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   N E W S L E T T E R        O F    T H E    S T .    L O U I S      P S Y C H O A N A L Y T I C        I N S T I T U T E


The I. H. Cohn, MD
    The Institute is delighted to            support the Institute in such a way
announce the establishment of the            that it would promote awareness in
I. H. Cohn, MD Fund, created                 the general public,” says Tom
through the generosity of Thomas             Cohn.
and Sally Cohn. The Fund is named                Dr. Isadore Cohn was born in
in honor of Mr. Cohn’s father,               1911 and graduated from high
Isadore H. Cohn, MD. It will be              school in Chicago at the age of six-
used to support an annual lecture            teen. He then attended medical            the innovators in adolescent and
for the general public,                      school at the University of Chicago.      group psychotherapy. In 1951, his
presented by a member of the                     After the war, Dr. Cohn moved         only child, Tom, was born.
 nttt                                        to Topeka, Kansas to attend the               Dr. Cohn’s vision was deeply
faculty on a timely topic in the field       Menninger Institute where he met          rooted in both Freudian theory and
of                                           his wife, Ruth. He was in the first       general semantics, Tom recalls.
psychoanalytic study and treatment.          graduating class of the Menninger         “He could always see through
    “My objective for establishing            nttt.
                                                                                       The first I. H. Cohn
this fund was two-fold. First, I                 In 1950, they moved to New
wanted to celebrate my father’s              York City where Dr. Cohn estab-           Lecture will be present-
life and work. Second, I wanted to           lished his practice. He was one of        ed by Britt-Marie
                                                                                       Schiller, Ph.D. Watch for

                                    Institute Funds
  Paul A. Dewald, M.D., Education Fund       Chused, M.D., and Patricia Fingert to     training of psychiatrists, psychologists
  Established by Dr. Dewald’s family to      honor Hyman H. Fingert, M.D., one of      and counselors, and community educa-
  honor his long-standing interest in        the founding members of the St. Louis     tion programs.” The Fund has been a
  education and his                          Psychoanalytic Institute. Donations are   catalyst to refine and expand our child
  contributions to the Institute. The        earmarked for an annual presentation      related programming.
  money is                                   to the analytic community on the tech-
  earmarked to support special educa-        nique and process of psychoanalytic       Ilene Edison Fund
  tional events or projects related to the   treatment and the relationship between    Established in 1994 by a gift from the
  application of psychoanalytic concepts     patient and analyst.                      Sydney & Sadie Cohen Foundation to
  to issues of interest to lay and profes-                                             honor the memory of Ilene Edison and
  sional groups through the Paul A.          Beatrice Edison Fund                      designated by the Board and Faculty of
  Dewald, M.D. Community Lecture             Established in 1988 by the Harry Edison   the Institute to create the Ilene Edison
  Series.                                    Fund at the recommendation of Irving      APP (Advanced Psychodynamic
                                             Edison, this Board designated fund is     Psychotherapy) Teacher of the Year
  The Hyman H. Fingert MD Memorial           “primarily used in the child and ado-     Award. The award recipient is chosen
  Lecture Established in 2000 by Judith F.   lescent field for treatment services,     by the APP students annually and the                                St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute y Winter 2005 y No. 17
                       INSTITUTE NEWS                                                  C O N T A CT US
                                                                                      The Institute is located at 8820
                                                                                      Ladue Road, 3rd Floor, St. Louis,
                                                                                      MO 63124.

