Serial Killer File by P-Bearport


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									Serial Killer File
Crime Solvers

Author: Mikaela Sitford

Age Group: 9-13

Children put on their detective hats as they learn how police and medical examiners solved one of the
most famous serial killer cases in the world. Harold Shipman appeared to be a caring doctor. Yet behind
his friendly face lurked a deadly serial killer. Children will be amazed to learn how investigators used
forensic techniques, such as fingerprint matching and handwriting analysis, to find the hidden clues that
helped crack the case—and put an end to the deadly doctor's murders. Serial Killer File is written in a
narrative nonfiction format that is intended to grab kids' attention and engage struggling readers. Fact
Files on each spread provide a close-up look at the criminal evidence and forensic techniques that were
used to solve the crime. Serial Killer File: The Doctor of Death Investigation is part of Bearport's Crime
Solvers series.

We are all fascinated with tales of mystery and murder, and these books do not disappoint. Each
fascinating topic contains a description of the crime and the steps taken to solve the case. Authentic
photographs of the victim, the accused, people involved in solving the case, weapons used, and other
significant information are used to accompany the text. Sidebars offer additional information on each topic
discussed. The glossary is more extensive than typically found in a nonfiction book. The layout is easy to
read and follow. "Crime Solving Up Close" defines in detail common terminology used in crime solving. A
timeline for the entire case is also laid out. Due to the violent nature of some of the titles, the series is
most appropriate for middle and possibly high school students. It will definitely have your students
reading and asking for more. Recommended.

This series presents case studies of murder, terrorism, kidnapping, and robbery, describing each crime
and the tactics used to solve it. The layout is well designed... readers will gain a solid introduction to
forensic science.

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