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									Internet Marketing: Integrating Online and Offline Strategies
                  Table of Contents – Second Edition

Chapter 1
  Internet Marketing Joins the Mainstream

Chapter 2
  The Internet Value Chain

Chapter 3
  Business Models and Strategies

Chapter 4
  Direct and Database Foundations

Chapter 5
  Understanding the Internet Consumer

Chapter 6
  Customer Acquisition: Brand Development and Online Advertising

Chapter 7
  Customer Acquisition: Search, Email and Other Acquisition Techniques

Chapter 8
  Customer Relationship Development and Management

Chapter 9
  Customer Service and Support

Chapter 10
  Developing and Maintaining Effective Web Sites

Chapter 11
  Measuring and Evaluating Web Marketing Programs

Chapter 12
  Social and Regulatory Issues: Privacy, Security & Intellectual Property

Chapter 13
  Marketing Automation

Chapter 14
  The Wireless Future

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