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August 2009

                    Durham Personal Computer Users’ Club Newsletter

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                                                    Howard Hazlet B.Sc., M. Ed.
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                                                       Thursday, August 13, 2009 7:00PM
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Durham Personal Computer Users’ Club Newsletter                                                            -2-

FYI                                                                         By Dan Delong
Vanish – makes web text time-out
Graduate students at the University of Washington have developed a
prototype method for causing text to become unreadable after a set
period of time, as in the show, “Mission Impossible”. A client app,
accompanied by a Firefox add-on, makes it possible to select (i.e.;
highlight) and encrypt text with a simple right-click, such that readers (including yourself) cannot decrypt this
text outside a set period of time in the future. This is a great idea, because you may not want certain e-mails,
Google docs, Facebook postings, and the like, to remain forever readable on the Web. However, criminals
might also find vanishing evidence very helpful.

Monitores – save energy
Here’s another vanishing act… this time it’s the whole computer
screen that disappears - (actually, just what’s on it). This tiny 44KB
program turns off the monitor, pauses all playing media, and shuts
down most IM activity – all with Ctrl-F2. It can even control a remote
computer monitor. The computer screen returns to normal when it senses keyboard or mouse activity. Also,
rather than turning off the screen (to black), it can start the screen saver. Monitores will send a custom away
message to those trying to contact you with Google Talk or Yahoo Messenger.

Intel’s – new SSDs
Although Intel has made solid state drives for a while now, but their
newest models are faster and less expensive - 60% less costly. Buyers
must judge for themselves whether or not these still pricey drives meet
their storage needs better than regular hard drives. However, all SSDs
can take a beating and keep on ticking; and these new ones are a lot
faster (25% faster than the already fast older versions). SSDs run on
less power and without cooling fans. Mean time between failures is
estimated at about 2 million hours. Capacities are either 80 Gigs or
160 Gigs. Internal electrical conductor width has been reduced to 34 nanometres, from 50 nm – a technique for
reducing power and running faster. Up to now, such drives have been typically installed in enterprise server
racks and high priced notebooks.

KeyXL – short-cut keys
If you mouse around and click a lot within an operating system, or an
application, using KeyXL’x database of short-cut keys instead can
eliminate much wear and tear on your index finger. Quick keys for
programs like Adobe Photoshop, Firefox, Word, Outlook, and
hundreds more, are to be found here. Learning a few key strokes can increase productivity considerably. Some
programs even allow users to make their own short-cuts. To use the KeyXL site, just enter the name of a
specific program in the search box. Alternatively, click on one of these categories in a menu bar: Microsoft
apps Adobe apps Google Apps Web Browsers Email programs Photo/Imaging MP3 HTML
Durham Personal Computer Users’ Club Newsletter                                                           -3-
Acer Aspire One 751h Netbook
With an excellent keyboard, a six-cell battery, and an 11.6-inch screen, Acer
seems to have equipped its most recent Netbook with the features and
ergonomics most favoured by users. The 751h can be ordered with 1 or 2 GBs
of RAM, and with a choice of several Microsoft operating systems – from XP
Home, to XP Pro, to Vista Home Basic. Six battery cells and a backlit LED
screen allow it to run for eight ours without charging. Reviewers really like the
full-sized keyboard and the wide WXSVGA screen. However, they did not like
the performance of the Intel processor, which was unable to run HD video
without stutter. Performance can be enhanced by adding that 2nd GB of RAM,
and by removing the pre-installed McAfee software. With three USB ports, a
number of stick readers, and both wireless b/g and Bluetooth, this Acer Aspire
One model is ready for the road. However, for those wanting to watch movies,
wait for a better processor.

