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									The Warlord's Mistress
Author: Juliet Landon

How innocent is she?Living as a refined lady, Dania Rhiannon has kept her true origins hidden. While
soldiers swarm the streets of this northern outpost of the Roman empire by day, influential officers are
drawn to her House of Women by night. Dania hasn't once been tempted before now to share in intimate
pleasures, but her world is rocked when she realizes that one masterful warrior could all too easily
seduce her into his arms. But is Fabian Cornelius Peregrinus truly attracted to Dania--or does he suspect
what lies beneath her mantle of respectability?
Author Bio
Juliet Landon
As the author of books on embroidery design, the progression in 1994 from fact to fiction was perhaps
less daunting for Juliet than it might have been for a complete beginner. But in many ways, the
requirements are similar: a strong imagination and sense of design; an eye for detail; a love of color,
scenery, and research; and a willingness to share inner thoughts and feelings with readers. Dedication is
also useful to Juliet, living in the country, as the temptation to spend time picnicking and sightseeing
instead of writing is sometimes very strong.In everyday life, Juliet is professional embroiderer and lecturer
Jan Messent, whose two disciplines go perfectly hand in hand. When she’s not doing one, she’s doing
the other, often both on the same day. There’s no such thing as spare time, as stories develop in her
mind while stitches form on the fabric, and the one that wins depends on urgency and inclination.
Deadlines, to you and me. But the research needed for both subjects also merges, as Juliet’s novels are
almost all set in the medieval period, usually the 1350’s, and Jan’s embroidery is based on Anglo-Saxon
textiles. As you might imagine, her library is large.But how did it start? Like every story, with the
research. Delving into early local history, Juliet discovered all kinds of events that she had not learned
about at school, but which would have made history lessons far more appealing if she had. The
characters and situations were all there: their lives just as complicated (and far more dangerous) as ours
and just as colorful, their loves and hates just as great. And because most of the laws and codes of
social behavior were different from ours, the possibilities for good, involved story lines were plentiful.As a
Yorkshirewoman, Juliet used her knowledge of early medieval embroidery and the city of York as the
basis of her first historical romance, The Golden Lure, (1994) and she thought that this mixture worked
well. Her second novel, A Knight in Waiting,

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