis Brutus was         winning R200, was Duncan Flemming,
                                                     banned to exile in the 1960s. Continuing to         also a third year BSc student, who
   Sibongile Khumalo is one of South                 support activism against neo-liberal policies       explains that sexual harassment has
   Africa’s most influential singers, pushing        in South Africa, he will be awarded a Doctor        never been targeted in the right way
the boundaries of indigenous solo and choral         of Literature honoris causa. He taught for          and “I thought of something that
traditions, popular urban and jazz repertoires,      14 years in South Africa and participated in        would get attention”.
and western classical opera and oratorio. Her        many anti-apartheid campaigns, particularly             The Dean of Students, Dr Vivian
love of western classical genres such as opera       those concerned with sports. The South              de Klerk confirmed that all posters
and oratorio has resulted in the creation of         African government eventually banned him            submitted will be used in the anti-
her own unique art idiom that goes across            from attending political and social meetings        abuse campaigns run by their office
cultures. She was bestowed with the Order of         and made it illegal for any of his writings to be   this year.
Ikhamanga Silver for her contribution “to the        published in South Africa.
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Focus on community                                                                                      Student
services at Rhodes
By Zamuxolo Matiwana                               community. One of the successful community           programme
                                                   engagement projects is Khanya Maths and
    Within the higher education environment        Science Club established in 2000. It aims to         By Carol Johnson
of South Africa, community engagement              stimulate a love of Maths and Science amongst        Student Volunteer Programme Co-ordinator
is inextricably linked to a university’s core      grade 6 to 12 learners from disadvantaged
activities of teaching, learning and research.     backgrounds.                                             The Student Volunteer Programme (SVP)
    At Rhodes University, the three pillars of         The academic community has begun                 at the Center for Social Development
student volunteering, departmental projects        to respond to and negotiate its social               (CSD) is off to an incredible start and it
and service learning form a structured             responsibility such that outreach work is            seems that 2009 has already seen a new
framework for the institution’s community          becoming a part of the academic offering.            record in the number of students who have
engagement activities.                             Service-learning is a formal component of            registered with the programme.
    The Centre for Social Development (CSD)        the academic curriculum where theroetical                With 35 projects to choose from, ranging
runs many community engagement projects            aspects of the courses are applied in a              from assisting at pre-schools to current
in Grahamstown and actively encourages             community context with reciprocal benefits           affairs discussion groups for the blind and
students to become involved in community           for the students involved and the target             reading to the elderly, both returning and
outreach and to volunteer their time and skills.   community. Such programmes are credit-               new students flocked to the CSD offices
Workshops are held at the beginning of each        bearing and are developed in consultation with       to join the programme when registration
year to equip student volunteers to participate    faculty members and community leaders. The           opened on 16 February. After orientation
in local projects suited to their interests        Department of Zoology and Entomology runs            and elective workshops to prepare
and skills. Over 300 students have signed          a service-learning course for honours students       volunteers for their respective projects, the
up to volunteer at the CSD’s 35 community          in Cultural Entomology since 2007. The course        SVP officially started on 2 March.
engagement projects while the Student              is the first of its kind to be run in the country.       By the second week of March a total of
Representative Council ran the University’s        Students visited local schools and learned           301 students had signed up for volunteering
first Community Engagement Week in March.          about how insects feature in other people’s          and at least 15 students are still on waiting
    Many academic departments at Rhodes            culture and what they mean to them.                  lists for slots. Of the 301, 46 are returning
are engaged in projects within the community           Ms Hlengwa says there is still quite a lot       volunteers, 200 are new, 16 are international
either as part of their research or as a           of work to be done at Rhodes to ascertain            students and 39 are first years who have
voluntary association driven by individuals.       what service-learning means in the Rhodes            signed up to assist with special events such
Such individuals have a wealth of experience       University context, what programmes should           as the Street Collection held for the Retina
in managing these community relationships,         be undertaken by which academic departments          Society of South Africa on 7 March and in
facing the associated challenges and pursuing      and how it should be distinguished from the          the Eyethu Resource Room at the CSD
opportunities for further work within the          work of other universities.                          (first years may only join the general weekly
                                                                                                        projects as of the second semester).

