Internet Marketing for Mannatch and Waiora by ramhood17


									                               Internet Marketing for Waiora.
You are being given a powerful internet marketing system that qualifies prospects and gets you in
touch with people who want your products.

The system prescreens everyone who requests information, leaving only those who are serious
about their health. We get an amazing 20% who join the business or purchase products. If you get
less it means you have to learn better how to talk to people. This is a learned skill.

There are a number of landing pages preprogrammed with this system. These are “gateway” pages
you send your contacts to where they are asked to fill in a form to receive further information. This
is where your contact record their interest. Simply direct promotions, personal contacts and internet
advertising to these pages.

A list of available Gateway pages in this site. Prefix the address with http://www.yoursite/

                Setting UP Your Autoresponders in NetOfficeToolbox
Log on to your NetOfficeToolbox Site.

If you want to create your own signature file to appear at the bottom of all your emails.
Go to “Set UP Account”
Got to “Contact Profile”
You can make your own Signature file on this page.

This is how your signature file should look.

Your Name

Street Address
Suburb State Postcode
Phone Number including country code
Email Address

                               Set UP Your Autoresponder Pages
To Upload Autoresponders.
Click on Autoresponders
Click on Inherit Autoresponder
Enter ID 80474
Select the Autoresponders you need from the list.

Zeolite Customers
Please only download the one’s for your business. The others won’t work with your web site.
It will take a few minutes to download the autoresponders.

Next you will need to open each autoresponder.
Enter the “from email address” with the email you wish to send confirmation someone has
requested information.
Enter “from name” with your name.

“edit” each message and switch my name and contact details for yours. Read the messages so you
know what you are sending people! Please do not change anything else. They were written with
specific aims in mind! You might like to make slight changes to remove other programs I offer.

Warning: Everything in this system has been tested. It works! Once you have income generated
you are welcome to tweak it BUT you must test every change against the current system and only
alter the sequence if you get a better response with 100-1,000 respondents. For now, leave it alone.

Now select “test” and email the messages to yourself. Read each one and proofread for mistakes.
Edit those that require it and then you are done!

                                    Setting UP Your Web Site

OK, The next phase is to customise your web site. If you have frontpage I can send you the source
code for your web site which makes it easy. For each landing page, you will need to remove the
form I have placed and replace it with your own. This must be done in html mode. Normally I will
do this for you if I have access to your netofficetoolbox site.

If you want to do your own use “Create Forms”. There is a tutorial on how to do this at
netofficetolbox. Set up one custom form with a field like “My reason for requesting this is” This
will give you valuable information about your prospects.

When you create your form you will need to copy the html code. Then go to the web page where
the form is and switch to html mode. Find the word “form” which indicates the beginning of the for
and delete everything until the next “form” which is the end. Then paste in the code from

Thank You page. These are listed for each form.

Common Gateway Pages
Page       Thank you page (preface with your domain name) Autoresponder
/index.htm goodhealth.htm (Free Report)           Eight Secrets of Good Health

Zeolite Gateway Pages
Page         Thank you page (preface with your domain name) Autoresponder
detoxbus.htm    detoxhome.htm (Business Information) Zeolite
detoxgw.htm     detoxproduct.htm (Product Information) Detoxification
zeocust.htm     thanks.htm (Gateway for Customers)     Zeolite Customers

Switch to normal mode. You should see the form there and you are done. Load it to your web site
and test it.
Ok, now you have set up your autoresponders and linking of pages, you need to customize your

The following need to be adjusted. Take out my details and replace with yours.

detoxbonus.htm (Specify the bonuses you wish to offer)
detoxproduct.htm (Customise it for your story)
thanks.htm (set up for double opt in)

You are now ready to test your site.

If you haven’t already, upload your site using wsftp (I can email this to you).

Open a web browser and type in the url of each gateway page.
For each one fill in the form. Take note of where you are sent after you fill the form. Look at your
email inbox for the first message.

I know there is a lot of instruction here, but the detail is necessary to get everything running

The next phase is to start advertising your site.

You should write down the full URL of each of your gateway pages.

We are going to drive traffic to those pages.

                                  Here ends the setting up manual!

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