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									"A Long Time Coming"
Author: Evan Thomas
Other: The Staff of Newsweek

Since 1984, Newsweek has been renowned for its vivid, in-depth special election coverage of the ordeal of
running for the presidency. A year before the election, Newsweek assigns reporters to get inside the
campaigns of the Republican and Democratic candidates. Newsweek promises not to publish any
information until after the votes are cast, and in exchange, the reporters receive remarkable access. They
travel with the candidates, are there at crucial turning points and confidential meetings, and uncover
stories not covered in day-to-day reporting. In A Long Time Coming, a compelling narrative by Evan
Thomas, Newsweek shares the inside stories from one of the most exciting elections in recent history,
illuminating the personalities and events that influenced the outcome, and taking stock of the key players
and key issues for the new administration. This will be an absorbing read for anyone interested in
American politics.

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