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					                                        PartyLite Bingo
                                         with Large PartyLite Prizes

     Need: 6 Prizes, 2-3 jar candles for consolation prizes in case of duplicate winners, Bingo Balls,

                             Bingo cards, markers, catalogs, order forms, etc.

Start Promptly! Welcome guests, introduce CNS’ participating and thank guests for coming! Include
the fact that “we are fighting to earn this year’s trip and you are all helping us – thank you!” or “we are
unveiling the new Summer Line – you will be the first to see it! Besides the big prizes you will be playing
for – you will be so glad you came!”

Here’s the order of the party:

        * Immediately play 2 rounds of Bingo

        * Commercial Break – Demo a few important pieces of product (big ticket items, new, reed diff.)

        * Play 2 more rounds of Bingo

        * Commercial Break – Explain Hostess Program & perks with hosting, like we do all your invites
        for you! Offer an extra “bribe” and explain they will be in the “special booking round” now.

        * Play the Booking round for “this” high ticket item! Save your best Bingo prize for this round.

        * Play the final Bingo game

        * SHOP!!! Raffle off the Mystery Hostess Credit (if there are no actual hostesses)

More details and verbiage:

As guests arrive, give them 5 bingo cards (all stapled together) have them pick a marker. Tell them they
get to play the 5 rounds for FREE – just for coming! (I only allow the free cards to adults, if they bring
kids –not advised- then I tell them the adults play for free. If their kid wants to play, then they pay $5
for the 5 cards). You explain that we are going to play 5 rounds of Bingo – for those beautiful prizes over
there. If they would like to buy additional cards they can – a pack of 5 is $5 (best deal). This helps to
pay for the pizza and these great prizes. Tell them that you will also tell the crowd what prize they are
going for just before each round. They can also buy more cards just for a particular round. They will
spend $2 for 2 cards since 2 cards come on one page. (You buy these cards at Wal-Mart, you could cut
them in half – but it is smarter for you to keep them together so they have to spend the $2. Helps
recover your cost of the prizes and pizza even more easily.)

Jump right in. “OK, we know you came here to play Bingo so we are going to get started, right away!
We are playing STRAIGHT Bingo. Nothing confusing!!! For all of the games it will be the same – a
straight line, diagonal, vertical or horizontal.” Pick up a piece of product - “This is the beautiful piece we
are going for during our first round. This is the Moroccan Spice Lantern. It is made of…..” Offer that t
hey can buy extra cards, 2 for $2 right now – give out the cards and collect the money. Start calling the

Important – Part way through that first round, I let them know that we have such wonderful prizes but
since we only have one of each, “We hope that you all agree ahead of time - If there happens to be 2 or
more winners on a Bingo round, we will give each winner a raffle ticket. We will then draw the winner
of the large prize and the other person will win one of these” – point to a couple jar candles that you
have for those just in case moments.

“Also, we like to have fun, so when you are down to only needing 1 more number for a win, we want
you to stand. We call you our “standers” and that way we can shoot spit wads at you (wait for laugh) no
just kidding but it sure is fun to know who is getting close.”

Continue calling numbers until you have a winner! Have the other CNS read the numbers off the card so
the caller can verify.

Jump in to the 2nd round. Pick up another piece of product and quickly demo it, enough to sell more
cards. Start calling the numbers.

Ok, now it is time for a Commercial Break. You all came to a “Candle Party” after all! Do a short demo
of high ticket items on your table. New items – reed diffusers, etc. If there are new people, make sure
to explain why PartyLite candles are the best on the planet.

It’s time for our 3rd round. Do the same as the other rounds.

For our 4th round…

“It’s time for another Commercial Break!” Go through the Hostess Program, demo HS items, hold up the
HS flyer, tell them the fact that we do all of their invites for them, explain the Fast $50 – “Do we have
any takers?” If so great! If not, “Well we want to make sure you know how special you are to us. We
are offering something even better since you came tonight. On top of all of those things I just
mentioned, as long as you book your show on or before… You are going to play a special Booking Round
for this – Global Fusion Hurricane. Demo it and Romance it to the hilt! Now, how many takers do I have
out there?!!!” -Don’t bother dating the shows and wasting time right then, instead hand them a Door
Prize Slip and tell them you both will pick your date after the final round.

Hand out single Bingo cards just to the ones that booked. Everyone else can shop, refill their drinks, etc.
Play the Booking round.

Play the 5th round.

“Now it is time to shop!” We’ll be here to answer any of your questions. All the scent samplers are on
your tables…

Collect orders. Add up total for show. Raffle off the Free Shopping Spree!

Don’t forget to book your shows on your calendar!!! Remember, it’s not a show until it is dated!

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