“Together, united, we will make a difference”
                                                                                                            The response to the call for societies,
                                                                                                        residences and halls to embark on
                                                                                                        community engagement activities has
By Zamuxolo Matiwana                                                                                    also been met with great interest by the
                                                                                                        community engagement representatives. At
    The Rhodes University Students                                                                      a meeting hosted by the SRC Community
Representative Council launched Community                                                               Engagement (CE) rep, Guiliana Colarossi,
Engagement Week recently, which aimed to                                                                and the SVP coordinator, Carol Johnson,
“create civically responsible citizens” amongst                                                         34 CE reps attended to plan for the
students. The event was a huge success and         Rhodes students and learners from
                                                   Grahamstown schools created a human                  University’s first Community Engagement
is expected to feature annually on the Rhodes                                                           Week (16 – 20 March) and to discuss the
calendar.                                          chain from the library quad to the Drostdy
                                                   Arch to symbolise solidarity for community           various projects that could be adopted.
    “We got a great response for our events,                                                                It seems that we can expect great things
especially the Human Chain and the Unity           engagement. Pic: supplied.
                                                                                                        from community engagement across campus
Community Fun Day. We did a collection of          who are already in positions of leadership           this year as some of the residences and
toys, clothes and non-perishable food in the       for community engagement, in residences,             halls have jumped straight to business. Oriel
residences for Noncedo Pre-School that was         sport clubs and societies, to take initiative and    Hall has already made great progress with
recently robbed. Now there are many students       kick-start their engines. By tapping into the        their 2009 community engagement activities.
contacting the Centre for Social Development       structures that Rhodes already supplies, one         Having adopted the Khanya Special Care
wanting to help and engage with them               can engage a greater amount of people on a           Unit in Fingo Village, Oriel students raised
further,” said SRC community engagement            broader scale,” she said.                            over R1400 towards the project at their
representative, Giulianna Colarossi.                   The week-long event also brought Grade           recent car wash fundraiser at Peppergrove
    She added that the Community                   11 learners from local disadvantaged schools         Mall and three volunteers will be heading to
Engagement Week had a two-pronged                  onto campus to inspire them to study at this         the Care Unit once a week to assist with
approach. “Firstly, it aimed to visually and       institution in the near future.                      the children in their care. Another active
interactively highlight community engagement           Colarossi is proud of the students’ initiative   res, Winchester House, under the leadership
on the Rhodes campus, so as to tantalise           and excited to be working more closely with          of their CE rep, Ben Ryan, arranged a soccer
the taste buds of those students who are           community engagement reps from residences            clinic with learners from Good Sheperd
not yet involved in the broader community.         and societies. “Together, united, we will make a     Primary School on 27 March.
Secondly it looked to engage those students        difference,” she said.
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Bring a learner to Rhodes
By Saskia Kuiper                                                                                      Student office, will take place every term,
                                                                                                      with two new schools being hosted by the
    Most students at Rhodes University have                                                           University, each time involving different halls
had the concept of going to university in                                                             and different students. The plan is to allow
their minds long before applying to one, let                                                          the Grade 11 learners at all the local schools
alone actually going to one. It was the ‘norm’                                                        in Grahamstown the chance to learn about
in private or well-off schools that once you                                                          the opportunities available to them for
finished school you went to varsity, and Daddy                                                        continued study at university.
usually paid for you. I remember the various                                                              The learners will be shown around,
universities coming to promote themselves                                                             introduced to other students and given
at my school and thinking, ‘what a schlep’,                                                           advice on planning for their tertiary
while having to sit through their boring                                                              education and how to apply. Nwabisa
seminars. But we all went along because on                                                            Habana made a wrenching comment, “I
the up side we always got free things such         Grade 11 learners from Nathaniel Nyaluza           never knew there were so many people
as pens, bags, caps, etc. I knew where I was       hosted by a Rhodes University student              here on scholarships, I thought it was only
going to, and what I wanted to study; my           Nomonde Ndlangisa (centre), from l-r Zandisile     for the rich”. This just goes to show how
future was basically mapped out and my dad         Siyo and Nopinki Jodwana, after their break-       many people might feel excluded from
was paying for everything. But not everyone        fast at Drotsdy Dining Hall. Pic: Zamuxolo         universitybefore even applying to one.
has that privilege, some people don’t get to       Matiwana.                                          Learners will also be made aware of the
go to university, many can only dream about                                                           various financial aid opportunities available,
it, without having the funds to support their      expect. Coming from the township of Joza           thereby encouraging them that there are
aspirations. We are among a mere five percent      and Fingo, stereotypically labelled a place of     ways around monetary issues if they work
of the population who get to go to university      little hope or future, these learners defiantly    hard towards their goals.
and make our dreams come true.                     rise above those stereotypes. Their heart-             Talking to students before and after their
    Nathaniel Nyaluza and Mary Waters              warming statements show what hope they             visit, one can definitely see the glimmer of
High Schools were the first two schools            have, and how their situation will in no way       excitement at such a monumental prospect.
willing to participate in the Bring a Learner      get them down. “I’m going to Cambridge,”           “It’s so fancy, just like the movies, I can’t wait
to Rhodes initiative, a project of the Dean        says Yonela Zondani. “I want to be an artisan,     to come,” commented Shelly Wessels, a Mary
of Students Division which was supported           and I’m good,” comments Zandisile Siyo.            Waters learner. Many of the boys hoped to
by the University’s Senate last year. Sixty        “University’s always possible,” adds Portia        get into a varsity through a sport bursary,
learners were each paired up with two              Mpupa. These are students who come from            and the impressive Rhodes sporting facilities
Rhodes students for the day and followed           underprivileged areas, with very little money,     really got them excited, “I’ve never seen
them along their daily routine. Starting with      let alone for investment in their futures. And     ‘astro’ before,” commented Thabo Gitywa.
a scrumptious breakfast in Drotsdy and             yet none of that worries them. They are all        They day proved most successful and was a
Kimberly Halls, the eager Grade 11 learners        planning to go to university and, like private     positive step towards fulfilling these learners’
began their exciting day. Speaking to students     school students, feel university is “a given” in   dreams. It is after all the children who make
from Nathaniel Nyaluza High School one is          their futures.                                     our future, and it is through institutions such
faced with a very different reality than you           The project, arranged by the Dean of           as Rhodes University “Where leaders learn”.

Service-Learning under the spotlight
                                                       Service learning represents learning           the publication. Despite Upstart’s apparent
By Mma-tshepo Mokgoko                              through engagement. It is a teaching and           advantages and its contribution to the service
                                                   learning strategy that integrates meaningful       learning component of JMS, its existence is
    Rhodes University staff members grappled       community service with instruction and             endangered because it lacks funding.
with the issue of service learning during          reflection to enrich the learning experience,          Writing and Editing lecturer Gillian
a symposium held on 24-27 March.Vice-              teach civic responsibility, and strengthen         Rennie, who works on the service learning
Chancellor Dr Saleem Badat gave the keynote        communities.                                       component of the JMS fourth-year
address and highlighted the numerous and               There are currently 10 departments that        programme, raised a question about the
diverse challenges espoused by service learning.   have implemented structured service learning       point at which service learning should be
    Only a handful of staff members and            programmes at Rhodes and only some have            introduced into the curriculum. Most of
students attended the symposium. The lack of       access to funding.                                 the staff were concerned about the lack of
people in attendance “demonstrates that there          Fourth-year and postgraduate Journalism        space in the academic timetable to fit service
is a lot of ground to be covered and seeds         and Media Studies (JMS) students are               learning in. Compounded with these issues
to be planted before we can say that we are        required to work at the Grocott’s community        was also the concern about the assessment
having [conversations] about service learning at   newspaper as experiential learning. Part of        of service learning and how it would be
Rhodes,” said Dr Badat.                            this involves working on Grocott’s’ youth          carried out.
    Those in attendance raised questions and       supplement Upstart.                                    Despite the fact that many questions
voiced their concerns about various issues             Mrs Shireen Badat, who runs Upstart,           remained unanswered, the symposium was,
pertaining to service learning such as funding,    highlighted the benefits of the publication        at least, a “stepping stone and platform for
the ease or difficulty of implementation, and      for the youth and also for the students            forming consensus on service learning at
assessment.                                        who are involved with the production of            Rhodes,” said Dr Badat.
10                                                                     NEWS                                                                   RHODOS

