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									CasE study      06          BEndigo BanK HEadQuartErs

Sustainability with a community focus
             Through the use of ecologically                              An integrated approach to the ESD elements of the
                                                                          building was produced through collaboration between
             sustainable principles for the design                        building designers Bligh Voller nield and Gray
             and construction of this building,                           Puksand, engineers Meinhardt and ESD consultants
             Bendigo Bank is demonstrating its                            Connell Wagner.

             ongoing commitment both to the                               The new Bank building is not just a bank headquarters;
                                                                          it regenerates an area of the central city and extends
             local Bendigo community and the                              the commercial hub of the city. Modern urban design,
             global natural environment.                                  with mixed use and increased street level activity is set
                                                                          to make the centre of Bendigo more vital, accessible
             The new state-of-the-art Bendigo Bank headquarters           and diverse.
             sets new environmental building standards for
             commercial buildings in regional Victoria. Bendigo
             Bank is redeveloping an entire city block bordered by          KEY STATISTICS     Bendigo Bank headquarters
             Mitchell Street to the north and High Street and the
             Bendigo Creek to the west, in central Bendigo. The            Predicted energy savings              51%
             six-storey office building, including retail on the ground    Estimated greenhouse pollution saved 1175 t CO2e/annum
             floor, will accommodate approximately 900 staff.
             The building includes one of the first large-scale
             applications of under-floor air conditioning in Australia,
             an innovative external screening design to the large
             west-facing façade, and blackwater recycling.

             C O B E I I > C o M M E r C i a l o F F i C E B u i l d i n g E n E r g y i n n o vat i o n i n i t i at i v E
                                     Figure 1: West elevation

CasE study                   06      sustainaB lE d Esign solutions

Building details                                                                              community’ through the joint development of 600m2
                                     Esd strategy                                             of public square at the front of the building with
Building name
Bendigo Bank Head Office                                                                      Bendigo City Council.
                                     Bendigo Bank had three main priorities in the
Address                              brief for the new building; to provide a first class     Under Floor air conditioning
Fountain Court, Bath Lane, Bendigo   working environment for staff; to enhance the Bath
                                                                                              Under Floor Air (UFA) conditioning is unusual in
                                     lane precinct; and to create a world class building
Building cost                                                                                 Australia because most buildings do not have the
                                     regarding its environmental performance. in turn,
$57.5m for base building,                                                                     raised floor required for the ductwork. However, it
                                     this required careful attention to construction
and $15.75m for integrated fitout                                                             provides significant advantages to ceiling-mounted
                                     materials and the design of office areas to maximise
                                                                                              delivery systems which force air down onto building
Total floor area (NLA)               natural light, comfort and wellbeing, coupled with
                                                                                              occupants. UFA conditioning provides fresh, clean
13,336m2 (office area)               an urban design approach ensuring that the new
                                                                                              air at low pressure as a gentle breeze, with many
                                     headquarters complements rather than dominates
Number of storeys                                                                             outlets, which occupants can control locally for their
                                     the cityscape.
Six                                                                                           own comfort needs.
                                     The ESD strategy aims to achieve significant
Occupier                                                                                      The UFA system is simple and easy to use by staff
                                     performance improvements on a conventional
Owner occupied with retail                                                                    and has clear environmental benefits. Fans use
                                     building, while assisting in long term savings
on ground floor                                                                               less energy as the air is at lower pressure, and the
                                     through lower running costs. it is predicted that the
                                                                                              system works with the natural stratification process,
New or refurbished                   building will consume half the energy of a typical
                                                                                              introducing air at floor level, allowing warmed
New                                  office building, reduce potable water use by over
                                                                                              and polluted waste air to rise naturally, where it is
                                     50%, and allow for ease of maintenance, repair
Construction time                                                                             extracted at ceiling level. Further, ambient air can
                                     and replacement. The latter will make for a more
Stage 1: 20 months                                                                            be used for more of the year than with conventional
Stage 2: 15 months                   sustainable building, with a lifespan of 80 years,
                                                                                              systems, further reducing energy use by reducing
                                     thus reducing the overall environmental impact of
Delivery method                                                                               chiller operation.
                                     the materials.
Lump sum contract
                                     in keeping with the Bank’s focus on regional             daylight and lighting
Project team                         community and the environment, most of the               Double glazing is used throughout the building,
                                     building materials were sourced from within              and daylight and views are key features; external
                                     200km of the site. Also, they were selected for          views will be available from 75% of the office area
Bendigo Bank
                                     their low embodied energy, providing an overall          (nlA), and provide views over rosalind Park and
Project manager                      20% reduction in embodied energy compared to             the cathedral.
Gallagher Jeffs                      conventional construction materials. Embodied
                                                                                              Daylight is good for staff and the environment,
                                     energy describes the energy required to
Architect                                                                                     since it provides a link to nature, and reduces
Bligh Voller Nield/Gray Puksand      manufacture and deliver building materials, from
                                                                                              the need for artificial lighting. However, too much
                                     mining through to the construction process, and
                                                                                              daylight produces glare, and so shading screens
ESD consultant                       typically comprises 10-30% of the total life-cycle
Connell Wagner                                                                                are used along the longest (western) façade.
                                     energy requirements of a building.
                                                                                              There are also automated internal blinds to all
Services engineer                                                                             windows and skylights, shading screens to the
Meinhardt (Vic)                                                                               northern façade, high performance double glazing
Structural Engineer
                                     site context and layout                                  throughout, and lighting control features which
Meinhardt (Vic)                      Bendigo Bank made the conscious decision                 adjust artificial lighting in response to natural
                                     to redevelop a current site rather than opt for a        daylighting conditions.
Quantity surveyor                    greenfield development. in so doing, they are also
WT Partnership                                                                                The building as a whole achieves a good daylight
                                     assisting Bendigo City Council in their efforts to       factor to the majority of the office floor space
Builder                              revamp the Bath lane precinct.                           (nlA). This provides good general lighting which
Probuild Constructions               The new and old buildings are linked via aerial          can be supplemented with task lights at work
(Aust) Pty Ltd                       bridges at both car park and reception levels. To fit    surfaces (a daylight factor of 5% or more could
                                     within the city scale, the new building is low by bank   require no supplementary artificial lighting). The
                                     HQ standards at six storeys, and Bendigo Bank            2.5% daylighted areas extend up to 6m from the
                                     have highlighted their policy of ‘giving back to the     windows on both the north and south sides of the
Mechanical Treatment: Primary Treatment            Biological Treatment: Secondary Treatment                    Disinfection Treatment: Tertiary Treatment

