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     Sector               Name                      Organization

                                              Executive for the "Public
    Business        Sasha Bezuhanova     administration" unit of HP in Central
                                                and Eastern Europe

                                              Bulgaria’s First European
     Politics        Meglena Kuneva

Social commitment   Theodora Zaharieva        Human of the Year 2009


    Sector                Name                      Organization
                      Izabella Zwack        CEO of Zwack Unicum Nyrt.
                                           CEO of OTP Lakáslízing Zrt., a
Movers & shakers     Mária Dunavölgyi
                                             subsidiary of OTP Nyrt.
Movers & shakers    Konthur Adrienne      CEO of CB Richard Ellis Hungary
Movers & shakers     Adrienn Lovro             CEO of ABLON Zrt.
  Innovation in
                       Ildikó Májer      managing director of ISC Group

     Sector               Name                      Organization
                      Joanna Kluzik-

                                         President of Polish Confederation of
    Business        Henryka Bochniarz
                                             Private Employers Lewiatan

     Sector               Name                   Organization
                                            academician of the National
Movers & Shakers      Ella Libanova
                                          Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Social commitment
                    Zhanna Savrylova      rector of the “Third Age” University

 Voices-to-watch     Elena Franchuk      founder of the ANTIAIDS Foundation

     Sector               Name                      Organization
     Financial       mr. sc. Gordana                  President
   performance         Kovacevic                Ericsson Nikola Tesla
                                           Agrokor, senior executive vice
                       Ljerka Puljic       president for strategic business
                        Iva Balent           Agrokor, marketing director
                    Jasna Hrvic Smolec          Digitel komunikacije
Movers & Shakers       Ursa Raukar                theathre actress
                                          newspapper 24 sata (24 hours),
Movers & Shakers      Jasna Zemljic
                                            director and board member
  Innovation in                           Hrvatska lutrija (Croatian lottery),
                      Vesna Bakran
    business                                           director
  Innovation in
                       Ana Ivancic           Cardif insurance, chairman
Change generators
                     Jadranka Kosor            prime minister of Croatia
    in politics
Change generators
                      Josipa Rimac               mayor of Knin town
    in politics
                                          coordinator Zenska soba (Women`s
Social commitment   mr. sc. Maja Mamula
                                              room) - Sexual rights centre

Social commitment       Ana Srsen         participant in the Paraolympic games
 Voices-to-watch    Irena Jolic Simovic           T-HT, board member
                    assoc. prof. Dijana
 Voices-to-watch                                natural sciences, physics
                      Dominiz Prester

     Sector                Name                        Organization

     Business          Ioana Filipescu     Managing Director Raiffeisen Investment

     Business        MARIANA GHEORGHE                 CEO OMV Petrom

     Business           ANCA VLAD                      President Fildas

                                             general director of ING Life Insurance
     Business         CORNELIA COMAN       Romania and the President of the board of
                                               administration Ing Pension fund -
   Her jump in the career was in 1998th when HP decided to open office in Bulgaria and she was appointed General
  director. Since January 01 2010th Mrs Bezuhanova became executive for the "Public administration" unit of HP in
   Central and Easter Europe. Now she is responsible for 27 countries including Russian, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech
Republic, Poland, Hungary and the ex-soviet republics in Central Asia. As well she is responsible for the EU, NATO, UN
  and more non-public organizations. Mrs Bezuhanova received many awards during that period and since 2005 is in
 charge of the Bulgarian International Bussiness Organization (BIBA) as well the same year Sasha Bezuhanova was
                                appointed Honorary Consul of Luxembourg in Bulgaria.

   Meglena Kuneva was appointed European Commissioner for Consumer Affairs in January 2007 at the time of the
accession of Bulgaria to the European Union. Kuneva’s political career started in June 2001 when she was elected as a
Member of the Bulgarian Parliament, becoming deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, later Minister of European Affairs, and
                                   Chief Negotiator for the EU accession process.

 Theodora Zaharieva, founder of the Centre for the Protection of Rights in Health Care, was awarded the Human of the
       Year Award 2009 at the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee Annual Awards for contribution to human rights.

