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             These steps I’ll take today,
      Will they get me far away from yesterday?
     Will they lead my way to find a better day?
Or will they bring me back someday to where you stay?
   If they take me far away, these steps I’ll take,
   They will do me so much right for goodness sake.
But if they take me back someday to where you stay,
   My own feet will do me wrong and they will pay.
        And Then There Was Light

 My days were never bright, and neither were my
nights, and so my lonesome life was a disaster even
 But there was one good night, a night when things
went right, and all it took was just her kiss to make
            my life a whole lot brighter.

            Now I just sit feeling sad and I ponder,
                    And as I ponder I wonder.
                One kiss from her and two kisses...
  A thousand kisses from her and still I hunger a million more
And as I was lost in her eyes I believed that in my life something
                         nice would begin.
 But then she whispered goodbye and she disappeared to her guy
               and I have not ever seen her again.
   Never Catch Up

   I wish that the moon was to kiss
And I wish she would give me her glow.
But I will never catch up with her bliss
 Because day chases night very slow.
                 Baby Mama

              Damn monkey mama!!
 Monkey baby fits nice with the monkey mama and
         they will need tons of bananas.
But monkey papa won’t fit anymore next to monkey
                 baby and mama.
  Monkey papa fits only to bring more bananas and
        more bananas and more bananas.
               I Am the One

  “I am the one that gives her love and candy.
I am the one that helps your lady cope with you.
  I know she knows to smile she must be dandy.
You know she knows no smile when she’s with you.”

She fell in love with him one happy day when spring
                       came by,
  But then she dumped the fool and made him cry
                   when I came by.
Then summer came some other day and it was time
                as well for me to cry,
  Because that day she dumped me too like I was
    trash for some new guy that happened by.
                   I find Nothing

    I look into her eyes and I find no sparkle in them
                      sparkling for me.
  I look into her soul but still I find nothing there for
 And so I listen for the magic of her voice and I hear
 I cry out loud for all her love and she hears nothing.
 But still I feel the way I feel and always will and still
        I miss all of the joy that she gave to me.
Still I cry and still I try and still I’ll search until I die
           for all the love that she felt for me.
            She’s like the Winds

I’m going to talk to the winds and I’m going to tell
           them I weep for I miss them.
I’m going to beg for a draft, I’m going to cry for a
  breeze, although I know that the winds will not
                 She Waits
  He said to her that in her eyes he found a
               way to fly away.
Her kisses gave him breath and her soothing
        voice made everything okay.
 And he said she was his love day after day
 and that there was no way in life he’d stay
 He said she was his earth, his sky, his sea,
   and that he would hurt her in no way.
He also said he’d come to hear her voice and
         see her beauty every day.
 He said so much about his love but then he
 found another beauty and instead the liar
                stayed away.
    Now today he says his pretty lies to
         someone new so far away.
Meanwhile she waits all by herself for him to
             come day after day.
                        Written and illustrated by Angel Lebron

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