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SMART Board™ software by runout


									Jump right in.
SMART Board™ software
     Meet the heart
              of the
    SMART Board
interactive whiteboard
          Ever wonder what makes
          SMART Board interactive
          whiteboards so powerful?
          SMART Board software
          – the real genius behind
          the world’s number one
          interactive whiteboard.

          This award-winning software
          blends strength with
          simplicity to give teachers
          the latest digital tools in
          a system that even the
          smallest student can use.
Create      Use Notebook whiteboarding software to create
            dynamic, effective lessons that will motivate your
            digital learners and improve learning outcomes.

                                                                   Motivate with multimedia
                                                                   Enrich your content with video, audio, rich text
Ready? Go!                                                         and more. Add audio clips to your lesson, such
Simplified toolbars, an interface that makes sense,                as the sound of applause when a student selects
straightforward features – all these add up to a great user        the right answer, or import video files to play
experience, for you and your students. It’s easy to get started,   directly from the software.
yet the software accommodates the most advanced users.
                                                                                   Make science
                 Choose from a world                                               and math interactive
                  of resources                                                        New superscript and subscript characters
                  Enrich your lessons with the Gallery’s                              make creating math and science lessons
                  thousands of vibrant, curriculum-relevant                         even easier. Choose from a host of scientific
                  images, movie files and lesson activities        symbols and Macromedia® Flash® extras to enrich your
                correlated to curriculum standards – or import     labs and activities.
your own content and PowerPoint slides, easily. An enhanced
search function keeps it all at your fingertips.                   Refine, revise, perfect
                                                                   You’ve got lots of options for putting the
Create paths of learning                                    Link   finishing touches on your materials. Use the spell
Add hyperlinks to images, shapes and text to jump                  check, clone, name and reorder pages as you
to websites, multimedia files or other Notebook                    wish, or add Screen Shade to make sure your
pages. Linking gives you the freedom to incorporate                lesson unfolds as you planned.
a variety of materials, all contained within a single lesson or
activity.                                                          Work where you want
                                                                   Where do you do your best thinking? Notebook software’s
Reliable lessons, use after use                                           take-home privileges allow you and your students
      Ensure your lesson behaves the way you want it to.                     unlimited installations of the software, so you can
       Control objects by locking them to prevent movement,                   create lessons (and they can do homework) at
       or allow movement but restrict them from being                         school or at home.
       edited or rotated.
Teach     Make classroom learning a rich, multisensory
          experience with the world’s first choice in
          interactive whiteboards. Just touch and go!

                                                                                       Engage your students,
                                                                                       right to the last row
                                                                                           Motivate students with lessons that speak to
                                                                                           digital learners. Use colorful pens to write over
                                                                        video and Flash files, use handwriting recognition, or play sound
                                                                        clips and link to other materials for dynamic, memorable lessons.

                                                                        Put big ideas within reach

                                                                        Move toolbars to customize the learning environment

                                                                        for students big and small. Control your lessons by
                                                                        linking to other materials or locking objects in place,
                                                                        tailoring the learning experience to your needs and their
               Dig deeper into concepts                                 imaginations.
               with multimedia
                Illustrate ideas, model concepts and enhance                          Let them learn by doing
                discussions with images, multimedia, websites and                      Notebook software helps you reinforce concepts
more – instantly. Enjoy one-click access from Notebook software                        the fun way. Use the Gallery’s thousands of digital
to SMART’s thousands of lesson activities, online curriculum                           resources and unlimited interactive potential for
standards and reference materials, plus any of your school’s favorite                 activities and games that strengthen understanding.
websites. The Gallery’s superior storage and search functions let you
access these resources the moment you need them.                        You’ve got their attention.
                                                                        They’ve got your notes.
Put the learning center stage                                           Save your presentation online, e-mail it, or convert                                PDF

Say goodbye to distractions – focus attention on                        it to PDF or PowerPoint format, so students can
key learning points by using the resizable Spotlight                    follow your presentation with undivided attention.
tool. Or use the Screen Shade to reveal your                            With Notebook software’s take-home privileges, students can
information step by step.                                               work and study from their own computers.