Stephen Post, M.D., Retires                                                           (314) 361-7075 x333
by William Kelly, M.D.                                                                FAX: (314) 361-6269
    Dr. Stephen L. Post has recently       what we now
decided to relinquish the joy of his       know as the                                SCHIELE CLINIC
work with patients. Steve, as he is        Advanced
affectionately known to all of us, will    Psychodynamic                              Nathan M. Simon, M.D., Director
complete his time as associate direc-      Psychotherapy                              (314) 361-7075, x315
tor of the Institute and step down in      Program (APP).                             Lenita Newberg, M.S.W.
January 2005.                              He developed and directed the first        (314) 361-7075, x313
    Steve is descended from a med-         such program which has become a
ical family. His great grandfather         model for many other psychoanalytic        Virginia Haigler, M.S.W.
founded the First Congregational           isiue.
                                            nttts                                     (314) 361-7075, x316
Church west of the Mississippi.                He also saw the need to enable         Chester Smith, MA
Following an education at Princeton,       qualified non-medical therapists to        (314) 361-7075, x318
Steve served in the U.S. Navy as a         engage in psychoanalytic training.
lieutenant junior grade. He then           This idea was passed under his
completed medical and psychiatric          leadership of the Education
 riig                                      Committee from 1987-91.                    Sheila Heckman
    Unlike his ancestor who sought             In addition to all of this, Steve
heavenly light, Steve turned his           maintained a close relationship in         (314) 361-7075 x324
attention to the internal lights that      training and supervision with the          FAX: (314) 361-6269
motivate all of us. This led to training   department of psychiatry, St. Louis
at the Chicago Psychoanalytic              University (SLU) School of                 A DMINISTRATION
Institute. Since that time, Steve, in      Medicine, and St. Louis Clinical
his capacity as a training analyst, has    Association for Religious and              Leigh Pratter
trained and supervised numerous            Educational Counseling.                    Executive Administrator
psychoanalysts and psychotherapists.           For many years he conducted a
    Steve recognized the need for          seminar on literature and psycholog-

Child Development Program
Largest class in the program’s history
    The Child Development Program           ai.
                                           bss                                       childcare, occupational therapy,
(CDP) at the Institute began in 1981           First-year students focus on nor-     physical therapy, and counseling.
and has grown significantly, with its      mal development and the manage-           The class includes a grade school
most recent enrollment of 20 stu-          ment of normal developmental              principal and four directors of early
dents.                                     crises, then study deviations, diag-      childhood centers. They encounter
    Participants who complete the          nostic assessment, and therapeutic        children experiencing family stress
program successfully have the skills       interventions in their second year. In    and trauma, as well as those with
to support healthy child develop-          both years the Program moves stu-         autism, physical disabilities and eat-
ment, detect (and often prevent)           dents from the study of prenatal life     ing and emotional disorders.
crises, intervene on a short-term          through understanding the phases of           The organizations they represent
basis, and judge when referral is in a     adolescence.                              are the University City Children’s
child’s best interest. This year’s             The students enrolled in this         Center, Radiant Faith Academy,
class comes in contact with more           program come from a wide range of         Developmental Childcare St. Louis,
than 1000 children on a weekly             disciplines, including education, early   Webster Childcare, Washington

 2     St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute y December 2004 y No. 17                             
 The D.W. Winnicott Society
         of the St. Louis Psychoanalytic
 O     n September 29 a party
       was given to celebrate
 the D.W. Winnicott Society,
 hosted by Boo McLaughlin.
 The Winnicott Society con-
 cluded its second year with
 59 members.
     The Winnicott Society
 was initiated to acknowledge         Nell and Paul Dewald                                   Ed Macias, Robin Turner
 individuals who donate                                                                      and Tedi Macias
 $1,000 or more to the
 Institute. For more informa-
 tion on becoming a
 Winnicott Society member,
 contactl Cathy Krane at                                         Susan and Eric Nuetzel
 (314) 361-7075 ext. 323.
 Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Block (deceased)
 Andrew Chirchirillo & Jill Medintz
 Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Cook
 Therese J. Dent, Ph.D.
 Dr. and Mrs. Paul Dewald
 Mr. and Mrs. John Drescher
 Virginia L. Drone, Ph.D.
 Hope and Julian Edison
                                      Sanford Neuman, Donna                                  Paul Dewald & K. Lynne
 M. Peter Fischer                     Bonan & Julio Morales                                  Moritz
 Dr. and Mrs. Volney P. Gay
 Mr. and Mrs. Larry Glenn
 Ms. Cheryl L. Griffin, M.S.W.
 Mr. & Mrs. F. Lee Hawes
 Dr. and Mrs. William A. Kelly
 Mr. and Mrs. Lee Liberman                                       Donna Bonan and Eileen
 Mrs. Stanley L. Lopata                                          (Boo) McLoughlin (hostess
 Dr. and Mrs. Ed Macias
 Drs. Robert & Elsie Meyers
                                                                 for the event)
 Julio Morales, M.D.
 K. Lynne Moritz, M.D.
 Dr. and Mrs. Eric J. Nuetzel
 Betsy O'Herin
 Dr. and Mrs. Stephen L Post
 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pulitzer
 Nadia Ramzy, Ph.D.                   Duane Hagan, Sandy
 Diane Rankin, M.D.
                                                                                             Larry & Gail Glenn
 Mrs. Byron Sachar                    Sommer and Kit Hagan
 Mr. and Mrs. William Sant
 Mr. & Mrs. James Schiele
 Al & Ruth Siteman
 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sommer
 Dr. and Mrs. George Tucker
 Carol Williams, MD                                              Elsie and Robert Meyers
 Dr. & Mrs. Barry Witten
 Dr. & Mrs. Robert Spencer
 Cheryl & Steven Lawler
 Cynthia Florin & Andrew Shaw
 Drs. Michael & Judith Brog
 APP Alumni Association
 Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Neuman
 Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Levey
 Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Cutler
 Mr & Mrs Jerry Pratter               Mary Morgan putting the                                Janie Sommers & Elsie
 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Culver
 Andrew C. Taylor                     finishing touches on her                               Meyers
 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Cohn            flower arrangement.
 Spencer & Phoebe Burke
 Kathryn Cramer & John Davis
 Mr. and Mrs. Barney A. Ebsworth
 Mr. and Mrs. William R. Orthwein,
 r.                                                              Tom Cohn, Cathy Krane
 Donna L. Bonan, J.D.                                            and Sally Cohn
 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hawes, III
 Robert W. Duffy & Martin R. Kaplan
 Gertrude & William Bernoudy                         St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute y December 2004 y No. 17                      3
Annual Report
               to the Community
July 1, 2003 – June 30, 2004

