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									                                                     Meeting Schedule 2007-2008

                 6:15 - 7:15 PM

    THEME            DATE                                   MEETING TITLE                                          NOTES & ITEMS FOR BEAVERS TO BRING

Being a Beaver     20-Sep-06      Introduction - This meeting will be used to introduce everyone, to
                                  review the ceremonies and procedures of the Colony, and to
                                  gather ideas for the year's program.

                   27-Sep-06      Lodges and Tails - In this meeting, Beavers will be presented         Uniforms
                                  with their tails in a small ceremony; the significance of each tail
                                  colour will be read as the tails of that colour are presnted. all
                                  Beavers will be assigned to Lodges, and the Beaver Motto,
                                  Promise and Law will be reviewed.

                   4-Oct-06       Sharing and Thanksgiving - Beavers will be invited to contribute      Food items for food bank (dry goods or canned).
                                  a non-perishable food item at this meeting for donation to the food
                                  bank. We will also kickoff the Scout Popcorn campaign

                   11-Oct-06      OUT OF SCHOOL - Mer Bleu - We will meet in the Parking Lot at         Warm clothing, Flashlight, Snack, Juice
                                  Mer Bleu and conduct a nature walk around the boardwalk.

                   18-Oct-06      Fun in the Pond - This meeting will be used to prepare for the
                                  Investiture ceremony by reviewing Beaver knowledge and
                                  emphasizing the key ideas behind the Motto, Promise and Law.

                   20-Oct-06      SPECIAL EVENT - Fall Beaveree - at Millers Berry Farm in              Beavers need to bring their own peanut-free lunch, snack and
                                  Manotick from 1:00 - 4:00 PM. Cost is $9.00 per child and $1.50       beverages.
                                  per parent.
                                  BOOveree theme - 104th to run "Eyeball Relay" station

               25-Oct-06   Investiture - All new Beavers (Kits) will be invested into the    Parents with a camera! And, make sure your Beaver has a woggle
                           Scouting movement as "Eager Beavers". They will receive their     (the little blue thing that holds the scarf on).
                           scarves at this time. Parents are invited to be present at this
                           ceremony. White Tails will be involved in the ceremony by draping
                           the neckers around the necks of the new beavers and/or escorting
                           the new beavers to be presented.
Halloween      1-Nov-07    Halloween Party

Rememberance   8-Nov-07    Rememberance Day - consider a program (last year's Jump Start)
Day                        or consider a visit to Rideau Perley Veterans (perhaps with linking
                           to the Cubs). Perhaps have a speaker come in (Veteran or current
                           member of Forces) to speak to the kids.

               9-Nov-07    SPECIAL EVENT - Whitetail Sleepover - this is an opportunity for Whitetails only - parents must advise Hawkeye by Oct if they wish
                           the Whitetails from 104th and other Beaver colonies in the area to to have their Beaver participate. Payment will also be due at this
                           participate in a sleepover at the Museum of Science and            time.
                           Technology. Cost is $23 per person.
               11-Nov-07   Rideau Perley Veterans service - 104th often attends as a group.
                           Beavers will place the paper poppy wreath we made on behalf of
                           104th during the service

Safety         15-Nov-07   Home Safety - Talk about safety in the home including, fire,
                           playing, calling 911.

               22-Nov-07   Road Safety - Discuss 3 aspects of road safety:
                           Pedestrian/Bike/Car, including crossing the street, traffic signs,
                           bike helmets and hand signals, booster seats.

               29-Nov-07   OUT OF SCHOOL - Visit to Fire Station #35 on Alta Vista at
                           contact: Lisa Acreman Lisa.Acreman@ottawa.ca

                    6-Dec-07          OUT OF SCHOOL - Swimming at Dovercourt with a chat
                                      about Water Safety
                                      Tried for trip to police station but could only arrange that for Jan. 8 -
                                       will be going then.

Holidays           13-Dec-07          Christmas - make a Christmas-themed craft for home and
                                      distributing to Seniors at Billings Lodge; practice Christmas carols
                                      for seniors home visit; brief mention of other holidays

                   17-Dec-07          Out of School - visit to Seniors Home to sing Christmas
                                      Carols - cookies, etc.
               20-Dec-07 - 3-Jan-08                              Christmas Break                                                             Christmas Break
                Christmas Break
Safety              8-Jan-08          Visit to Police HQ - finishing our Safety Theme. Not on regular
                                      meeting night due to tour scheduling

Winter             17-Jan-08          Winter Fun - Games with a winter theme such as "Snowball"                   Read FofF Ch. 5
                                      (dodgeball) and "Winter clothing relay" (changing from winter to            White Tail Vote for "White Tails' Choice" meeting on Feb. 7 - vote
                                      summer clothes at opposite ends)                                            will be between "Pirates" and "Super Heros"
                                                                                                                  Talk about winter (and seasons), what's different in Winter (temp,
                                                                                                                  clothes, animals, nature etc.) Could do a "Suncatcher" craft - fill a
                                                                                                                  small tim pie plate with water, twigs, beads etc. and freeze to hang
                   24-Jan-08          Winter Survival - talk about animals hibernating, finding food etc.         outside feeder craft with lard and birdseed on a
                                                                                                                  do a bird
                                                                                                                  pinecone/cardboard shape/stale bread cookie cutout/stale bagel -
                                                                                                                  this craft often uses peanut butter, but with allergy concerns it can
                                                                                                                  be done with lard

                   31-Jan-08          OUT OF SCHOOL - Toboganning at Dempsey                                      Dress well and bring a helmet, tobogan or sled(s).