 Rhodes brings the community together
 By Lauren Minnie                                                                                      served to remind the Rhodes community of
                                                                                                       their social responsibilities, but it has also given
     Friday afternoons on the Rhodes campus                                                            Rhodes societies the opportunity to advertise
 normally have a buzz of excitement humming                                                            their community engagement initiatives for
 in the air; but Friday the 20th of March was                                                          2009. SHARC alone has several plans, including
 special, as the grand finale to Community                                                             tutoring, mentoring, after school programmes,
 Engagement Week had learners watching the                                                             a community fun run/walk, book collections, a
 clock, eagerly anticipating the ‘Unity in the                                                         career day, and skills development workshops.
 Community’ event.                                                                                     “The biggest need in the Grahamstown
     Giulianna Colarossi, the SRC community                                                            Community is information about opportunities.
 engagement representative, planned the             Avumile Yeko (8) and Lubabalo                      Children are losing faith in the township
 week with hopes of kick-starting the year          Mgcobondwana (8) pulling lion faces after          as they don’t know the options for further
 by motivating and inspiring students to get        their faces were painted during the ‘Unity in      studies available to them and people are not
 involved. The event was planned to bring the       Community ‘ Fun Day held on Friday, 20 March       offering enough skills development to those
 needs of the community closer to campus, and       at the Great Field. Pic: Sean Messham.             who cannot go to university,” says Denel
 make students more aware of the community                                                             Honeyball, the SHARC community engagement
 in which they live and study. “It’s our social     races, to musical chairs accompanied by the        representative.
 responsibility, because we are social beings,”     bagpipes. Not to mention the involvement               If anything, this year should be the year of
 says Colarossi, “I want to show students how       of the Rhodes’ societies with t-shirt and          making the effort. “Everyone has their own
 easy it is to get involved.”                       face painting booths, leaving some faces both      interests and abilities and they should tap into
     The festivities that took place on the Great   figuratively and literally brighter!               that. It’s mainly about giving of your time and of
 Field most definitely showed students the              “I love coming to Rhodes- I have so much       yourself - and there’s no limit to that. We need
 importance of getting involved; little bundles     fun!” said Thimna Soxujwa, an eight-year-old       to change our perspective,” says Colarossi. And
 of energy were running in every direction,         learner from the Good Shepherd Centre,             as those students who were involved on Friday
 while screams of laughter could be heard           while her friend, Nwabisa Mize, says that her      would have seen, it can sometimes be as simple
 from every corner. When asked what they’d          favourite things are “playing and writing”. But    as “some love, some caring, and just interacting
 like to do today, a group of boys from the St      after tummies had been fed, and the jumping        with the kids” says Kealeboga Tommy, a third-
 Raphael Centre let rip an enthusiastic chorus      castle declared open, the busy bodies didn’t       year BA student. Community Engagement
 of “We want to play!”- and play they did!          want to spare time for talking - as nine-year-     Week was a complete success; from putting
 Representatives from the various residence         old Alizwa Tafane put it: “It’s time to have fun   a smile on a child’s face, to inspiring new
 halls were ready with games and activities         now!.”                                             students - it goes without saying that there was
 to keep every child happy; from three-legged           Community Engagement Week has not only         definitely a whole lotta love!

 “Warm and welcoming”
                                                                                                       television set and DVD player, CD players
                                                                                                       and headphones for audio books, décor
                                                                                                       such as curtains and cushions - whatever
                                                                                                       is necessary to make this exciting project
     The new Fingo Library was officially           to books and fostering a reading culture,          “warm and welcoming”. A number of magazine
 opened on 27 January 2009 by the Minister          the former director of CSD, Di Hornby,             subscriptions have been purchased, as well as
 of Sports,Recreation, Arts and Culture in the      approached the Director of Community               a magazine rack, a newspaper stand and a filing
 Eastern Cape, Noxolo Abraham-Ntantiso. Dr          Services at Makana Municipality in 2005 with       cabinet for resources.
 Peter Clayton also delivered a short address       a motivation for a community library. It was           The money donated by the Vice-
 on behalf of Rhodes University at the occasion.    taken to Cacadu Municipality (the district         Chancellor’s Soccer Challenge, which raised
     This library is the product of a remarkable    municipality), who agreed to fund the building     almost R40 000 in 2007, is largely being
 partnership between four local institutions.       of the library. This formed part of Minister       used to purchase computers and relevant
 Together, these four bodies – plus a couple        Pallo Jordan’s commitment to designate             educational software. Student initiatives have
 of outstanding local citizens – have been          funding for community libraries. However, that     also raised money to buy books and Rhodes
 responsible for building and equipping a           budget was quickly exceeded and the CSD            student volunteers will add their own warmth
 library in Grahamstown’s Fingo Village which       agreed to assist in making up the difference.      to the library by working there as volunteers
 will affect the lives of about 10 000 people.      Two remarkable Grahamstown businesspeople          in the afternoons. Friends of the Library will
 As a result of the relationship between the        helped to reduce this difference significantly.    actively incorporate the Fingo Library as part
 Centre for Social Development (CSD), Cacadu        Colin Meyer, Rhodes council member and             of their support for libraries in Grahamstown.
 District Municipality, Makana Municipality         managing director of local brick manufacturer          The Fingo Library is part of an important
 and the Raglan Road Multi-Purpose Centre,          Makana Brick, donated every brick the Fingo        community site. The Raglan Road Multi-
 residents of Fingo Village,Vukani and Tantyi       Library required. Tim Dold, owner of PG Glass      Purpose Centre has been selected by Unicef
 in Grahamstown will gain immediate access          Grahamstown, donated all the windows for           and the Eastern Cape Department of Social
 to books, to the internet, to knowledge, to        the new library.                                   Development as a demonstration site
 support networks – in other words, to an               Provincial government has provided the         illustrating that early childhood development
 expanded life.                                     library’s tables and chairs, a photocopier and     centres can be home to multi-purpose
     The CSD has a longstanding mentoring           a certain amount of the book stock, through        programmes for the community.
 relationship with the Raglan Road Multi-           the Grahamstown Library. With funds raised             Already the place is buzzing and children of
 Purpose Centre, which included helping them        from the “Make Christmas Matter” campaign          all ages fill the library in the afternoons, from
 to raise funds for extensions to the Centre.       of Greater Good South Africa, the CSD              those browsing picture books to high school
 With a vision for creating greater access          has helped to fill the building with books, a      students doing their homework.
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“…what are we living for in this world?”
By Zamuxolo Matiwana                              looks at harnessing light for cancer therapy        found it, we must improve it and make sure
                                                  and environmental clean-up. She is not totally      that we train the future generations,” added
    If you mention Professor Tebello Nyokong,     lost to the Khanya Maths and Science Club           Prof Nyokong.
most people are likely to associate the name      and continues to be involved as a sponsor               “The need for the Club was born out of
with the 2009 Africa-Arab State L’Oreal-          of the Club running expenses and transport          a need by the community for more help in
Unesco Award for Women in Science or              costs for outings.”Whatever they need, they         Maths and Science teaching, because of a lack
the passionate science professor at Rhodes        get it from me and my students represent me         of qualified Maths and Science teachers. It was
University.                                       now because I don’t have time, unless I get a       planned to have only grade 7 learners, but the
    Despite the fact that Prof Nyokong is well    clone,” she said giggling.                          following year, the previous year’s members
known in the science field for her pioneering        There is one moment Professor Nyokong            came back for more and so grade 8 was
research, she is also admired in Grahamstown      remembers vividly when she was teaching             started,” said Khanya Maths and Science Club
for her community engagement work. She            these learners - the hunger for knowledge           co-ordinator, Mrs Joyce Sewry.
inspired many learners who went through the       that was always written clearly at the learners’        In 2009 the Club has grown tremendously
Khanya Maths and Science Club.                    faces. The most touching moment for her was         in numbers from 40 learners to over 120
    The Club is a community engagement            when they explained magnets to learners.”We         learners and was forced to turn away learners
project run by Chemistry Department               take magnets for granted but these kids were        due to limited resources. “What I like about
with the help of staff and postgraduate           not aware that even within their fridge there       the programme is that learners that attend
students. Albany Museum invites schools to        is magnet, that is why it closes like it does.      go back to their schools and teach others
recommend learners who show potential to          By just making them aware of these things           what they have done in the Club,” said Prof
join the Club. The final recruitment is done by   around them and see their eyes open was             Nyokong.
Albany Museum staff members. The Club aims        a very nice moment,” she said. “We call it a            She is very proud of Khanya Maths and
to engender a love of Maths and Science in        wow moment. It’s a very warm feeling, when          Science Club’s role in the community. She said
grades 7 – 12 learners and to teach learners      you see these youngsters who are so eager to        that in some situations the club has helped
from disadvantaged backgrounds curriculum         learn. I call them my role models because even      those students who might have been lost
syllabus-related Maths.                           when it’s cold and raining these children will      to the street by not being focussed and has
    Since its inception in 2000, Professor        attend classes.”                                    helped to give them a purpose in life.
Nyokong was part and parcel of the Club and          Her involvement in Khanya Maths and                  “Rhodes has great incentives for deserving
taught learners science on Saturdays. “I’m not    Science Club was not only driven by the love        learners, and we tell them about these.
as involved as I would have liked to be in the    of science, but her commitment to develop           We take application forms to the Club and
past two years,” she said.                        the future generation. “It’s about training         tell them about the Alternative Admissions
    Nowadays Prof Nyokong spends most of          the future generation, the future leaders,          Research Project tests and this year I hope
her time in the chemistry labs working on her     otherwise what are we living for in this world?     to invite the Rhodes career counsellor to the
research into photodynamic therapy which          We cannot leave this world the same way we          Club,” said Mrs Sewry.