                                                          Support & Revenue
            SUPPORT & REVENUE                                                 Amount
Contributions (includes           34.9          Contributions             $181,534        34.9

                                                Investment Income         176,579         34.0
Investment Income                    34         Tuition & Seminars        110,039         21.1

                                                Clinic Fees               51,515          10.0
Tuition &              21.1                     TOTAL Operating Support   $519,667 100.0

                                                Endowment Contributions         460,943
Cii            10%                              TOTAL Operating & Endowment     $980,610

            PROGRAM SERVICES                                  Program Services
 lnc                             33.1           Clinic                    $131,723        33.1

Analytic                                        Analytic Training         66,209          16.6
                  16.6                          Community Education       65,051          16.3

                                                Library                   59,225          14.9
Community         16.3                          Advanced Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
                                                Program                 58,595     14.7
Library         14.9                            Child Development Program                 17,670

APP Program   14.7%                             TOTAL Program Services    $398,473 100.0

Child Development
Program         4.4

4   St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute y December 2004 y No. 17     
                                          ST. LOUIS PSYCHOANALYTIC INSTITUTE

Bold denotes Winnicott Society members.
* Indicates 10-year donors.
Lilly Ann Abraham
Mrs. Lester Ackerman*
Margaret M. Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Adreon*
Jocleta D. Allen, M.S.W.*
                                   O N O R S      Thank you for your support in 2003-2004
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Cook*
                                 Barbara Corday*
                                 Mr. & Mrs. W.E. Cornelius
                                 Kathryn Cramer & John Davis
                                 David Cronin & Harriet
                                                                  Joanne B. Gilden, Ph.D.*
                                                                  Sylvia L. Ginsparg, Ph.D.*
                                                                  Mrs. Myron Glassberg
                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Larry Glenn*
                                                                  Carolyn Kay Golde*
                                                                                                       Hilary Klein, M.D.
                                                                                                       Ed Kniep
                                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. William Knowles*
                                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Alan Kohn
                                                                                                       Martha Kohn, M.S.W.
                                                                                                                                        Vivian Meyer
                                                                                                                                        Drs. Robert & Elsie Meyers*
                                                                                                                                        Dr. & Mrs. James Mikolajczak
                                                                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. J. Ben Miller
                                                                                                                                        Rabbi & Mrs. Mordecai
Dr. & Mrs. Denis Altman          Switzer*                         Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Goldfarb*           Charlotte Kopitsky*           Miller
Anonymous (2)                    Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Culver     Jesse Goldner*                       Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kopman*        ue . ilr r, ..
                                                                                                                                        Jl P Mle,J. MD*
APP Alumni Association           Laura & Thomas Cummings          Debra Ann Gonzalez, M.D.             Jerry & Diane Kopp*              Mr. & Mrs. I.E. Millstone*
Jaime Arbona, M.D.               Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Cutler     Jane G. Goodman, L.C.S.W.*           Eugene & Helen Kornblum*         Julio Morales, M.D.*
