The Spy Who Spent the War in Bed by P-Wiley


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									The Spy Who Spent the
War in Bed
The Spy Who Spent the War in Bed
Editor: William B. Breuer

Edition: 1

A rare treat for World War II history buffs and fans of the strange, absurd, and unexplained

Acclaimed military historian William Breuer takes readers on a trip through the looking glass to acquaint
them with the weirder side of World War II. Featuring a cast of characters including double- and triple-
agents, femme fatales, fearless leaders, and men at arms, The Spy who Spent the War In Bed is a
collection of seventy concise, vividly rendered tales of war, ranging from laugh-out-loud funny, to inspiring,
to just-plain-bizarre. For instance, there's the one about how reputed Irish Republican Army members in
New York conned Nazi intelligence out of a small fortune. There's also a thrilling account of how four
American newsmen bagged an entire German platoon. And there's the haunting tale of the "Mystery
Plane," an experimental aircraft that took off on a short test flight over England one sunny afternoon in
1938 and simply vanished into a cloudless summer sky...

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