A Family Friendly Workplace and Efficiency

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					    A Family Friendly Workplace
       Efficiency Management
      Seminar on Promoting a Family Friendly Workplace

Speaker: Mr. Lai Kam-tong
        Vice President, Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management
Date: May 13, 2004
   What is work life balance?
   Survey data on the trends
   Negative outcomes and costs
   What are work life balance policies
   Work arrangements
   Benefits
   How to manage family-friendliness policies
What is work life balance
 It is not about working less
 It is about putting in place
  working arrangements and
  policies which assist workers in
  combining employment with
  other responsibilities and choices.
 They also benefits employers by
  helping them to develop a more
  productive and committed
 And the results is more flexibility
  for the employee and the
What is Work Life Balance

       Career 事业         Self 自我
    Social 社会               Health 健康
      Family 家庭        Wealth 财富

        Spiritual 精神   Leisure 休闲
Stress at Workplace 2002
 No. of respondents: 161 members
  Over 90% of employees surveyed complained
   about stress at workplace
  Top three most commonly cited source of
   stress at workplace:
     Heavy Workload
     Organizational Climate and Culture
     Job Security
  However, over 60% of surveyed companies
   did not offer any kind of assistance to help
   staff cope with stress
Family-friendliness benefits are cutting
back due to gloomy economic climate
 According to an US survey --
  Job sharing dropping from 37% in 2002
   to 30% in 2003
  Telecommuting fell from 47% in 2002
   to 45% in 2003
  Those offered compressed workweeks
   (generally let workers put in their hours
   over 4 days rather than 5), slipped from
   49% in 2002 to 40% in 2003
  Source: CCH Inc. Research
Negative outcomes:
The cost of “Absenteeism”
  According to an annual US survey on
    Costs US employers an average of US$645 (about
     HK$5,000) per employee per year
   (Source: CCH Inc. research)

  According an UK industrial survey on
    Estimated costs UK employers £11bn annually - of
     which £4bn is
   (Source: Confederation of British Industry (CBI))
Negative outcomes:
Other costs

    To hire temporary cover
    Increased staff turnover
    Early medical retirements
    Higher insurance premiums
    Litigation is also a huge risk
What are work life balance policies?
  Work life balance policies are those which
   help workers in combining employment with
   their family life, caring responsibilities and
   personal and social life outside the workplace.

  This definition includes statutory entitlements
   such as maternity, flexible job arrangements,
   parental leave and other non-statutory
   measures such as childcare and employee
   assistance schemes.
Work arrangements
  Flexible work options
      Job sharing
      Flexitime
      Telework / e-Working / work-at-home
    Part-time work
    Paid and unpaid leave
    Employee assistance program
    And more…
Benefits: a win-win situation
  For employees: by allowing flexibility in
   the workplace which allows them to
   effectively combine work and family
   responsibilities as well as their personal
  For employers: the policies allow for
   better retainment and recruitment of
   valuable employees which can save
   employers form costs associated with
   recruitment and training of new staff
How to manage family-friendliness
  There is no fixed formula / policy that
   may be right for all companies
  Factors that may lead to success:
      Clear objectives and targets
      Effective communication
      Change of corporate culture
      Equal opportunities
      Fair and open performance management
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