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									Mail and Data Merges Using Word 2003
Author: Faithe Wempen

Edition: 1

This is the eBook version of the printed book.Learn the ins and outs of Mail Merge in Word 2003,
including how to select and prepare a data file and a main document, how to manually or automatically
set up field codes, and how to print, save, and manage merged letters, envelopes, labels, and
catalogs.Contents:What Is a Mail Merge?Performing a Letter Merge with the Mail Merge WizardSelecting
a Main Document TypeSelecting a Data SourcePreparing the Main DocumentInserting Merge
FieldsFiltering and Sorting the DataPreviewing and Printing the MergeCreating Custom Merges with Word
FieldsFaithe Wempen, M.A., is a Microsoft Office Master Instructor and an adjunct instructor of computer
information technology at Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis, specializing in Microsoft
Office and PC hardware. She is the author of more than 90 books on PC hardware and software and
teaches online courses in Office applications for corporate clients including Hewlett-Packard, Gateway,
and Sony. She also owns and operates Sycamore Knoll Bed and Breakfast (

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