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									The Bounty Hunter's Bride
Author: Victoria Bylin

The long journey across the West ended in sorrow for one hopeful mail-order bride. Dani Baxter stepped
off the train in Colorado, only to learn that her intended had died suddenly, leaving three young daughters
behind. And suddenly she knew why God had sent her here--to make this family whole again.But her late
fiancé's brother, Beau Morgan, a bounty hunter obsessed with vengeance, believed that was his duty. He 
proposed they marry--in name only-- for the children's sake. But as she came to know him, she realized
she wanted more, much more. And she wondered if even this lost man could somehow find peace in a
woman's loving arms.
Author Bio
Victoria Bylin
Victoria has a confession to make. She was driven to write romance by giant bugs and killer rabbits."I
just couldn't take it anymore," she says. "My husband and sons would be camped in front of the
television watching a movie about spiders the size of bowling balls, and I'd be wondering when the
handsome scientist would get around to kissing the spunky woman with the bug spray. When it didn't
happen, I decided to write my own happy endings  without the giant bugs."Victoria made that decision
in January 1999 after a cross-country move from California, where she's ridden out earthquakes, to
Virginia, where she and her family enjoy the history of Washington D.C."That move was difficult because
it brought me face-to-face with regret," says Victoria. "My husband and I both wish we had taken the kids
to Yosemite or made another trip to Baja, but his career changed quickly and there wasn't time. As we
made the long drive, I decided I didn't want any more empty dreams in my life."For Victoria, that meant
writing a book. As soon as she finished unpacking over a hundred cardboard boxes, she sat at her
computer and wrote a sentence she considers to be the "worst beginning ever." That manuscript is in a
dusty box under the bed, but her second effort turned into Of Men and Angels, and she hasn't looked
back. Writing takes up most of Victoria's free time, but she still enjoys an occasional giant-bug movie
with her husband and two teenage sons. She's also "mom" to an elderly Chihuahua-corgi who barks too
much. She enjoys hearing from readers. Email her at

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