Yahoo Travel Assist – virtual tour

Yahoo is now able to present photos in tight, local groups for your virtual touring pleasure. For example,
searching for a city’s images will bring up a results page featuring the main site-seeing locations in a left
column, with an expanded thumbnail view of photos related to it in the right column. This is a really fast way to
find images of say, the CN Tower (see above). The only comparable Web service to Yahoo’s image search is
Microsoft’s new Bing search engine. With Bing results, hovering over say a CN Tower image in the search
results for Toronto will offer to find all similar photos. Both methods are an entertaining way to explore a city,
or other tourist location. Over time, so many tourists have posted their photos online that it is now possible see
much of the world from your computer. Although Google offers Streetview, and Google Earth presents images
and video when zoomed in, neither focuses on pretty well all of the photos available online for a specific
location, as Yahoo and Big do.
Durham Personal Computer Users’ Club Newsletter                                                       -4-

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed
USB 3.0 testing of production devices hasn't yet reached the
claimed 10 times faster speed than USB 2.0 (only about half
that), but reducing the time to move a 1 GB from 33
seconds to less than 7 seconds is significant. An HD movie
transfer takes only a few minutes. NEC expects to
manufacture over one million USB 3.0 controllers by
September, for placement on mainboards equipped with
USB 3.0 ports. The first board out is the Asus P6X58
Premium, with two SuperSpeed USB ports, in addition to
two USB2.0 ports. This board takes a Core i7 processor,
with room for six DDR3 RAM sticks and SATA 3.0 for hard drive transfers up to 6 GBs per second.
Theoretically, USB 3.0 can reach 4.8 GBs per second. Maybe now the hardware manufacturers will start
producing matching external devices.

TinEye – reverse image search
Why would you want to find all posted images that are the same as another image?
If you are the creator of these images you may wish to see if, and where,
reproductions have been posted. Also, as an image searcher, you may wish to find
other copies of a certain image with better resolution, or better colour balance, or
with slight editing changes. Tineye will find them, even if the images have been
rotated somewhat, or given special effects. And Tineye will provide links to all
web pages where it found images. I sent Tineye a smallish image of the Pink Floyd
album, “Dark Side of the Moon”. It came back with 217 results, some with extra
text added to the album cover. Results are sortable by relevance and by image size.
A compare button will show differences between your image and any other image in the results list. I found a
better image… one that was straighter and larger. Adding the Tineye Firefox plugin can make faster searches
and comparisons. Just right-click images you wish sent to Tineye. Alternately, a bookmarklet performs similar
tasks with non-Firefox browsers, including the iPhone. To see how the technology works, press play one of the
widget demos at: To search for images go directly to:

Android Hub for the House
Remember those first TV remote controls, connected by a wire to
the television. Each click moved the channel dial one number
forward or back. Current wireless remote controls can do an awful
lot more. They can jump channels, show captions, record shows,
display picture-in-picture, adjust colour, and much, much, more.
Due out this year is a new touch screen device with previously
unimagined versatility. It will be your wireless phone, your climate
control unit, your house lighting switch, your music manager, your
TV guide, your time delay recorder, your video player, and even your recipe planner. The mock up shown has a
10 inch screen. The Android Hub, because it is open source, will attract many more applications, adding even
more “functionality”.
Durham Personal Computer Users’ Club Newsletter                                                           -5-
unRAID – External Storage Home Project
If you have an unused Windows computer that is bootable from a
USB key (a BIOS setting), you can build an almost free network
NAS box. The software, from Lime Technology, allows failed
drives to be replaces without loss of data, and the replacing of
smaller drives with bigger drives. A complete walk-through of the
process is covered in a video podcast at Revision3
[ ]. The software from is free for the first three hard drives installed. For those who wish to
configure a NAS box for RAID 1 instead (i.e.; two identical disks mirroring each other), a simpler and
completely free set up is offered by FreeNAS [ ]

Windows on MySpace – lots of free songs
New music makers and listeners get together on this site: , where Microsoft and
ReverbNation list over 1000 free songs available for download. The
over five thousand friends of this MySpace page seem to like it a lot.
Some sample tracks start playing immediately, but look below the
playlist for a red button that reads, “CHOOSE FROM 1,000
MORE”, in order to refine your selections. Pick songs by genre, popularity, or name of musician/group. Before
you decide to download anything, this site let’s you listen to the track first. Downloads are available in two
formats: M4A and MP3. M4A is also known as Apple Lossless Encoder, or ALE, and it is supposed to become
the new audio format for music. Many applications and devices are able to play this format. Try a track first, if
you are not sure. It’s a pretty good deal for putting up with a few non-intrusive ads. ReverbNation is both a
free and a paid for service for musicians… to promote their works, sell songs, and communicate with fans.

