Black in Blue by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Black in Blue
Author: Kenneth Bolton
Author: Joe Feagin
Table of Contents

PrefaceAcknowledgementsChapter One: Black in BlueChapter Two: Everyday Racism on the
ForceChapter Three: Problems of the White MindChapter Four: Racial Barriers in Police
DepartmentsChapter Five: A Hostile Racial ClimateChapter Six: Black Officers Can Transform
PolicingChapter Seven: A Better Future for All AmericansNotesIndex

From New York to Los Angeles, police departments across the country are consistently accused of
racism. Although historically white police precincts have been slowly integrating over the past few
decades, African-American officers still encounter racism on the job. Bolton and Feagin have interviewed
fifty veteran African-American police officers to provide real-life and vivid examples of the difficulties and
discrimination these officers face everyday inside and outside the police station from barriers in hiring and
getting promoted to lack of trust from citizens and members of black community.

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