                    7-Feb-08          White Tails' Choice
                                      either "Pirates" or "Super Heros"

                14-Feb-08   Valentines Day
                            We'll read Chapter 6 of F. of F., read a story of St. Valentine, pin
                            the arrow on cupid, maybe bake heart cookies…

                16-Feb-08   WINTER BEAVEREE AT GREELY LEGION

Scout Week      21-Feb-08   BP's Birthday - Feb. 22nd -- Birthday Party!!!                      We were originally going to celebrate BP week, but had to
                                                                                                rearrange schedule to accommodate other timings. Therefore, no
                            We'll have a "Beach Party!", ie. B.P.'s B.P.! We'll invite the Cubs BP week programming.
                            to join the celebration as a linking activity.
Transportaion   21-Feb-08   Make a Car for Movie Night - Beavers will transform an ordinary
                            cardboard box into an amazing car.

                28-Feb-08   OUT OF SCHOOL - find something such as OC Transpo / Train              Seems impossible to find a transportation related outing, so looking
                            Station / Airport …                                                    at Cosmic Adventures.

                6-Mar-08    Drive-in Movie night - bring back car and sit back and watch a
                            movie - popcorn and juice to be supplied

                13-Mar-08   March Break - no meeting

                20-Mar-08   Making Beaver Buggies - talk a little about transportation,            have some kind of game around transportation (relay with different
                            including how animals transport themselves (walk, run, hop, fly,       modes of transport for each leg? Eg., swimming on scooter boards,
                            hitch a ride). Have the beavers assemble their beaver buggies          running, flying…?)
                            and start to decorate them in prep for races on Apr. 3.

                27-Mar-08   Out of School --- with a link to people powered transportation, try
                            for a HIKE, weather permitting.

                3-Apr-08    Beaver Buggy races. - possibly link with Cubs by having them         Brown & Blue Tails to vote for their choice for Apr. 24 meeting.
                            come, show their Kub Kars and run the races.                         Choices will be "Dinosaurs" or "Space".

Scouting        10-Apr-08   Intro to Camping! We'll hold a mini-camp and indoor campfire -       NOTE: Sometime between now and the end of May we will have
                            Beavers will learn about the Scouting traditions around our          our 104th "All Sections Camp" with the Cubs and Scouts. Exact
                            campfires (eg. No flashlights, cheers not clapping), learn a few     dates TBD.
                            songs/skits/cheers, have a 'fake' campfire and maybe pitch a tent.

                17-Apr-08   Invite a guest related to scouting ???
                            Knots, ???

Brown & Blue    24-Apr-08   Brown & Blue Tails' Choice
Tails' Choice               either "Dinosaurs" or "Space"

                26-Apr-08   Spring Cleaning The Capital - we will link with the Cubs and
                            Scouts to clean-up Pleasant Park School yard and Playfair Park
                            (since we sponsor that park).

                1-May-08    OUT OF SCHOOL - Spring Clean-Up around school yard and
                            playing in the yard.

End of Year     8-May-08    Saying Good-Bye - We'll read Chapters 7 & 8 of F. of F. and
                            discuss the White Tails' swimming up to Cubs and the Blue &
                            Brown Tails becoming White and Blue Tails next year. We will
                            have a recap of the year and talk about our favourite (and not so
                15-May-08   favourite?) meeting, but maybe
                            No official things over the year. an extra activity outside or
                            with the whole 104th group.

                28-May-08   Annual 104th Banquet - We will have our annual banquet to
                            celebrate the year and white tails will swim up to Cubs

      7-8-Jun-08   104th All-sections Camp - Our all-sections camp will be held in
                   conjuction with the Cubs' survivor camp at Camp No'Chimik

                                                Tail Ceremonies

   There are four tail levels in the Beaver program. They are the physical recognition of a child’s growth and
  development. A Beaver progresses through them according to their age and/or their school grade. Beavers
 change their tails once a year to signify their growth. Beavers wear only one tail at a time and may put their old
                                       tails on their campfire blanket or vest.
  Age as of Dec. 31st
(approx School Grade)                                        Tail Level (Sept - May)
      5 years old
         (SK)              BROWN: Discovery & Growing
                          BROWN represents the colour of the beaver’s fur, also the earth, on which we live
                          and in which things grow. It can remind the Beavers of their responsibility to help take
                          care of the world. It can also be seen as the time of discovery, when the Beaver is
                          entering a new phase in life and exploring a broader world beyond the confines of
                          family and close friends.
      6 years old
      (Grade 1)           BLUE: Building & Exploring
                          BLUE represents the sky and water and symbolizes the immense opportunities to
                          explore now opened to the Beaver, whose abilities are expanding and changing.
      7 years old
      (Grade 2)           WHITE: Busy Beaver
                          WHITE links Eager Beavers to Tender Pads (Cubs). It is the colour of the moon and
                          stars, which give us light to help us find our way through the darkness of the night and
                          symbolizes distant goals, seemingly far away, but attainable.
                          In January, Busy Beavers are presented with a Magic Light Symbol (silver stripe) to
                          indicate that they are preparing to swim-up to Cubs.

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