Sudoku                For August 2009                               - By Alex Morrison

         4        8        2
 1   5   7   4         2   6   8   3         The game board on the left was produced using KSUDOKU
                                             on Mandriva PWP 2009.1 Spring.
     8   9   3         1   4   5
                                             The objective is to fill in the missing numbers ensuring that
 4   9       2         6       7   5         every 3 X 3 grid has the numbers 1 through 9 with no repeats
                                             and every full column or row has the numbers 1 through 9
     7       8         9       6
                                             again with no repeats.
 6   1       7         5       3   2
                                              If you have trouble solving the puzzle just send an email to
     3   1   9         8   5   4             me and I will send you the solution.
                                                                         Have fun! Alex
 8   2   5   6         4   3   1   9

         6        5        7
Durham Personal Computer Users’ Club Newsletter                                                           -6-
TechRoom                                                                       By Jason Mills

Display multiple clocks
I just received an email from my friend in Italy. Another friend is in Vancouver. We need to get together with a
conference call to discuss an important project. It is very hard to organize this due to the time differences, but
Vista was able to help me. Windows Vista lets you display up to 3 clocks, each representing a different time
zone. You know immediately what time is in your friend's country, and when it is safe to call.
To display multiple clocks in windows vista fallow steps below:

   1. In Windows Vista, click the clock/date in the notification area, right of the

   2. The clock and a complete schedule appear. Click Change settings of the date and

   3. Open Additional Clocks tab.

   4. Then check the Show this clock, select a new time zone and then give a name to the clock.

   5. You can then repeat the operation for a third clock. Click OK when you are finished.

   6. Now when you spend a few moments with mouse pointer on the clock your other clocks will be

   7. The time your friends will also be displayed after double clicking the clock.

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Durham Personal Computer Users’ Club Newsletter                                                             -7-

How to make screenshot quick and easy in Vista?

I'm always finding myself cutting and pasting screen shots to help describe something or other. Vista has a great
tool to make screenshots very easily. It is called the 'Snipping tool'. Using this tool you can make screenshots of
your screen or a selection of it very easily. Best of all is that it is already installed.

This tool can be found by clicking Start | All Programs | Accessories | Snipping Tool

Using this tool you can make screenshots in several ways, for example you can make a:
Free-form snip / Rectangular snip / Window snip / Full screen snip.

After you capture your image, just save it and then insert the image in your email or document. Here is a

Linux Tip                        by Alex Morrison               This is the method.
                                                                Create a Shell Script. Call it
Make a DVD Duplicator using Linux                               #/bin/sh
                                                                DEVICES=”/dev/cdrom0 /dev/cdrom1
Hardware required:
                                                                /dev/cdrom2 /dev/cdrom3”
A desktop PC with enough free slots to add three or four
                                                                For DEV in DEVICES; do
DVD recorders
                                                                  cdrecord –eject dev=$DEV “$1”
Software required:
A Linux operating system.
                                                                Save the script file [] in your path –
The code is in the text box at right. Run the code in a
                                                                eg: /usr/local/bin and make it executable.
terminal like this – /location/of/myimage.iso
NOTE: “/location/of” is the path to your iso image file.
Durham Personal Computer Users’ Club Newsletter                                                           -8-
Presentation: Krystal Audio Engine                                               by Anne Delong

At the July meeting Anne Delong demonstrated Krystal Audio Engine. This free program allows the user to
record and manipulate multiple audio tracks and ultimately combine them to produce a mixed and mastered
stereo sound track.

Using Krystal, you can record up to two channels at a time using the stereo inputs connected to your computer's
sound card. To record more than two at a time, a special external sound card is needed. Anne demonstrated
one called a FirePod that had eight inputs and connected through the firewire port. Krystal handles the multiple
ports using an audio input standard called ASIO.

