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									Loving the Lone Wolf
Author: Ingrid Weaver

Flirting with danger. Years ago, hoodlum Nathan Beliveau made a deal with the devil to reinvent himself.
Now a legitimate multimillionaire, he stood to lose everything unless he settled his debt to the shadowy
Payback organization by righting a past wrong. But the jaded operative's daring mission to bring Stephan
Volski down hit a snag when he met the gangster's hauntingly beautiful girlfriend.… Feeling the walls
closing in, Kelly Jennings had to escape her former lover's clutches and disappear with her son. But as
she lured Volski's sexy "business associate" into her web of deception, Kelly's traitorous heart ached for
Nathan's soul-shattering kiss. Could she bring herself to double-cross the man she hopelessly loved to
save her son?
Author Bio
Ingrid Weaver
Born and raised in Southern Ontario, Canada, Ingrid’s first career ambition was to be a mad scientist...or
an astronaut or a spy. When she discovered that she could do all those things through books, her path
took another turn entirely.She earned a degree in English Literature and, after working as a high school
teacher in Northern Quebec and then raising three children, she finally combined her lifelong love of
reading with her English degree to pursue a career in writing.Since the publication of her first novel in
1994, Ingrid’s books have reached the Waldenbooks and the U.S.A. Today bestseller lists. In 1998, she
was presented with the Romance Writers of America prestigious RITA Award for Romantic Suspense.
She currently resides near Toronto, where she is at work on her next book.

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