Mr. & Mrs. William Atkins*       Daniel & Henry Co.               Judy & Mark Goodman                  Mr. & Mrs. Peter Krane*          Thomas Moran, M.D.
Andrea & John Atkinson           Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W.            Joan Goodson*                      Judy Kulczycki, M.S.             Mr. & Mrs. Michael Morgan
Keim L. Baird, M.D.*             Danker                             Deborah & Jeffrey Gordon           Dr. Cecilia Lacks                K. Lynne Moritz, M.D.*
Vernon H. Balster, M.D.          J. Todd Dean & Jackie Grosklos     Joe & Antoinette Gordon            Warren B. Lammert, Jr.           Debbie Natoli, Ph.D.
Beth Barnard, L.C.S.W.           Gloria Debeljuk, M.D., M.S.W.      Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gouaux*         William & Barbara Land           Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Neuman*
Beverly & Philip Barron*         Jeffrey T. Demerath                Suzanne M. Grant                   Jacqueline Langley, Ph.D.        Dr. & Mrs. Eric J. Nuetzel*
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bassett*       Patricia Kyle Dennis, M.S.W.*      Mr. & Mrs. Rockwell Gray           Cheryl & Steven Lawler           Betsy O'Herin*
Anne E. Bauer                    Therese J. Dent, Ph.D.*            Dr. & Mrs. Morton Green            Rosemary Leahey, M.S.W.*         Mr. & Mrs. E.M. O'Neill*
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Baum*         Jonathan Dewald                    Mr. & Mrs. Norton                  Mr. & Mrs. Loy Ledbetter         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Orchard*
Rea Beck & Joseph Kleeman*       Dr. & Mrs. Paul Dewald*          Greenfeld*                           Cindy Lefton                     Mr. & Mrs. Stephen
Ellen S. Becker, M.S.W.,         M. Marga Dick, M.D.*               Cheryl L. Griffin, M.S.W.*         Mr. & Mrs. Lewis A. Levey*    Orthwein
L.C.S.W.                         Mr. & Mrs. Adalbert K. Dietz       Mr. & Mrs. Dale Griffin            Diane Gershman Levine            Mr. & Mrs. William R.
Joe Behrmann, M.D.               Suzanne H. Dougherty               Eugene E. Guttin*                  David W. Levy, LCSW*          Orthwein, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. George Benson*        Mr. & Mrs. John Drescher*          Mr. & Mrs. Duane Q. Hagen*         Mr. & Mrs. Mont Levy             Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Osherow
Saramina Berman, M.S.W.          Virginia L. Drone, Ph.D. &         Sig Halpern                        Mr. & Mrs. Lee Liberman*         Drs. Stuart Ozar & Betty
Gertrude & William Bernoudy         Steve Symsack*                  Mr. & Mrs. Michael Harris*         Ellen Livingston                     Sonnenwirth
   Foundation                    Judith & Richard Dubin             Harry Edison Foundation            Jane Loevinger, Ph.D.            Paul Packman, M.D.
Leigh Berry, Ph.D.               Mr. & Mrs. John Dubinsky*          Mr. & Mrs. Morton Hartz            Dr. & Mrs. Maurice J.            Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Peters
Mrs. Irvin Bettman Jr.*          Robert W. Duffy & Martin R.        Mr. & Mrs. F. Lee Hawes*        Lonsway                             Jill Petzall & Claude Evans
Susan W. Blain, Psy. D.          Kaplan                             Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hawes, III      Mrs. Stanley L. Lopata*          Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Pickens
Jennifer Blome                   Carol S. Dyer, Ph.D.               Lourdes Henares-Levy,              Mrs. Roger Lord                  Jeff D. Piper, M.S.W.
Catherine S. Bollinger, M.A.,    Barney A. Ebsworth               M.D.*                                Mrs. Harry Lowenhaupt            Dr. & Mrs. Steven Plax*
LPC*                             C. Cleary Eckelman, Ph.D.          Maureen Herr, M.S.W.               Mr. & Mrs. Bryan E.              Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Podhorn
Donna L. Bonan, J.D.             Hope & Julian Edison*              Barry A. Hiatt, M.D.            Lundstrom                           Robert Poirier
Marie Bone & John Michael        Mrs. David Eiseman, III*           Donald S. Hilleary                 Dr. & Mrs. Ed Macias*            Dr. & Mrs. Stephen L Post*
Clear                            Mr. & Mrs. Fred Epstein*           Gary Hirshberg, L.C.S.W.,          Barbara Blee Maille, J.D.,       Teri D. Powers, M.S.W.,
Matt Borst                       Drs. Bert & Ruth Ann Faison*     M.S.W.                            M.S.W.                           L.C.S.W.
Richard B. Boswell, L.C.S.W.,    Ruth Fedder, M.S.W.                Mrs. George Hoblitzelle            Marylen Mann & Frank             Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Pratter