Not your average Joe
                                                                                                          Dr de Klerk admits the “criteria are
                                                                                                      stiff”, but award winners are also given the
                                                                                                      opportunity to add any other extramural
                                                                                                      activities which they feel have contributed
By Saskia Kuiper                                  that through the ceremony students will learn       positively to the general quality of campus life.
                                                  about the bigger world, rather than closing         With the University’s motto being “Where
    Walking into the seminar room one is          themselves off from it.                             leaders learn” this evening benefits not
instantly transported back into the Victorian        Leigh Crymble, a recipient of the                only Rhodes University but the surrounding
era, presented with an elegant ballroom and       award, feels that living in a residence gave        community as well, especially through
tall bay windows overlooking the settlement       her “ample opportunity to work [her]                programs such as the Student Volunteer
of Grahamstown, a definite feeling of grandeur    way through various committee and hall              program. As Crymble noted, the awards
is shared among attendants. Golden embossed       committee positions and from there [she]            evening and the positions it promotes
frames which hold unknown landscapes,             was encouraged to involve [herself] in society      “advocates a well-rounded learner who is
domestic scenes and the boughs of great           leadership.” Another recipient, Richard Barnett,    interested in giving back”.
ships encompass the first Rhodes University       has also been a leader in many aspects of               The recipients of the awards this year can
Leadership Awards on the evening of Friday 5      campus life. He believes that while it is nice to   proudly be dubbed the first group of students
March. These awards represent a celebration       be recognized, it shouldn’t be a pre-requisite      in this newly formed ceremony. Among the
of our ‘ships’ and their contribution to both     for holding such positions. Rhodes offers           applicants were district governors, subwardens,
Rhodes University and the surrounding             a springboard for students to jump into             class reps, society members and presidents,
community.                                        leadership roles, giving them initial confidence    master’s students, tutors, volunteers and many
    The proceedings begin with Advocate Tshidi    and drive.                                          more. Seeing these faces around our campus
Hashatse introducing the Awards evening in           Receiving a Leadership Award is a great          hub, one hardly thinks of the depth behind
the absence of Dr Vivian de Klerk, the events     honour, one which will be permanently               each face. The ‘average Joes’ walking around
organizer. It reminded those present that         embellished on one’s academic record.               may not be so average after all. Recipients
there are approximately 2000 leadership           Students receiving the award apply and              of the award were Marcel Jakubec, Tafadzwa
positions offered at Rhodes, and that every       nominate themselves, ensuring they have met         Mlambo, Malcom Freeman, Richard Barnett,
student should, in their three year stay, grab    the criteria which include a solid academic         Leigh Crymble, Fatema Morbi and Mohammed
this opportunity.                                 record as well as being a member or a               Tayub. The evening proved to be a successful
    Adv Hashatse believed in the importance       leader in at least three of the listed required     event and one to look forward to in the
of “acknowledge[ing] leadership”, and hopes       positions.                                          future.
12                                                                   NEWS                                                                    RHODOS

