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					James Dyson

James Dyson is a British Industrial Designer. He is best known as the in-
ventor of the Dual Cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner, which works on the
principle of cyclonic separation. His other inventions include the ballbar-
row. Dyson studied furniture design and interior design at the Royal Col-
lege of Design (1966-1970) before moving into engineering. His net worth
is said to be just over a £1 billion. In 1997 he wrote Against The Odds: An
Autobiography co-authored by Giles Coren.

1947                                                                          1983
Born in Norfolk England                                                       First prototype vacuum cleaner, called G-Force is produced whilst search-
                                                                              ing for a sponsor
Designs first product, the Ballbarrow wheelbarrow                             1986
                                                                              Japanese start to sell G-Force
Ballbarrow wins Building Design Innovation Award                              1995
                                                                              The Dyson DC01 becomes the best selling vacuum cleaner in the UK
Invents the Trolleyball boat launcher                                         1995
                                                                              The Dyson DC02 becomes the second higher selling vacuum in the UK
The initial idea of a bagless vacuum cleaner appeals to Dyson whilst          1997
renovating his country house                                                  Dyson releases autobiography

1979                                                                          2002
Spend 5 years developing the design, building 5127 prototypes along           Europe's best selling vacuum cleaner is introduced to USA
the way
1981                                                                          Technology from the Ballbarrow is introduced into the Dyson Vacuum
Files first US Patent Application
Product Evolution // Dyson
Product // Vacuum Cleaner
Sea Truck                    Ballbarrow                     Trolleyball                Wheelboat
Sales to date of over $500   Market Leader within 3 years   The most practical boat-   Travels at 64km/h on land
million                                                     launcher                   and water.

              Product Evolution // James Dyson