P.C.*                            Linda & Bernie Feinberg*           Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Hoerr      Jacobs*                             Rachel Presley
Douglas Braaten                  Jane Ferry, Ph.D.                  Dr. Bruce J. Hookerman             Gary Mappes                      Elizabeth F. Pribor, M.D.
Steve Brammeier                  Cynthia Florin & Andrew Shaw       Linda S. Horne, M.D.               Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Markow       Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pulitzer*
Marian Breidenbach, LPN          Brenda J. Flynn, M.S.W.            Mr. & Mrs. James Howe, IV          Margot Martin, M.S.W.            Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Purcell,
Drs. Michael & Judith Brog       Mr. & Mrs. Gary Follman            Susan L. Hubbard, M.S.W.           Maleakal S. Mathew, M.D.*     r
Mr. & Mrs. A.V.L. Brokaw, III*   Forest Park Pharmaceuticals        Inge M. Hynes                      Dr. & Mrs. John May*             Mr. & Mrs. Louis Putzel*
Shael Bronson*                   Lois Franklin, Ph.D.               Joanne & Joel Iskiwitch*           William J. Mayer, Jr.            Mr. & Mrs. Paul Putzel*
Nancy Forsyth Brossard*          Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Fredman           Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Izenberg*        John P. McCammon, Jr.*           Nadia Ramzy, Ph.D.*
Judy R. Bruton, J.D., M.S.W.     Mary Jane Fredrickson*             Sally Jerina                       Mr. & Mrs. Lansden               Diane Rankin, M.D.*
Spencer & Phoebe Burke           Marilyn Freeman, M.A.*             Mr. & Mrs. Roger Johnson        McCandless, Jr.                     Judith N. Reedy, LCSW
Suzanne Byron Byrne*             Terry Freerks, Ph.D.               Shera & Bradley Kafka              Lucy McClellan, Ph.D.            Ceil Reh
Joshua Calhoun, M.D.             Barry Friedman*                    Dr. & Mrs. Arnie Kaplan            Mr. & Mrs. Sanford N.            Daniel A. Reich
Mr. & Mrs. John Chafee           Mr. & Mrs. Donald Friedman*        Sherie Kaplan, M.S.W.           McDonnell                           Robert Reynolds, M.D.
Jean Chase, M.S.W.               Roger Friedman                     Carol Kaplan-Lyss*                 Dr. & Mrs. Charles McKenna       Nanette Ritchie, D.O.
Andrew Chirchirillo & Jill       John & Ellen C. Friedman           Margean Kastner, M.S.W.*           Danna McKitrick, P.C.            Dr. Henry L. Roediger,III
Medintz*                         Family                             Mr. & Mrs. Aron Katzman*           Mr. & Mrs. W. B. McMillan,       Mr. & Mrs. Richard Roman
Dr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Chmiel         Philanthropic Fund              Lilli & John Kautsky*            r
                                                                                                    J*                                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard
Joseph Chused                    Dr. & Mrs. Ira Gall*               Rhiannon M. Keck                   Christine McNaughton, M.A.    Rosenthal
Richard Chused & Elizabeth       Dr. & Mrs. Volney P. Gay*          Mrs. Mary Kelly, M.S.W.*           Cynthia Medart                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rosenthal
Langer                           Mr. & Mrs. Donald Gehlhausen       Dr. William A. Kelly*              Mr. & Mrs. Edwin B.              Bernard A. Ross
Phoebe A. Cirio, M.S.W.          Warren & Susan Gelman              Dottie & David Kemper           Meissner                            Norman I. Roth
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Cohen           John Georgiana                     Khawla Khan, M.D.*                 Mr. & Mrs. David Mesker*         Peter Ruderman, M.S.W.*
Anne Cohn                        Linda L. Gibson, M.D.*              oi ifr ...
                                                                    Lr Kee,LPC                         Martha Lynne Metter, M.A.,       Charles Ruprecht
Linda R. Cohn, M.S.W.            Elenor Gilbert, M.S.W.             Blythe & Peter Kieffer           ....
                                                                                                    PLPC                                Mrs. Byron Sachar
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Cohn        Mr. & Mrs. Norman C. Gilbert*      Sharon Kirsch, MA, LPC*            Andrew S. Meyer*                 Dr. & Mrs. Charles                            St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute y December 2004 y No. 17                                                            5
                                                          er and approved as a GWB field                       new Board Members Mary Moog,
                                                                                   practicum                   Julio Morales, M.D., and Jill Evans
            IN                                                                     supervi-

