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									The Mythical Zoo
Author: Boria Sax

Edition: 1
Age Group: 7 - 17

In this fascinating encyclopedia about animals in world myth, legend, and literature, author Boria Sax
documents how profoundly animals and their symbolism are integrated into human values. In the
prehistoric cave paintings of France and Spainóthe most ancient works of art we haveóhumans were 
depicted as stick figures and animals painted with more care and passion. The first clearly religious
shrines were dedicated to animals. Later, animals were representative of anything from totems and
deities to demons and augurs of witchcraft. Creatures that seem the products of gene splicing between
species were the monsters of folklore.Emphasizing depth rather than breadth, The Mythical Zoo covers
everything from frogs and grasshoppers to dolphins, salmon, rabbits, and tigers. After a masterful
overview, there are about 50 entries with references to literature from a variety of cultures and extensive
illustrations ranging from medieval prints to cartoons and advertisements.

This is another in a growing line of excellent reference volumes issued by ABC-CLIO in it continuing
folklore and literature series, ... It is as much as home in a school library as in one's own personal

"... a handy reference book that will be useful to just about anyone from storywriters to television
producers, newspaper editors, or just plain interested readers. Anyone checking some background
information or some last minute facts will find this book a must ... The Mythical Zoo emphasizes depth
over breadth in conveying ideas supporting the treatment of animals in myth, legend, and other aspects of
human culture."

"Recommended for public and academic libraries."

"The Mythical Zoo provides essential grounding for those interested in understanding the traditional as
well as more modern or contemporary treatments of animals in art, literature, and popular culture. It is
equally valuable for those concerned with gaining a better understanding to how attitudes toward animals
are established and changed. As such, it will be an important tool for students and scholars in many
fields as well as for storytellers, techers, and naturallists who use stories about animals to enrich their
students' or audiences' appreciation."

"Sax offers the rare reference volume, a bestiary entertaining enough for bedside reading...He impartially
examines the real animal world and the fantastic fauna of myth and legend, mermaid and werewolf to

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