Raw sewer from               To secondary      Nitrogen to                                         Filtered water to
waste stack                  treatment         atmosphere     Air blower                           tertiary treatment      UV treatment

               Screening                                                                                                                   Chlorine dosing
                            tank                                                                                        Transfer tank       Contact tank

Minerals and
non-organic                                                                      Fine particulate            Class A water to roof                          Chlorine loop
matters to sewer                                                                 membrane filter             mounted flusher tank

Figure 2: Water treatment system

building, and the internal atria cascade additional
natural light into the core of the building.
Artificial lighting is based on task lighting, to
maximise user control. Additionally, some uplighting                 Double-coated
is incorporated to illuminate the ceiling and add to                 colour back insulated
                                                                     spandrel panels
the natural light in the office spaces.
                                                                     30% perforated
Water use and reuse                                                  sunscreens to
in common with many Australian cities, Bendigo has a                 metal frame
                                                                                                                                          Acoustic insulation
drought-vulnerable water supply and as a direct result,
is currently experiencing extreme water restrictions.                Motorised blinds                                                     Suspended ceiling

Without the adoption of water saving technologies, this                                                                                   Internal blinds
building would become one of the largest single water                Front glazed framing
users in the City of Bendigo, and place additional load              system with vision glass                                             OFFICE
on the already stressed reticulated water system.
                                                                     Diffused light through
Therefore, reducing the reliance on reticulated water                perforated screens
was a key design consideration for the building. This                                                                                     Perimeter rebate
has seen the installation of a recycling water treatment             Direct summer
plant (rWTP) to treat both black and grey water and                  sun deflected
provide treated Class ‘A’ water for use in toilet flushing
throughout the building. The rWTP uses a three-stage                 Double-coated
process whereby the water is mechanically filtered                   colour back insulated
then biologically treated before being disinfected, then             spandrel panels
stored in a 10,000 litre tank located in the rooftop plant                                                                                Warm air return
                                                                     Vision glass
room and reused for toilet flushing. Thus no water from
reticulated supply is used for toilet flushing. This will                                                                                 Hot air rises
result in some 17,600 litres of wastewater treated per
day, saving around 4.5 million litres of drinking water
                                                                     In a displacement
from being flushed down the toilet each year.                        ventilation system the                                               OFFICE
Additionally, the use of AAA rated water saving toilet               air, as it gains heat loads
flush devices and tapware will ensure the minimal                    from the room, rises
                                                                     naturally to the air return
amount of water is used.                                                                                                                  Proprietary floor system
                                                                     Cool air supplied via
Rainwater use                                                        raised floor plenum and
                                                                     individually controlled
rainwater will be collected from the roof area                       floor registers
(960 sq.m.), filtered, and stored in a 10,000 litre
rainwater storage tank located on the rooftop.
This is solely for use in the drip fed irrigation system             Perforated metal
supplying the landscaped gardens at the front of                     sunscreens
                                                                                                                                          Air supply
the building.
The landscaping provides two main purposes; it
provides an attractive and natural context for the                                                                                        OFFICE
building, and contributes to the passive thermal
comfort of the building. At least 60% of the planting
stock is from indigenous sources, and features
include restoration of the degraded Bendigo Creek
and a green boardwalk link from the city centre
                                                                     Figure 3: diagrammatic section through window
encourages visitors over to rosalind Park.
                                                                     wall showing floor plenum and sunshading
‘We expect the new building will have a positive effect on the productivity of our staff.’