           THE                                           Becquer            J. Todd Dean,

          KNOW                                           Benalcazar,
                                                          Faculty Members

An Evening of Discovery
              Diane Rankin, M.D.,
              mentor for Discovering
              Options’ PREP pro-
              gram, an anti-drug                          The Institute is pleased to announce
                                                                                                               Former board president (1975-77)
                                                          t a Becquer Benalcazar, M.D., and

              abuse program for at-                                                                            Richard Stith.

              risk children in St.                        J. Todd Dean, M.D., have joined its
Louis City public schools, was hon-                       faculty. Dr. Dean

ored for her success as a mentor
and her involvement in the program.

The Schiele Clinic Launches
            Practicum                                                                                               Computer & Monitor
                Abigail Wilson and                                                                                       (at least 128 MB)
                Melissa Scolaro, s u-
                                   t                      Mary Moog,       Julio Morales,      il vn
                                                                                              Jl Eas                Digital Camera
                                                          MSW, JD          MD                 Petzall
                dents from the                                                                                         (3 megapixels or
                George Warren                             graduated from the Institute in 2004
                Brown School of                           and is in private practice. Dr.
Melissa Scolaro                                                                                                     Shredder
                Social Work (GWB),                        Benalcazar, M.D., graduated from the
began their practicums at the                             Child Psychoanalytic Training,                               (small business
Institute’s Schiele Clinic in July.                       Topeka Institute for Psychoanalysis                       capacity)
They provide individual therapy and                       and is in private practice.
                                                                                                                    Bagless Vacuum
evaluations in our clinic while
                                                          New Board Members
                                                                                                                         (electric broom type)
receiving supervision by a member
of the Institute who is a social work-                    The Institute is pleased to welcome                       Portable PA System

   Berette Salazar, M.D.
   Dr. Lew Sale
   Baldev & Carolyn Salus
                                      Lenore Harris Schulein,
                                      Rosalyn Schultz, Ph.D.*
                                      Mr. & Mrs. James L. Schwab,
                                                                              continued from page 5

                                                                       Dr. & Mrs. Sherman Silber
                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Michael
                                                                       Carole Simon*
                                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. H. Parker Smith
                                                                                                       Jerrilyn Smith
                                                                                                       Stacey L. Smith, M.D.        J.
                                                                                                                                      Arthur E. Sprung*
                                                                                                                                      Dr. & Mrs. Denton Stewart
                                                                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stith*
                                                                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Ernest W. Stix,
Singh                                r*
                                    J.                                 Dr. & Mrs. Nathan Simon*                                       Henry & Suzanne Stolar
                                                                                                       Barbara W. Snider, M.D.
   Mr. & Mrs. William Sant*           Drs. Harvey & Pearl Serota*      William A. Sims, M.D.           Lois E. Soffer & Andrew        Mr. & Mrs. Donald Streett
   Georgia Scarbrough, M.Ed.          Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sheehan*       Dr. & Mrs. Richard Sisson     Kanefield*                       Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sullivan
   Mr. & Mrs. James Schiele*          Peggy Shepley*                   Al & Ruth Siteman*              Barbara R. Solomon             Solon Summerfield
                                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Charles Sommer*   Foundation,
   Mr. & Mrs. J. Joseph Schlafly,     JoAnn Shew, M.S.N.*              Nancy Siwak
                                                                                                       Dr. & Mrs. G. J. Spector      n.
II                                    Dr. & Mrs. Moisy Shopper*        Arthur L. Smith, III, M.D.                                     Mr. & Mrs. Allen Surinsky*
                                                                                                       Dr. & Mrs. Robert Spencer*
   Bonnie Schlossstein                Rosette Signorelli, L.C.S.W.     Chester Smith, M.Ed.,L.P.C.     Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Spitzer     Claudia Svoboda

