A Basque Club in New Mexico

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					    Who are the Basques?                            The Basques & New Mexico                                                A Basque Club
                                                                                                                            in New Mexico
The Basques are an ancient sea-faring people     The Basques first came to the area that would
who have resided in the western Pyrenees of      later become New Mexico with the Spaniards                                  Today, Basque culture
France and Spain for thousands of years.         who conquered and settled the region in the late                            is continuing a revival
They are one of the few remaining cultures in    1500s. Many, such as Juan de Oñate, played                                  begun when Franco
Europe that preceded the migration that          key roles during the colonial period. The                                   died in 1975.       New
brought those who would later become the         cultural heritage of the Basques in New Mexico                              Mexico is unique in the
Romans, Germans, Spanish, and the rest of        is apparent in many of the family names found                               United States in that it
modern Europe.       The Basques speak a         in this area:                                                               has been witness to
language – Euskara – unrelated to any other                                                                 The Basque       both eras of Basque
language in the world. In fact, English and      Abeyta, Aguirre, Anaya, Anchondo, Apodaca, Anza,         Coat-of-Arms.      immigration:         the
Spanish are more closely related to each other   Archuleta, Arena, Arellano, Armendariz, Armenta,
                                                    Aroztegui, Arriaga, Azcárraga, Baca, Barrera,
                                                                                                                             original         Spanish
than Basque is to any known language.             Cárdenas, Casados, Chivira, Echavarria, Escobar,      conquest and the more recent appearance of
Through the centuries, the Basques have          Esquibel, Eturraga, Garibay, Hechevarria, Heredia,     the Basque sheepherder.         In order to
preserved their unique language and culture.       Hurtado, Iturbe, Iturralde, Jaramillo, Jauregui,     recognize, preserve and celebrate this unique
                                                     Larrañaga, Larragoite, Lizarraga, Mendiola,        cultural heritage, we have formed a Basque
                                                  Mendoza, Mondragón, Montoya, Nuanes, Ochoa,
                                                    Olachea, Olives, Oñate, Orozco, Perea, Perieri,
                                                                                                        organization in New Mexico with this
                                                 Quintana, Quintero, Renteria, Ruiz, Salazar, Segura,   purpose.     We plan to promote Basque
                                                   Salcedo, Solana, Solano, Suazo, Tapia, Trevino,      culture through cinema, cuisine, music,
                                                 Ulibarri, Ulloa, Urbán, Urioste, Vazquez, Vizarraga,   guest lectures and trips to the Basque
                                                    Velasquez, Velarde, Vizcaino, Ybarra, Zabala,       Country. We hope that you and your family
                                                                  Zamarripa, Zertuche
                                                                                                        and friends will join us on this exciting
                                                                                                        journey and become a part of this new club!
                                                 More recently, many young Basques immigrated
                          The seven Basque
                                                 to the American West, including Nevada, Idaho,
                                                 Oregon, California – and New Mexico – to find           For Further Reading about the Basques
                                                 work as sheepherders. There was even a Basque            and the Basques in New Mexico, see:
Today, the Basque Country, or Euskal Herria,     Boarding House in Grants serving the
is composed of seven provinces which are         sheepherding community.                                       The Basques by Roger Collins
arranged in three distinct parts.     Three                                                               Portraits of Basques in the New World
provinces in Spain – Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa, and                                                             by Richard Etulain and Jeronima Echeverria
Araba – compose the Basque Autonomous                                             The lauburu -
                                                                                    literally                 The Basque History of the World
Community.         The historically Basque
                                                                                 “four heads” -                     by Mark Kurlansky
province of Navarre forms its own community                                        an ancient
within Spain. The last three provinces –                                         Basque symbol.                    Buber's Basque Page:
Zuberoa, Lapurdi, and Behe-Nafarroa – lie on                                                                      www.buber.net/Basque/
the French side of the border.