            Zwack Unicum Nyrt. is one of the 50 most profitable companies in 2008 in the Hungarian market

  Because she has left her mark in important places: developing the Hungarian Stock Exchange Corp. as well as her
                                                  current company.
             Because CB Richard Ellis is now one of the most influential real estate agencies in Hungary.
                     Because she is one of the most influential real estate developers in Hungary.

    ISC Group built a technological park outside Budapest for small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises, a first.

     Her power lays in her acting above political divisions. Her actions for women are appreciated by women of all
  environments and political parties. She can act aginst her own party (she is a member of Parliament for Peace and
Justice party) for example expressing her possitive opinion about in vitro insemination. She participated in the works of
                      the Congress of Women. She acts for the introduction of system of quotas.
Between 2005 and 2007 she was the vice-minister in Ministry of Work and Social Politics, dealing with matters of family
 and equal status of men and women. She often acted against criticism of the rightist wing - for example she criticised
 proposals of changing the act about education, that was supposed to ban what was called ”homosexual propaganda”.
 She proposed a governmental programe of family politics that included for example solutions that would help women
                                       combine the employment with motherhood.

Economist, former minister of commerce, since 1999 president of Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan -
 one of the biggest organizations of employers in Poland. She is a businesswoman, a managaer, an academic and an
   activist. Two years ago she co-organized ”Gender index” project and a competition for companies ”Equal chance
comapany”. As an initiator and organizer of the Congress of Women in Poland she managed to do a unique thing - she
 managed to involve a few thousand women of different political backgrounds and life experiences, who declared to act
                       togheter for a constitutional enactment of laws granting equality of sexes.

   because she purposefully and sequentially implants into the public conscience the necessity of implementation of
                                           economic and social reforms.

because she created and put into practice a successful project – a University for retirees, which helped to turn hundreds
                                             of elder people to active life.

               because she headed the large-scale effective fight against AIDS expansion in our country.

  despite the difficult market conditions they managed strenghten the market position. Ericsson
                    Nikola Tesla is the biggest Croatian export of the knowledge

                 according to polls the most powerful women of the Croatian business

        marketing director of hole Agrokorn koncern (around 50 companies), biggest private company in Croatia

                 director of the most successful agency for media buying and planning
                       fights against illeagal construction in centar of the Zagreb
                       member of the bord of the most read newspaper in Croatia
with new innovative games of chanse Croatian lottery succeeded to have good business results
                                         in this crisis time
 Cardiff, first on Croatian market, implement insurance model for paying credit to unemployed
                                     first women prime minister in Croatia

              yungest mayor in Croatia, she is only 30 ears old. This is her second term
          first Croatian on the World Economic Forums` list "Young Global Leaders 2010"
              member of the team that discovered new planet very similar to the Earth

 One of the most reputed specialist in investment banking on the Romanian market, she has consolidated Raiffeisen
                            Investment as one of the top M&A companies from Romania.
Under her management, Raiffeisen Investment has finalized 9 transactions among which the most important acquisition
     of 2008 – the French insurer Groupama bought Asiban – the third larges insurer from the Romanian market.

She leads the largest company in Romania. Under her management Petrom’s profit increased with 34% and attracted
1.6 billion Euro financing – more than all the European Funds Romania accessed in 3 years. Between 1993 and 2004
Mariana Gheorghe worked for EBRD and associate banker and then as senior banker for South –Eastern Europe and
                                                   the Caspian Region
 One of the most important Romanian businesswomen. She built by herself on of the most important players from the
Romanian pharmacy sector with a turnover of more than 200 million euro. After setting up Fildas in 1991, the company
recorded the most spectacular growth rate from the Romanian market – from a turnover of 1.5 million euro in 1992 she
                                       reached 125 million turnover in 2005.

The most powerful woman from the Romanian insurance sector became the youngest CEO from the insurance sector
after only 10 years since hiring on a junior position in ING Life Insurance. Under her management ING Pension Fund
                   became the leader of the Romanian market in only five months since launching.

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