 Visit for free lesson activities and resources, funding
 information, programs and much more.
             The latest version of
           SMART Board software
             – inspired by you
Teachers around the world have given us their feedback,
suggestions and classroom stories, and we’ve listened. Thanks
to you, SMART Board software is richer, more intuitive and
better than ever.

What’s new
       •    New Gallery keyword search                         •     Creative object linking
       •    Direct access to correlated lesson activities      •     Superscripts, subscripts and scientific notation
       •    More classroom-ready resources                     •     Easy PowerPoint® software import and export
       •    Superior video play and store options              •     Freehand screen capture
       •    Advanced audio ability                             •     Enhanced Screen Shade

What’s included
       •    Notebook™ whiteboarding software                   •     SMART Essentials for Educators: Gallery
       •    SMART Board Tools                                        Collections for Notebook software
       •    SMART Board driver

What it works with

            SMART Board              Sympodium® interactive   AirLiner™ wireless slate   Rear Projection SMART Board interactive
       interactive whiteboard             pen display                                                   whiteboard

   Where to get it.             SMART Customers can download the latest version of SMART
   Board software for no additional charge at
SMART’s commitment to you                                                              System requirements

Unlimited licensing for SMART Board software                                             Windows® operating systems
Notebook software’s take-home privileges give you and your students                        •    Pentium 150 MHz processor (450 MHz or faster recommended)
unlimited installations of the software. Now you can create lessons                        •    128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended)
wherever you need to, and your students can access your notes for                          •    136 MB of free hard disk space for minimum installation
review, do homework or work on projects from wherever suits them best.                          (511 MB for full installation with Gallery collections)
                                                                                           •    Windows NT 4.0 (SP6), Windows 98 operating system or later
A product that gets smarter over time                                                      •    Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
Did you know that your SMART Board interactive whiteboard never                            •    Macromedia Flash player version 8
stops learning? Get the latest version of SMART Board software at no
additional charge at                                 Mac OS operating system software
Upgrading your software keeps your product up to date and ensures you                      •    700 MHz processor (1 GHz or faster recommended)
have all the latest resources.                                                             •    128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended)
                                                                                           •    Mac OS X versions 10.3.9 and 10.4
                                                                                           •    148 MB of free hard disk space for minimum installation
Free training materials and online sessions
                                                                                                (423 MB for full installation with Gallery collections)
Take advantage of all the possibilities your SMART Board
                                                                                           •    SMART Board software version 9.5 supports Intel processors
interactive whiteboard offers with free, practical training from the
                                                                                                (Universal Binary)
experts at SMART. Get Quick Reference Guides, Two-Minute Tutorials,
                                                                                           •    Safari 1.3.2 or later
Hands-On Practice activities and free online training courses at
                                                                                           •    Macromedia Flash player version 8

SMART’s website for educators                                                                   SMART Technologies Inc.
SMART’s education solutions website is full of resources for teachers                           1207 – 11 Avenue SW, Suite 300
who use SMART products. Find interactive lesson activities correlated to                        Calgary, AB T3C 0M5
Canadian and U.S. curriculum standards, helpful tips and tricks, funding                        CANADA
resources, programs for you and your students, and much more at                                 Phone +1.403.245.0333                                                                    Toll Free 1.888.42.SMART (Canada/U.S.)
                                                                                                Fax 403.228.2500
Dependable technical support                                                          
If you have questions, feedback or suggestions, SMART’s technical
support specialists are ready to help. Find installation and user guides,
FAQs, specifications and more at,                                     Authorized SMART reseller
speak to an expert at 1.866.518.6791 or +1.403.228.5940, or e-mail

                                      © 2006 SMART Technologies Inc. All rights reserved. Sympodium is a registered trademark in Canada, the U.S. and E.U.
                                      SMART Board, AirLiner, Sympodium and Notebook are a trademarks of SMART Technologies Inc. Windows is either a
                                      registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other third-party products
                                      and company names are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective companies.

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