  6       St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute y December 2004 y No. 17                                                          
  Lawton Levy
                                                   Cheryl & Steven Lawler
                                                   K. Lynne Moritz, M.D.
                                                   Dr. & Mrs. Eric J. Nuetzel
                                                                                            Dr. & Mrs. Nathan Simon
                                                                                            Dr. & Mrs. Richard Sisson
                                                                                            Mr. Arthur E. Sprung
                                                                                            Dr. & Mrs. Denton Stewart
                                                                                                                                Jule Miller, M.D.
                                                                                                                                     Mrs. Lilly Ann Abraham

                                                                                                                                William A. Kelly, M.D.
       Jeanne and Aron Katzman
                                              Linda Gibsons Father                          Mr. & Mrs. Edwin R. Thomas, Jr.           Alice A. Kelly
                                                   Dr. & Mrs. Barry Witten                  Dr. & Mrs. George Tucker                  Ina Sachar
  Linda Gibsons Father
                                                                                            Susan & Ben Uchitelle
       Diane Rankin, M.D.
                                              Majorie Orgel                                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Weil             Medeline & Samuel Gregor
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Aron Katzman                  Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wulfing              Mr. & Mrs. Michael Silberstein
  Irving Harris
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. E. Carey Reis
        Board and Faculty of the St. Louis
                                              Meyer Pankewer                                Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Cook          Jule Miller, M.D.
  Psychoanalytic Institute
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Aron Katzman                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Loy Ledbetter
                                                                                       Bill Sight
  Vernon Mandel
                                              Minnie, Mother of Nancy Siwak                  Mr. & Mrs. Aron Katzman            William Moonshine
       Mr. & Mrs. Aron Katzman
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Aron Katzman                                                            Joe & Antoinette Gordon
                                                                                       Robert Simon
  Francis Hardeman Duffy
                                              Nancy Singer                                 St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute   K. Lynne Moritz, M.D.
       Ms. Beverly Anderson
                                                  Board & Faculty of St. Louis                                                       Charles & Robin Turner
       Mrs. Robert Brown
                                                  Psychoanalytic Institute             Stanley Florin
       Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Claggett, Jr.
                                                                                            K. Lynne Moritz, M.D.               Nell Dewaldís Birthday
       Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Cook
                                              Clyde Nelson                                                                           Mr. Arthur E. Sprung
       Sarah Bixby Defty
                                                   Board of St. Louis Psychoanalytic   Susan Stiritzís Father
       Dr. & Mrs. Paul Dewald
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, Institute Wish List


                                                              Windows Into
       Women’s Bodies:                                       THE THERAPY PROCESS
        Art, Body Image & Healing                            FOR MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS
         LAURIE J. WILSON, PH.D.                             RUTH ALTMAN, M.A., L.C.S.W., and STUART OZAR,
                                                             For therapists who are new to thinking about or working
                                                             from an in-depth approach to clients, this course will intro-
        Saturday, January 29, 2005                           duce concepts that underlie
           9 a.m. to 12:00 noon                              psychodynamic theory and practice. We welcome lively dis-
                                                             cussion and invite clinicians working from different clinical
          Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum                     orientations to join this class. Each session begins with a for-
               Washington University                         mal presentation and discussion of a core concept, followed
                                                             by a case presentation that illustrates the concept and shows
             Fee: $60 (includes tour of                      how the therapy process unfolds. Call (314) 361-7075 ext.
            the exhibit *Inside Out Loud)

 T his program will address narcissistic issues, objective
 and subjective experiences of women and their bodies
                                                               SPRING TRAINING
 and how they have been depicted in works of art. The          The Celluloid Couch Goes Batty
 exhibition *Inside Out Loud will serve as the springboard     presented in conjunction with the Missouri
 for this discussion about body image from a psychody-
 namic perspective.
                                                               History Museum’s showing of Baseball as
     Laurie Wilson, Ph.D., is a psychoanalyst and an art       America
 historian. Professor Emerita and former Director of Art         March 13, 2005, Eric Nuetel, MD, “Eight
 Therapy at New York Univ., she is in private practice in
 New York City and on the faculty of the NYU                     Men Out”