Out and Proud in Chicago by P-Agate


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									Out and Proud in Chicago
Out and Proud in Chicago

Lavishly illustrated with historical color and black and white photographs, and drawing on the scholarly,
historical, and journalistic contributions of a breadth of authorities on Chicago's LGBT culture and scene,
this is a first-ever, one-of-a-kind overview of Chicago’s LGBT community and its history. As editor Tracy
Baim writes in her introduction, “A few brave people did try to document our community, either as major
events were happening or through groundbreaking historical research. These writers, journalists,
photographers, filmmakers, academics and historians have tried to find many needles in the haystack,
through interviews with pioneers, digging into old university and museum archives, and reading the often-
biased coverage of the mainstream media. In some cases, finding out if there was a “there” there meant
reading between the lines and piecing together what it was to be ‘gay’ 100 years ago.”
nes and piecing together what it was to be â€˜gay’ 100 years ago.â€

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