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									Using Internet Marketing to Become Financially Free
Let’s face it, a large majority of us have some kind of debt; automobile debt, credit card debt, mortgage, etc. Also, a majority of us don’t have the
proper plan to pay off our debt and we just don’t know where to start.

Today we are going to learn how you can
actually become debt free in about 5 to 7 years including your
mortgage. Sounds like a fantasy right? Well it's not! It is
real, it is happening to many dedicated people that will design a financial freedom plan and stick with it.

I've been on this plan for about 2 years now and I have paid
off over $30,000 extra in debt! Just last month I was able to
pay off my car and my motorcycle all in the same month! So
let's see how this works….

Suppose you have the following debts:

$5,000 Home Depot Credit Card
$10,000 Visa
$18,000 Car Payment
$25,000 Car Payment
$175,000 Mortgage
$233,000 Grand Total you owe in debt

Wow, that's a lot of money you owe people! But don't worry
you will have financial freedom in about 5 to 7 years.

Here is what we do…

1.First, we establish Financial Freedom Money (FFM). This is money that we
put aside that we get from budgeting properly and spending wisely. With this money you'll be putting
as much as you can towards the smallest bill you owe. In this
case it would be your Home Depot Credit Card which the minimum
payment is $200. If you can only put an extra $200 a month then
that will be better than nothing. So do it! Now you will be
paying $400 a month on that card. If you can gradually increase
your FFM then you will be that much faster to pay off that bill.

2Second, as you were paying off your Home Depot Credit Card you
were able to increase your FFM an additional $200, so now you are
putting a total of $600 to your card. This speeds up your payoff
date and cuts out most of your interest that you should be paying
on the card because you are making extra payments and paying it
off early. So you're free from Home Depot in less than 1

3Third, you now have an additional $600 a month so you take
that $600 and put it towards your $10,000 Visa bill. If the
minimum payment for your Visa bill $500 then you will be paying
$1,100 to your visa every month with the additional $600 from
your Home Depot Credit Card. So your $10,000 Visa bill will be
paid off in less than a year.

**** You've just paid off $15,000 in two years drastically
cutting out your interest that the credit card companies are
charging you with only an extra $400 a month!!!! ****

4.Fourth, now you can start hammering away at your car with the
extra $1,100 you have to put towards your monthly payment. So if
your car payment is $400 then your new payment will be $1,500 a
month. One year later your $18,000 car will be paid off!!

5.Fifth, take that $1,900 from your last car and roll it into
your $25,000 car payment and you'll have that paid off in that
6.Finally, you can focus on your mortgage. If your mortgage is
$175,000 you will be putting at least an extra $2,600 to your
PRINCIPAL every month and you should be paid off in 6 years
making you DEBT FREE!!!!!!

Another thing that will help you get debt free faster is to
increase your FFM which will accelerate your debt free day even

Also, if you have an expensive car with high car payments you
can always downsize until you are debt free and then buy the car
you want by paying cash.

Here's the kicker….ready??? All you have to do is be
consistent, disciplined, and faithful every month with your FFM
and always put that money towards your debt. How bad do you
want it? How many arguments have you been in with your spouse
about money? How many more are you going to have?

If you're married and your spouse does not know about this
plan yet, get with him/her, sit down, and discuss it. Show your
spouse this plan, communicate, look at your budget together, make
plans together, set goals together, and get debt free together.

I guarantee that your relationship, communication, and happiness
together will improve! Life's purpose is not meant to live
worrying about money all the time so get moving and start
climbing out of the debt pit!

Ok…now we have the right gear to tackle our debt. So how does this tie into internet marketing? Well, if you are making money online you have do
decide what you are going to use that money for. Obviously some of it will go back into your online business for advertising and other things, but you
can definitely put some of that to your FFM and build that up so you can be out of debt even faster!

If you have any questions so far please call me or email me and I'll be
happy to help you.

Mike Feil

About the Author
Mike Feil is the creator of "Financial Freedom...Success!" Interactive E-Mail Course that teaches people how to become financially free by using
powerful internet marketing techniques that have been tested and proven to be successful. Mike Feil can be reached at


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