Indoor air quality                                                Evaluation and lEarnings
low VOC materials and finishes are used throughout                The decision to redevelop an existing site is good for sustainability although
the interior fit-out, to minimise off-gassing of                  it creates complexity and constraints in design and some existing buildings
potentially toxic pollutants affecting air quality and            and parking have had to be removed. However, most of the original Fountain
user amenity. Also, a clean, dust-free atmosphere is              Court building is retained, providing dual benefits of retained skyline and
provided through incorporation of a Central Vacuum                reduced construction costs.
Cleaning System (CVCS).
                                                                  One proposal which was considered was to use triple glazing to enable high
The CVCS provides multiple benefits for occupants,                thermal efficiency while maximising daylight inside the office space. There
cleaning staff and the environment. The technology                were not enough suppliers able to provide triple glazing within the local area,
includes bagless water filtration of dust and provides            stipulated within the design brief, to be able to feel confident of competitive
consistently strong suction. The result is a more                 pricing. This illustrates that the availability of suitable sustainable products is
effective cleaning system that reduces allergenic                 often an issue in designing and building world class buildings incorporating
mould, dust and moisture problems, and is some                    ESD principles.
40% faster than conventional vacuuming. Cleaning
staff do not have to wear heavy, noisy backpack units,            Vacuum flush toilets (similar to those used in aeroplanes) were also considered
and are therefore more able to undertake thorough                 but were eventually rejected as it was felt that the noise would not be
cleaning under desks and so on.                                   acceptable to staff and finding local (Bendigo) repairers could be problematic.
The quiet system also allows cleaning staff to operate            Other major benefits predicted for the building include reduced staff
during office hours, eliminating the need for after               sickness and increased productivity and well-being. To investigate this, a
hours lighting and ventilation and allowing for an                pre-occupancy survey of staff currently based in five of the Bendigo based
important social connection between the staff that                buildings was undertaken, where staff commented on aspects such as
occupy the offices and those that clean them. An                  lighting, heating, cooling and noise levels. The results from the survey
additional environmental benefit will be reduced                  indicated that some buildings scored satisfactorily while others scored very
flooring replacement since the more effective cleaning            poorly. A post-occupancy survey will be conducted in the new building after
can prolong the life of carpets.                                  9-12 months to assist the Bank to gain a better idea of the impact on comfort,
                                                                  satisfaction and productivity in the new working environment.
Over a quarter (27%) of parking space allocations
are for small cars (22 spaces) and motor cycles (7
                                                                  EnErgy savings
spaces). This is to encourage the use of more fuel-                  Standard office building energy           600 MJ/m2/annum
efficient personal transport amongst staff. A total of 49
bicycle spaces have also been allocated including 3                  Estimated energy intensity                296 MJ/m2/annum
for visitors, along with showering, changing room and
locker facilities for bicycle users.                                 Percentage energy saving                  51%

                                                                     Estimated energy saved                    4 054 144 MJ/annum
The design of the building                                           Estimated greenhouse pollution            1175 t CO2e/annum
commenced with considerations
of occupant amenity and the                                       WatEr savings
urban setting – we designed from                                     Waste Water Collection                    Litres/day
the inside out for high indoor                                       Pan flushing                              6935
environment quality.
                                                                     Urinal flushing                           2667
                                                                     Taps                                      2000

                                                                     Showers                                   6000

                                                      aBout CoBEii
Sustainability Victoria                               The Commercial Office Building Energy Innovation Initiative (COBEII) is designed to
1300 363 744                                          showcase the benefits and commercial viability of innovative sustainable energy design in
Level 28, 50 Lonsdale St                              commercial buildings. Sustainability Victoria is partnering with the developer of this project
Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia                     to develop sustainable energy solutions that will significantly reduce the building’s energy                         consumption in operation. COBEII was launched in partnership with the Property Council
                                                      of Australia in 2003 and is supported through the Victorian Greenhouse Strategy. Please
                                                      refer to for more information.

                                                            COBEII Project Partners

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