Bringing business and opinion leaders to
Grahamstown                                       nothing about computers. And I was faced                                   RIBS
                                                  with a personal journey in which I had to ask
By Professor Gavin Staude                         the question. Do I want to create a successful                 10th Anniversary
Rhodes Investec Business School Director          capitalistic organisation or do I want an IT                               2009
                                                  company with a soul?.”
    Right from its inception, RIBS recognized          She says to achieve success one must
that it needed to do something to break           set “audacious goals” but achieve them with
the geographic isolation of Grahamstown in        “empathy”.                                           society,” she says.
order to expose its MBA students to leading            She believes a “pervasive lack of moral              Creating a business with soul seems
business people and opinion leaders on            leadership” in all spheres of society is             to have worked at T-Systems. In 2005 the
topical and challenging issues of relevance to    responsible for the current global crisis. She       organisation was losing 14 percent of its
business. As a result, the RIBS Business Forum    points out that of the world’s 100 largest           revenue year-on-year. It remained profitable
was born in terms of which a prominent            economic entities, 51 are now corporations           but had lost significant market share. Mardia
organizational leader is invited to visit RIBS    and only 49 are countries. “The three richest        faced the challenge of radically redefining the
and give a presentation on a topical issue        men on the planet control more wealth                company and changing its “loss of relevance”
of his/her choice. During every two-week          than the poorest 48 countries”. In the USA           in the South African market. By 2008 the
teaching block, students attend one business      the top one percent of households have as            revenue had grown by 68 percent and their
forum. RIBS also provides a service to the        much wealth as the bottom 95 percent of              sales targets had been “overachieved” by
wider Rhodes and Grahamstown communities          households.                                          197 percent. T Systems target of R1 billion
by inviting them to attend as well. Speakers at        Quoting Mother Theresa, she said: “This         for 2011, which most had labelled impossible
recent Business Fora have been Simon Susman       is one sickness that money can’t cure. In fact,      to reach, was achieved two years ahead of
(CEO of Woolworths), Fanus Nothnagel (CEO         when money (or the pursuit of wealth and             schedule. Target will be quickly trebled.
of Coca-Cola Sabco in Port Elizabeth) Mardia      material goods) becomes more important to                How did it happen? “I know nothing about
van der Walt-Korsten (CEO of T-Systems) and       individuals and society than the sanctity of         computers but I know a lot about people,”
David Powels (CEO of Volkswagen SA).              human life, or love or spirit, wealth can bring      says Mardia.
    At a recent Business Forum, Mardia van        pain and suffering and death.”                           She refuses to take credit for the
der Walt-Korsten outlined how she has built           Van Der Walt-Korsten believes that a             turnaround. “It’s about team effort.” She said
the T-Systems Computer organization into a        prerequisite for moral leadership is a “spirit       the first step is finding out what you don’t
“company with a soul”                             of service” to nation, family and community          know. “Then you choose your top team that
     When she was appointed CEO some              combined with a “drive for excellence”.              know all the stuff you don’t know.” And that
three years ago, she says she was not only the        And why the drive for excellence? “To            team needs to steep itself in the leadership
first woman CEO appointed within the global       practice ‘capitalism with a conscience’              philosophy of “leading with a spirit of service.
giant, but she was also a psychologist with a     you need a performing organisation and               Responsibility is collective and success is
background in Human Resources. “I knew            a performing society to uplift the rest of           collective.”

High time to wean Africa
from Europe
By Tim Walker                                     domains of use,” he said.
                                                      Dr Simango noted it was insufficient to
    Dr Ron Simango of the Department of           accord many languages an official status in
English Language and Linguistics presented a      a constitution as their importance is not
seminar entitled ‘The Language Problem and        reflected in actual policy. “In South Africa there
the Quest to Wean Africa from Europe’ in the      are 11 official languages, but some are more
Humanities Faculty.                               official than others,” he said.                      Dr Ron Simango, senior lecturer in the
    Dr Simango highlighted that there is an           Dr Simango is comforted by the growing           Department of English Language and
entrenched belief that the only pathway to        awareness among scholars of the importance           Linguistics, discusses the development
advancement is through the use of the ex-         of indigenous languages in uplifting people’s        of orthographies for indigenous African
colonial language, rather than an indigenous      day to day lives. It is vital “that the process      languages. Pic: Sarah Schäfer.
one. He pointed out that this belief is           of weaning Africa away from a dependence
completely erroneous.                             on ex-colonial languages must be initiated by        will in countries such as South Africa to
    “History provides no evidence of a country    Africans,” he added.                                 acknowledge and act upon the need for the
that made significant economic and social             Professor Russel Kaschula, the head of the       use of indigenous languages in education.
progress by using a language that excludes the    School of Languages, was a discussant at the         “This paper should be widely disseminated
majority of the population,” he said.             seminar. He praised Dr Simango’s paper on            so as to create discussion and increase levels
    He also highlighted the problem of the        how it highlighted the dire need for change in       of consciousness around language issues,” he
critical shortage of literature and teaching      the formation of education policy. “The paper        said. “We must lobby to use our languages as
material in which knowledge is put into           raises the question of what is more expensive,       languages of education, lest we become global
African languages. “The only way a language       ignorance or education,” he said.                    language idiots and relegated to the economic
can develop is if there is an increase in the         Prof Kaschula slammed the lack of political      dustbin.”
                                                                    FAREWELL                                                                              13

