Biological Oceanography by P-Wiley


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									Biological Oceanography
Author: Charles B. Miller

This modern textbook of biological oceanography is aimed at students taking oceanography, marine
biology and marine sciences courses. It covers recent developments such as the molecular techniques
(including sequence data) that have allowed a re-examination of the ocean's microbial ecology and the
role of the various trophic groups in biogeochemical cycling, carbon flow and climate control. Major topics
covered include phytoplankton bloom, microbial food web, marine biogeography, global climate change
and an overview of fisheries oceanography. Difficult concepts are explained in a straightforward manner,
making this book accessible to undergraduates, graduates and researchers alike. Features a chapter on
important numerical models which have become indispensable in biological oceanography. Further details
of key terms and important topics are highlighted in boxes Models, formulas, methodologies, and
techniques are described and explained throughout.

" excellent introduction to the vast field of biological oceanography at a reasonably sophisticated
level, and is well worth reading on the basis of its wonderful style alone."

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