Never Polka With A Porcupine by runout


									                             Never Polka With A Porcupine
                                        By Mark Burrows, Shawnee #EO614 (2-Part)

Choreography by: Valerie Lippoldt Mack & Stevie Mack
Riser choralography     Partner choralography (be sure to pair up)
Props: None needed

Formation A: (Risers with students mixed parts 1 and 2) – could do every other person
             or every other row (even rows = part 1 and odd rows = part 2)

Introduction: 7 marches (opposite rows) and 2 claps
Repeat introduction (first 4 measures): March back to place and jump facing front - ct 8
Ne-ver polka with a                     R index finger–shake 2 time, swing R arm=“polka”
___ porcupine.                          Slap legs on ct.1, clap on beat 2, snap on “pine”, jazz hands
Danc-ing isn’t part of                  Reach R hand up to R, bring it down, L hand up, L down
___ his de-sign. (%)                    3 reaches with jazz hands and grab head on ct. 4 = (%)
You can schottische with a sheep        Holding head, slide to R
Swing dance with the swine,             Head roll to L and show ears on “swine”
But never, never Ouch! never,            “But” – R index finger #1-Slap legs on “never”
                                        Ouch!-#2’s jump up (4 groups to match 4 ouches”)
polka with a porcu-                     Swing R arm,
pine. ___ ___                            Slap, clap and thumbs up.
Never polka with a                      Repeat as before (ms. 5 – 8)
Good dance partners aren’t that         Windshield wipers with arms (R,L,R,L)
___ hard to find.                       Bow/curtsey to partner
You can salsa with a slug                                         e
                                        Step R, rolling arms, “Olَ ” arms on “with”
Just watch out for the slime            R hand to forehead and watch, point at “slime”
But never, never, Ouch!                 Repeat as before (ms. 16 – 20)
Never polka with a                      Repeat as before (ms. 5 – 8)
That’s the point where you must         Jazz hands push 2 x’s to audience from chest and back in
draw the line                           Make a line (hook up like a kick line – arms on backs)
You can cha-cha with a chimp            Cha-cha step (R foot front, L, R tog.),
that swings from vine to vine.          Sway-opposite rows (1,3,5 =R,L and 2,4,6=L,R) on “vines”
But never, never, Ouch!                 Repeat as before (ms. 16-20)
He’s not too found of dancing,          #1-Thumbs up and turn down
Or other fancy prancing                 #2-Pony right and left, snapping L up, R up
He’d rather show off his tree           #1-bends knees and comes back up, #2 climbs ↑
skills….                                #2-pretends to climb back ↓

Be careful how you treat him             #1-Offers R hand (to shake)
The next time that you meet him          #2-Tries to grab hand but #1 combs hair and fakes out
Because he’s covered head to toe         Both back to back, nod head, kick up leg, arms up
Never polka with a porcupine             Repeat as before (ms. 5 – 19)
Ouch!                                    Jazz hands up and jump right on last beat!

                 Choralography by: Valerie Lippoldt Mack & Stevie Mack; Wichita, KS (
                                                  Copyright © July 2008

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