Farewell to Mr Tony Long
Taken from the Vice-Chancellor, Dr Saleem                                                                  of a respectful, collegial, considered ‘can
Badat’s address.                                                                                           do’ person, sensitive to what it is to be a
                                                                                                           University and to academic values, imperatives
    Hamilton Anthony Long was appointed as                                                                 and issues. He has demonstrated a humanity
Registrar (Finance) at Rhodes University in                                                                and empathy that is not always associated
January 1990 and has served Rhodes for just                                                                with accountants – be it in cases of individual
over 19 years.                                                                                             staff in personal difficulties, or as in the recent
    Mr Long qualified as a Chartered                                                                       case of a group of staff members that have
Accountant in 1972 after completing a                                                                      experienced adversity and have required
Certificate in the Theory of Accountancy                                                                   support, or the difficulties of a section of staff
at the Durban campus of Natal University                                                                   seeking to acquire accommodation that is
in 1971. He served Articles with Arthur                                                                    affordable relative to their salaries.
Hopewell and Company in Durban and                                                                             Most recently, we witnessed this humanity
between September 1973 and August 1974              Mr Tony Long.
                                                                                                           and empathy in the final budget meetings
undertook a one-year training spell in the                                                                 of 2008 and at Council, where, in the light
New York office of Hurdman and Cranstoun.           Group and my interaction with finance                  of unexpected additional state subsidies Mr
    Upon his return from the USA he entered         managers, that he enjoys great respect among           Long motivated for slashing the proposed
practice as a partner of Arthur Hopewell and        his peers.                                             student fee increase from 12% to 8.5% and for
Co which became BDO Spencer Steward                     During the past 33 months as we as a               prioritizing student financial aid.
after a number of mergers. During this time he      University, have sought to shape our future,               In his 19 years at Rhodes, he has served
managed the Pinetown office of the practice         to think through issues of size and shape,             alongside three Vice-Chancellors – Dr
for a period of time and also, whilst in Durban,    enrolment, staff remuneration, infrastructure,         Henderson between 1990 and 1996, Dr
acted as Staff Partner of the practice. During      equity, institutional culture and other                Woods between 1996 and 2006 and myself
his period as a practitioner he undertook           challenges, we have been able to do so with            since June 2006. This is not always easy and
audits, investigations and accounting work          the immense comfort that the University                no mean achievement. Each Vice-Chancellor
on behalf of clients, and engaged in various        finances and later also operations have been in        could have a particular conception of the
industries and commercial activities in the         immensely capable hands.                               contemporary role of the university, be driven
KwaZulu-Natal area.                                     Furthermore, as we have come to grasp              by different social and educational imperatives
    In 2008, following the restructuring of         the reality that our size and the current              and priorities, have a different style of
senior administration portfolios at Rhodes          subsidy finances will be an ongoing challenge          leadership and management and also differing
the post of Registrar Finance was expanded          in relation to our aspirations and needs, we           idiosyncrasies and egos. I hope that each of us
to that of Registrar: Finance and Operations.       have been able to do so assured of the diligent,       has drawn on your knowledge and expertise
Since then Mr Long has been responsible for         effective and efficient financial management           appropriately, facilitated the discharge of your
the functions of Finance, Human Resources,          and administration of the University under Mr
Information Technology, Estates (Buildings and                                                             responsibilities and accorded you the respect
                                                    Long.                                                  and dignity that you deserve.
Grounds) and Residential Operations. Over               In the light of the financial crises that plague
and above these responsibilities, he has also                                                                  When he joined Rhodes, the University’s
                                                    many other universities, this has been a great         student enrolment was about 4 200, split over
ably serviced and been a valued member of           comfort as it has provided the opportunity to
the Investment Committee of the Rhodes                                                                     campuses in Grahamstown and East London.
                                                    think, deliberate, strategise and plan in ways         79% of the students were white, black South
University Board of Governors, which has the
                                                    that are not always available when a University        African students comprised only 13%, 49%
important task of growing the University’s
                                                    is in continuous crisis mode.                          were women and there were 307 international
financial reserves.
                                                        He is well known for his careful and tight         students. Total staff numbered some 1 200.
    This is an extensive portfolio of
                                                    control of Rhodes finances, and although it            There were 33 student residences and 8 halls.

                                                                                                           student enrolment is 6708, black students
responsibilitiesnecessitated by the desire to
                                                    is not my experience, some describe getting                Today, as Mr Long retires in 2009, our
free up the VC and DVCs to focus on core
                                                    money out of him as an “arm-wrestle” of epic
academic matters. I wish to register my sincere
                                                    proportions.                                           make up 55%, black South Africans , 59% are
gratitude to Mr Long for his willingness and
                                                        It is not always that the chief financial          women and international students number
indeed readiness to take on the challenge
of the extended portfolio, which has made a         officer of a University wins the trust and             1 200. Academic staff number some 1 400.
significant difference to enabling myself and the   respect of academics but Tony has done so              There are now 48 student residences and 13
DVCs to concentrate on strategic academic           admirably. This is because, and any of you             halls. Our building portfolio and our property
leadership issues.                                  who have had to deal with Tony will agree, he          holdings are considerably more extensive
    During this period Mr Long has developed        is, mercifully, not the archetype grey-suited          than in 1990, when there was no Eden Grove,
considerable expertise and experience               accountant.                                            Hamilton building, African Media Matrix
related to the financing of higher education,           He is not a dour little grey man, but a            and Barratt lecture theatres. Without prizing
financial management of universities and            person with an expansive and considerate               growth for its own sake, Mr Long can be proud
the available opportunities and methods of          personality. He is also not a mere implementer         of these developments and derive satisfaction
financing a university, including the pitfalls      of rules and conventions, but also a strategist        that he has played no small part in these
of some methods of financing with respect           and a solution finder, who frequently challenges       developments.
to sustainability. He is one of the most            his colleagues to think creatively and out of              We can only hope that in the years to come
knowledgeable and experienced finance               the box. This is as it should be, as the post that     you will remember your times at Rhodes with
managers at South African universities and I        he occupied is a leadership and strategic one,         fondness and satisfaction, both the good and
also know, given my chairpersonship of Higher       rather than simply administrative.                     the difficult – and we hope that overall they
Education South Africa’s Funding Strategy               My experience of Mr Long has been that             have been largely good times.
14                                                                      Q&A                                                                     RHODOS