Krystal has a virtual sound mixer that can be used to control music coming in through microphones and control
the output to a sound system (during a concert, for example). If desired, Krystal records each channel as a
separate file in real time.

Krystal also includes a sound editor, which allows the recorded sound files or sections of sound files to be
combined in a variety of ways and to alter the volume of each section of each track. Krystal does not make
changes to the recorded sound files; it saves a separate file with a record of how the user wants the files
arranged. To actually change the sound files themselves (for instance, to change the pitch or add special
effects), Krystal allows the user to send a file directly to an external editor such as Audacity (also free).

When the user has finished working with the tracks, Krystal will combine all of them to create a stereo
recording in .WAV format, setting the overall volume to a standard for use on a music CD.
Durham Personal Computer Users’ Club Newsletter                             -9-
Presentation Pictures                             by: Farncomb Le Gresley



           Anne                                                     Mike

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Durham Personal Computer Users’ Club Newsletter                                                        - 10 -
Linux in the News                                                               - By Alex Morrison


  10 Ways Google Is Trying To Kill Microsoft, Jul 27, 2009

  Perhaps the most exciting tech battle to watch: Google's intensifying clash with fellow titan Microsoft,
  as the two square off in almost every major line of business.

  Yes Linus, Microsoft hating is a disease. And it's a pandemic, Jul 27, 2009
  The submission by Microsoft of twenty thousand lines of code to the Kernel has, predictably, caused
  many an eyebrow to arch. The phrase “beware Greeks bearing gifts” comes swiftly to mind. Perhaps
  what was more interesting was Linus Torvalds’ reaction. After all, this is not an inconsequential flame
  war about using Gnome or KDE.

  Edubuntu 9.04 Released, Jul 27, 2009
  The Edubuntu team is proud to announce Ubuntu 9.04 Educational Addon, continuing Edubuntu's
  tradition of integrating the latest and greatest open source educational software with the high-quality,
  easy-to-use Ubuntu distribution.

   Why aren't schools adopting open source?, Jul 27, 2009
  Recently I had a bit of a run-in with my daughter’s high school. She was undergoing an eShool class
  over the summer titled “Computer Applications” and it turns out the class only actually “covered”
  Office Suites - namely Microsoft Office. Now in our household we do not own a copy of Microsoft
  Office. Instead we use OpenOffice and have never had an issue - that is, until now.

   IBM, Novell to slash Linux prices for mainframes, Jul 28, 2009

  With System z mainframe revenues down 39 per cent - and MIPS mainframe capacity shipments off 20
  percent in the second quarter - IBM is keen on boosting mainframe sales. And it wants to use Linux as
  a lever.
Durham Personal Computer Users’ Club Newsletter                                                          - 11 -
Linux Software – Tovid                                                - By Alex Morrison

Tovid is a collection of GPL videodisc authoring tools; it can help you create your own
DVDs, VCDs, and SVCDs for playback on your home DVD player.

Tovid can be installed from the Package Manager of most modern Linux distros. Selecting the Package
Manager will ensure that you have all the required dependency files installed.

If you need to install Tovid manually then follow this guide…

The short version:

   1. Get the Tovid dependencies          Found here ---
   2. Download Tovid-0.31.tar.gz          Found here ---
   3. Install Tovid like this:

       $ tar –xzf tovid-0.31.tar.gz
       $ cd tovid-0.31
       $ ./configure
       $ su –c “make install”

See this link for longer instructions, and for distribution-specific packages.

The Tovid WIKI is a wonderful site to find information about Tovid and what you are able to do with

Here are a few links to YouTube videos created using Tovid

   •   Poppin' in the Streets of Korea
   •   Amateur - Lasse Gjertsen
   •   Fujiya & Miyagi - Ankle Injuries
   •   Code Monkey

Another source of information is found on the Ubuntu forums

Find it here ---

Happy Video creation!

       Our Linux Group meets the first Thursday of every month. Contact Ed Goudge for information.
    Visit the Linux Group to learn how to make the most of a Free Operating System and Free Software
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