Handbook of X-Ray Spectrometry by P-MarcelDekker


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									Handbook of X-Ray Spectrometry
Practical Spectroscopy Series, Book 29

Editor: Rene E. Van Grieken
Editor: Andrzej A. Markowicz

Edition: 2
Table of Contents

X-ray Physics
Andrzej A. Markowicz

Wavelength-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence
Jozef A. Helsen and Andrzej Kuczumow

Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Analysis Using X-ray Tube Excitation
Andrew T. Ellis

Spectrum EvaluationPiet Van Espen

Quantification of Infinitely Thick Specimens by XRF Analysis
Johan L. de Vries and Bruno A. R. Vrebos

Quantification in XRF Analysis of Intermediate-Thickness Samples
Andrzej A. Markowicz and René E. Van Grieken

Radioisotope-Excited X-ray Analysis
Stanislaw Piorek

Synchrotron Radiation-Induced X-ray Emission
Keith W. Jones

Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence
Peter Kregsamer, Christina Streli, and Peter Wobrauschek

Polarized Beam X-ray Fluorescence Analysis
Joachim Heckel and Richard W. Ryon

Microbeam XRF
Anders Rindby and Koen H. A. Janssens

Particle-Induced X-ray Emission Analysis
Willy Maenhaut and Klas G. Malmqvist

Electron-Induced X-ray Emission
John A. Small, Dale E. Newbury, and John T. Armstrong

Sample Preparation for X-ray Fluorescence
Martina Schmeling and René E. Van Grieken


The Second Edition adds new sections on excitation and detection of x-rays, spectrum evaluation,
microbeam XRF, and sources of uncertainty!

Thoroughly updated and rewritten by more than 20 internationally recognized experts from the United
States and Europe, the Second Edition of the Handbook of X-Ray Spectrometry

offers new data on tunneling junction detectors and microcalorimeters
includes equations covering the output spectrum of x-ray tubes
introduces a modified version of the emission-transmission method
highlights novel detectors, front end electronics, and regulatory issues affecting applications of

Featuring more than 2200 references and over 1200 drawings, tables, equations, photographs, and
micrographs, the Second Edition of the Handbook of X-Ray Spectrometry is an exhaustive reference for
spectroscopists, analytical and environmental chemists and biochemists, applied physicists, biologists,
geologists, metallurgists, and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.

Industry accolades for the previous edition
" should be available to all workers in x-ray analysis, and they should do more than just scan the various
chapters, but read them in detail....anyone who does that will learn something, regardless of how long
they have been working in the field."
 they have been working in the field."

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