 Q&A with Professor Jane Duncan
     On 1 June, Rhodes will welcome prominent                                                            work that can be done around developing and
 media activist and respected executive                                                                  enforcing communication rights.
 director of the Freedom of Expression                                                                        MM: What inspires you?
 Institute Jane Duncan to the University.                                                                     JD: People who attempt, through their
 Duncan will be taking up the post of Professor                                                          work, to make academia accessible; who try
 in the Chair of Media and Information Society                                                           and make academic work socially engaged.
 at the School of Journalism and Media Studies.                                                          The people who inspire me are the people
 Mma-tshepo Mokgoko finds out more about                                                                 who are conscious of their relatively
 her…                                                                                                    privileged status in society because access
                                                                                                         to a university is still very much a privilege
       MM: You have taken up the post                                                                    in our country. People who work towards
 of Professor in the Chair of Media and                                                                  giving back to their societies and recognise
 Information Society at Rhodes, which three                                                              that they have a debt to society by being in an
 words best describe how you feel about you                                                              institution like this.
 path ahead?                                                                                                  MM: How would you describe yourself?
      JD: Excited, overwhelmed and challenged.                                                                JD: I’m an introvert and it has been difficult
      MM: In what ways will your work as Chair                                                           to be an introvert in my current job. I am
 of Media and Information Society differ from                                                            also quite a cautious person by nature. I try to
 your previous work as Executive Director of                                                             think quite deeply before I act.
 the Freedom of Expression Institute?                                                                         MM: What is one thing that makes you
      JD: My work at FXI is very fast-paced and      It has also made the ability to receive and         angry?
 it’s very event-driven. So we deal with current     impart information a lot easier, many more               JD: People who don’t use their freedoms. I
 and topical events. We also deal with cases         people can become information providers.            think we have a lot of freedom in our country
 of censorship which get referred to us and          It has opened up very exciting technological        but unfortunately in my line of work I have
 we also do quite a lot of litigation as well. So    possibilities for journalists.                      seen too many people who are complacent
 it’s hands-on advocacy and litigation work              Also, the advent of social networking           about their freedoms. My job would have
 whereas at Rhodes I will be playing a more          opens up interesting possibilities for enriching    been a lot easier had people in many of our
 reflective and analytical role. I will be working   journalism. I think that one of the problems        institutions been courageous about speaking
 with journalists more in a training capacity        of the information society is the information       out against injustices that they see.
 rather than just interacting with journalists as    inequalities, that many people are shut out of           MM: What do you do to relax?
 a source or as someone who does analysis.           being able to benefit from these technological           JD: My background is in the arts, I have a
      MM: What motivated you to take up this         advances.                                           PhD in Art History. I do still try to do some
 post?                                                   I’m hoping that it will research, from          painting although I don’t have too much time
      JD: I’ve been interested for some time in      a public interest perspective, many of the          for it. I make stained glass, I spend a lot of
 information society issues. I’ve done quite a       possibilities but also the problems of the          time at exhibitions, reading and I gym – I love
 lot of reading particularly about theoretical       information society to try and find ways of         gyming.
 work on the nature of the information society       getting the best out of many advances which              MM: How do you feel about moving to
 and it’s always worried me that a lot of the        have taken place while dealing with the             Grahamstown?
 work that has been done on the information          problems of the growing digital divide.                  JD: I feel quite good about it. For
 society has been dominated by academic                  I think that it is very important for this      one thing, I’m tired of the traffic jams in
 institutions from the North.                        position to be socially connected and socially      Johannesburg. I love driving and being on the
      What excited me about the possibility          engaged and deal with these problems                open road, so I think being here will give me
 of this particular position was starting to         theoretically and practically. I think we need to   an opportunity to do that. I’ll miss the people
 develop academic work that is linked to             develop a body of knowledge driven by public        and I’ll miss the work but I think being in
 teaching and conferencing from a Southern           interest values.                                    a more relaxed environment compared to
 perspective, that we can start developing a             With respect to research, I’d like to see       Joburg is something I look forward to.
 Southern and particularly an African voice          that we start building up a body of knowledge            MM: What is your favourite movie, book,
 around information society issues and start         around information society issues driven from       food?
 challenging the dominance of Northern voices        a Southern perspective. I have a bias towards            JD: My favourite movie is Babette’s Feast,
 on these issues. It should be the ambition          critical research and critical theory because       it’s a wonderful movie, a celebration of food
 of an institution like this to start reversing      it is a theoretical perspective that isn’t purely   and life. There is one book which sits on my
 the kinds of imbalances in academic work            observation but is geared towards social            bedside that I pick up and read from often and
 between the North and the South. And I think        change. And I think the purpose of a position       that’s a collection of Bertolt Brecht’s poems.
 we’ve got very rich intellectual and human          like this is not just to research and analyse the   I think he is a brilliant writer who is very
 resources with which we can do it quite easily.     world but also to change it as well.                succinct with words. I think that he was also
       MM: What is your five-year plan for the           I will also be responsible for the Highway      a profound writer writing at a very difficult
 road ahead?                                         Africa Conference and I think there are a lot       period in world history but he still speaks
       JD: For me it will be very important for      of exciting themes which can be developed in        to us across the generations. I [also] love
 this position to be driven by public interest       relation to that conference.                        cooking [and] cooking for people. There is
 teaching and research because there are                 There are four pillars to the position,         nothing nicer for me than having a big dinner
 enormous possibilities that open up for             they are: research, conferencing, teaching          where I cook for everyone. I hope to have a
 journalists given the advent of new media.          and advocacy [and] there is a lot of exciting       lot of those in Grahamstown.
VOL 20 NO 5                                              OPINIONS & ANALYSIS                                                                          15

Consumer rights are human rights
   15 March is commemorated and celebrated           be listened to and assisted when they want to
the world over as Consumer Rights Day,               complain or ask for information.
while the entire month of March is regarded            (6) The right to Redress – consumers
as Human Rights Month in South Africa. We            must receive a fair settlement of just claims,
need to take a moment to remember that
                                                     including compensation for misrepresentation,
Consumer Rights are also Human Rights.
                                                     or shabby good or services.
There are 8 consumer rights recognised                (7) The right to Consumer Education –
internationally.                                     consumers need to acquire knowledge and
(1) The right to the satisfaction of Basic Needs     skills needed to make informed and confident
– consumers should have access to basic              choices about goods and services whilst
services and goods such as adequate food,            being aware of basic consumer rights and
housing, clothing, health care, education, clean     responsibilities and how to act on them.
water and sanitation.                                (8) The right to a Healthy Environment
(2) The right to Safe Products and Services
                                                     – consumers should live and work in an
– consumers should be protected against
                                                     environment that is not threatening to the well    Ms Caroline Buthelezi
products, services and production processes
that are dangerous to health or life.                being of present and future generations.           PR & Communication Officer
(3) The right to Information – consumers                 Consumers are urged to know their rights       Credit Information Ombud Office
must be provided with the facts needed to            and exercise them whilst taking cognisance of      matters. Another objective is assisting
make informed choices and be protected               the responsibilities which go hand in hand with    consumers who have been negatively listed at
against dishonest or misleading advertising and      these rights. Governments have a responsibility    the credit bureaux in an incorrect and unfair
labelling.                                           to draft and implement policies that ensure        manner. This can in turn infringe on your right
 (4) The right to Choose – consumers should          consumer rights protection.                        to choose as a consumer especially when
be able to choose from a range of products
                                                         The office of the Credit information           you choose to buy on credit. The office can
and services offered at competitive prices with
                                                     Ombud has an objective of educating the            be contacted on 0860 66 2837, ombud@
an assurance of satisfactory quality.
 (5) The right to be Heard – consumers should        public about the credit industry related 

‘30 somethings, naughty forties and
the nifty fifties give up…’
By Professor Matthew Lester

