Towson University Community Relations Update by ilw44975


									Towson University Community Relations Update                                     As of February 18, 2010

Community Relations Website:
     The Community relations website launched October 2009. Please go to:

Baltimore City Community Relations Efforts

        Marina Cooper was invited to present at the Lake Walker Community Association Meeting
        January 26, 2010 to discuss Towson University’s community relations efforts, student conduct
        policies, and how to report disruptive and disorderly student behavior to the university.

Academic Calendar Remains the Same Despite Blizzards
      Spring break will be from March 14-21;
      Last day of classes will be May 11;
      Last day of finals will be May 18;
      Commencement will be from May 19-21.

Off-Campus Shuttle Bus Routes
       Rodgers Forge Apartments which currently houses about 200 TU students has asked TU Parking
       Services to explore placing a route to their complex utilizing existing MTA stops and routes. TU is
       still evaluating ridership levels in the area and feasibility and meeting with RF leadership to
       discuss preliminary details.
       TU shuttles are currently providing approximately 1,000+ per day rides on our off campus routes
       – equates to between 400-500 less cars on the roads.
       There remain about 400+ empty spaces on campus every day.

University Relations Progress
        Please use the Student Life Line 410-704-LIFE (5433) or for
        questions, concerns or inquiries.
        The Community Mediation Pilot Program or “community conferencing” continue to enjoy
        success. To date 3 mediations have taken place.
        Off-Campus Behavior/Disorderly House Statistics: Four (4) complaints were received in
        January. Three (3) addresses were given a first warning, no addresses received student conduct,
        and no students received student conduct charges. For the 2009-2010 academic year 41
        complaints have been received, 31 addresses given a first warning, 10 addresses and 27
        students have received charges for Off-Campus Disorderly Behavior.

        Towson University Provided Assistance to GBMC During 2010 Blizzards
        On 02/10/10, TUPD was contacted by the Vice President of Facilities and Support Service for
        GBMC. He advised that he would be needed an additional 120 cots for employees sleeping at
        GBMC. TU provided 30 boxes of cots containing 4 cots in each.
Current Campus Construction:
       West Village Residence Halls Phase II: This project will be financed through System Bonds, an
       exception due to the unfavorable lending rates. Construction could begin as early as March
       2010 for opening in Fall 2011.
       Towson Center Arena Addition: Construction to begin Summer of 2011/Opening 2013- TU was
       approved for the additional funding required to move the addition to the community-desired
       location closer to the Unitas Stadium. Crews will have to install infrastructure to the new
       location, Lot 20, prior to construction. Fencing installation schedule for February has been
       delayed due to the two blizzards.
       College of Liberal Arts - Phase 2: Underway - With the first 100,000 square feet complete and
       opening Fall 2009, the second phase of the 250,000 square-foot project is now underway and
       set to open Fall 2011. CLA is TU’s first new academic building in 20 years.
       West Village Commons Building: Underway - $30 million- When it opens in summer 2011, the
       West Village Commons building will be an 85,000 gross square foot mixed-use facility that
       supports the residential population of the campus's West Village precinct. The building will offer
       dining, retail, meeting, office and other student service spaces that will enhance the area ’s
       living and learning environment, contribute to the development of its community, and serve as a
       central gathering space for current and future residential students.

Events at Towson Center and Unitas Stadium
        MD College Career Fair             Towson Center                2/19/10          8am-5pm
        Hispanic College Fair              Towson Center                3/5/10           9am – 12:30pm
        TU Dance Team March Madness Towson Center                       3/6/10           6am-7pm
        Relay for Life                     Towson Center                3/26 -27         4pm & 8am
        Squash Tournament                  Towson Center                3/27-28          8am-5pm
        Harlem Globetrotters (2 shows)     Towson Center                4/11             12noon &4:30pm
        Greek Sing                         Towson Center                4/12             5pm – 11pm
        Elite Football (NFL Combine)       Unitas Stadium               5/2              6am-7pm
        Rogers Forge Tech Trek (Tentative) Unitas Stadium               5/9              9am-6pm
        MIAA Lax Semi Finals (2 games)     Unitas Stadium               5/18             6pm &8:30pm
        MIAA Finals (3 games)              Unitas Stadium               5/22     3pm, 5:30pm & 8pm
        TU Commencements(2 per day)        Towson Center                5/19-21          10am & 2pm
        Women’s NCAA Lax Quarterfinals Unitas Stadium                   5/23             TBD
        Woman’s Lax NCAA                   Unitas Stadium               5/28             5:30pm & 8pm
        Woman’s Lax NCAA                   Unitas Stadium               5/30             5:30pm
        High School Graduations & Rehearsals        Towson Center       6/1-10           Various times
        Special Olympics                   Towson Ctr & US              6/11-13          Various times

Center for the Arts Performances and Events

For Kids and Families: Hackerman Academy of Math & Science Saturdays Series

        Feb. 20, 2010 – 10 am and 12 noon “Rapping with by DJ Scientific” Mark Branch
        NASA GSFC
        Location: Smith Hall 326, Towson University

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