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I have arranged for Monroeville to host LTAP’s (Local Technical Assistance Program) Winter
Maintenance course at our Public Safety Training Center. I wanted to promote this class to the
TCVCOG and the local Municipalities who might want to pass the word or attend. The classes
are FREE and LOCAL, and you can register via LTAP’s website at the following address (the
number of seats is limited):    

We just finalized the date today so the course may not be listed on the LTAP website until
Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Course Info:

11/2/09 - Winter Maintenance – Approximately 8 hours

         This course covers all aspects of winter operations: planning and organizing, public
         relations, materials, equipment, various operations and procedures including plowing and
         spreading, and safety. It includes discussion of pre-wetting salt and anti-icing procedures
         for more effective and economical operations. With salt prices spiraling out of control
         every Municipality should be interested in attending this course to increase their
         snow removal efficiency & save money. The course will have a hands-on
         demonstration of salt spreader calibration that was an eye-opener for us when we
         hosted the course last year.

LTAP also has a Traffic Signal course coming up in Greentree on 11/10/09 you might want to
attend. We have also tentatively scheduled the Roadside Vegetation Control course for late
February (CEU’s for herbicide sprayers) in Monroeville. All courses are free. If anyone is
interested in hosting or attending another LTAP course please feel free to contact me and maybe
we can team up to host the course, many are not offered often or locally but if we can get 10
students together LTAP will teach whichever courses we want at our site or yours.

Attached are a map and directions to our training center if you choose to sign up.


Jamie R. Storey

GIS Coordinator/ Engineering Inspector
2700 Monroeville Boulevard
Monroeville, PA 15146
(412) 856-3335 Phone
(412) 856-3862 Fax

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