    Yes, I was the bloke who was flaunting the           The social welfare pension has just been       week!
rules and smoking in a top floor office on the       increased to R1010 per month, or R12 120               A heavy smoker will tell you they smoke
northeast wing of Main Arts. And it’s now 100        per annum. So a 30-a-day habit costs more          30-a-day. And I am telling you that number is
days without a cigarette. So, what have I saved?     than a social pension. That’s frightening. But a   closer to 60. So that’s a direct cost of about
    I don’t think I have done my health any          child grant is only R240 per month or R2880        R27 000 a year, or R2250 per month. I could
good. I’ve picked up weight and I have been          per year. So a 30-a-day habit is equivalent to     finance a small car with that. Or make a pen-
in a very crabby mood. If it was about health        nearly five child grants. That knocks my socks     sion contribution of R3 750.
only I would probably light up again tomor-          off!                                                   And so the calculations carry on. Based on
row.                                                     But wait. It gets better. You see, its not     this years customs and excise receipts, South
    But the financial side of the story fascinates   about the costs of the packet of cigarettes.       Africans will smoke 25 billion cigarettes this
me. And I reckon this is the stuff we should         Its everything that goes with it. And I am not     year. Yet a lot of people I know are giving up.
be concentrating on if we are ever going to          talking about lighters or everyone who bums        So I ran the calculation on figures of 4 years
curb South Africa’s consumption of 25 billion        them off you. My scenario ran like this.           ago. And the answer came back, 25 billion
cigarettes a year.                                       As a good smoker should, I ran out late        cigarettes.
    I remember my first pack of cigarettes,          one night.So it was jump in the car and off to         So as fast as the ‘30 somethings, naughty
bought at Kaif in 1980, cost 30 cents. But that      the pub. That was 10 kilometers on the car.        forties and the nifty fifties give up, there is
was a pack of 30, so it was 1 cent a cigarette.      That’s about R25 gone. Then I lingered a while     a continual stream of younger people being
Today, a pack of 20 costs around R25, or             at the pub and drank 6 shots of whiskey and        sucked in.’ And I don’t think we are ever going
R1.25c a butt.                                       smoked a whole packet of cigarettes. That was      to stop the younger generation starting with ‘
    Of the R1.25 cents per butt, 15.3 cents is       R75 for the whiskey and R25 for the ciga-          smoking kills.’ After all, they are all young and
VAT and 38.5 cents is sin tax. Total 53.8 cents      rettes. Then I bought another packet for R25       think they are bullet proof.
tax every time you light up. Now multiply out!
                                                     and returned home.                                     Perhaps playing fear factor with the
    A 30-a-day habit costs R13687 per annum.
                                                         So that packet cost me R150. And because       numbers attributable to smoking and drinking
And the tax component is R5897. Then make
                                                     I am a bit absent minded I landed up going         could help. It certainly did more for me than
some comparisons.
                                                     to the pub to buy cigarettes at least twice a      the drugs they say will help you quit.
16                                                                                                                                            RHODOS

 Rhodes revives soccer in schools
 By Laura Durham

     The 2009 season of the Grahamstown
 schools soccer league kicked off in February.
     The league is a Rhodes initiative, in
 conjunction with the Department of
 Education, Department of Sports, Arts, Culture
 and Recreation and Makana Municipality. The
 project aims to revive soccer in Grahamstown
 and keep learners away from anti-social
     Mr Buyisile Jonas from the Eastern Cape
 Department of Education said the aim of
 the project is to organise soccer games
 throughout the week, to keep the learners
 busy and curb the crime rate.
     Anele Ndyolashe from Schools Football
 explained that the league provided extramural
 activities “so learners have something to do
 after school and this keeps them away from
 getting involved in crime.”
     The project also “contributes to health and
 wellness as well as to get pupils to socialise
 with their peers from other schools so that
 they can get to know one another and be able
 to protect each other” said Mr Mandla Gagayi,        Nathaniel Nyaluza is one of the local High Schools involved in the soccer league. The league
 Assistant Manager at Rhodes Sports Admin at          provides a platform on which learners can perform and possibly be selected for district teams.
 Rhodes.                                              Pic: supplied.
     The project was started in 2007 in order
 to revive sport at local high schools. This is the
 first year that the Department of Education          that were donated by FNB.                         teams ready for tournaments in the district
 and Department of Sports, Arts, Culture and             The structure of the tournament remains        and provides an opportunity to “search for
 Recreation are also involved. Mr Gagayi said         the same: “the schools play round robin           talented players for the district teams,” he said.
 the league has been extended to include              matches over two rounds, the aim is to keep           The organisers have battled to get enough
 various primary schools.                             them busy all year round,” said Mr Gagayi.        fields for the teams to play on. “We have to try
     Local primary schools have shown interest        The winner will be the team that finishes the     squash all the teams on just two fields,” said
 in the league and any school can take part . “All    season with the most points.                      Mr Jonas. For this reason, high school matches
 they need to do is to indicate their willingness        Andiswa Mata from St Mary’s Primary            are on Wednesdays and Thursdays and primary
 to participate and commit themselves for all         said that through their involvement the           school matches on Tuesdays and Thursdays at
 their matches,” said Mr Gagayi. Every team           learners are “having fun and at the end they      JD Dlepu Stadium in Joza. Mr Jonas added that
 received five soccer balls at the beginning of       get trophies and medals”. Mr Jonas said           the league is going well so far and he hopes
 the year from the Department of Education,           that the league is important because it gets      that “next term everything will run smoothly.”

 Notice from HERS-SA Academy                                                                                          Typing Service
     This year the annual HERS-SA ACADEMY             in the mornings, which cover all aspects of                 For all your typing
 for university women will celebrate its seventh      university management, and the afternoon ses-
 anniversary. Initiated in 2003, this event has       sions are devoted to workshops. Delegates are                or transcription
 grown in stature to become an international          encouraged to shape their own programme                  requirements (English,
 event attended by a maximum of 80 attendees          by choosing afternoon workshops that will
                                                      most benefit their careers. Every year the
                                                                                                               Afrikaans & Xhosa). We
 from Southern Africa and the USA.
     The HERS-SA ACADEMY, the only event              programme is updated to keep abreast with                have offered a prompt,
 of its kind in South Africa, focuses on women        developments in the higher education environ-               efficient service at
 who are currently in senior management posi-         ment.
 tions at higher education institutions, or those         Potential delegates who are interested                 competitive rates to
 who aspire to management positions. This             in attending the 2009 HERS-SA ACADEMY                   students and staff for 10
 carefully crafted seven-day event takes place in     in Cape Town from 13 -19 September are                    years. Urgent work by
 September each year at the Waterfront Break-         encouraged to contact their Human Resource
 water Campus of the University of Cape Town          Department to obtain all the necessary acad-                   arrangement
 Business School. It is a residential programme       emy application documentation.
 and provision is made for delegates to stay at           For more information about this year’s                     073-386-1887.
 the adjoining Protea Breakwater Lodge hotel.         academy, visit the HERS-SA website at www.
     The ACADEMY consists of plenary sessions

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