Internet Marketing Subscriber Retention Acquisition Strategies by ramhood17


									  Internet Marketing:
Subscriber Retention &
Acquisition Strategies

  2003 Roundtable on Strategic Marketing

             Patrick Glennon
• Customer Self-Service
  – Benefits
  – Role in the retention marketing mix
• How to Acquire Subscribers
  – Maximizing your newspaper websites
  – Web marketing
  – Email opportunities
  – Viral marketing
      Customer Self-Service
• Enabling customers to communicate and
  transact with your business without the
  need for human intervention.
   – VRU and IVR’s
   – Internet
Customer Self-Service Benefits
• Reducing Operating Expense
  – Staffing, Facility
• Increase Revenue
  –   Extend business hours, market reach
  –   Free CSRs to focus on revenue generation
  –   Promote customer usage and increase loyalty
  –   Collect marketing intelligence
   Lower Cost Per Transaction
• Web self-service transaction average 24¢
• IVR transaction average 45¢ per call or
• Email transaction average $3.00
• Text chat average $7.00
• Live phone interaction average $5.50 per

Source: BIT Group
   San Francisco Case Study
• Live CSR cost per call averages $3.25
• 120,000 calls per month
• IVR handling 40%

Subscriber Concierge Annual Savings:
• Customers using the web site estimated at
  75,000 annually.
Estimated annual savings of $142,000.
   San Francisco Case Study
• 120,000 events in past year
• 80,000 subscribers with email addresses
• Deploying email marketing campaigns to
  close the loop on customer service events
• Developing an e-newsletter for
  subscribers that is projected to generate
  1+Million in revenue
    Customer Self-Service &
      Retention Marketing
• It’s about Customer Relationship
  Management / CRM
     Customer Relationship
      Management / CRM
• Close the loop on customer service issues
• Verify new start and vacation restart
• Solicit EZ-pay participation
• Bill notification and reminders
• Loyalty marketing
   – E-newsletters, rewards, special content
    Acquisition: Maximizing your
•   Prominent position
•   Integrate signup into navigation
•   Capture email upfront
•   Utilize Pop-up and Pop-unders
•   Relevant subscription offers - Target
Good example
of maximizing
 your website
   to drive
example of
position in
banner and
Good example
of subscription
offer presented
     in the
 navigation on
  every page.
 Poor example
of subscription
  Avoid being
  stuck in the
middle. Keep it
  to the edges
  and make is
more obvious.
Good example
  of relevant
offers. Reading
 sports, make
  the copy or
  offer sports
  Acquisition: Web Marketing
• Reach prospects through a network of
• Pay per acquisition.
  Acquisition: Web Marketing
  – Based on IP addresses they know the general
    vicinity. They claim a 90% accuracy at the city
  – Partner websites include RealCities, Clear
  – A consumer makes a purchase from an Internet
    retail site such as Amazon, The Sharper Image or On the check out page, a personalized
    offer is generated using the consumer’s zip code,
    product preferences, and surfing habits
         Acquisition: Email
• List Acquisition
  – How was the list collected?
  – Does this list have a recency select?
  – What is the list usage?
• Maximize email addresses collected
• Email Append
  – Move offline data to online opportunities
  – Match rates range between 10 – 15%
  – $.25 - $.50 per match depending on volume
  Acquisition: Viral Marketing
• People will pass along
  – Forward to a Friend is effective because it
    creates a personalized information-based
    relationship between your subscriber and the
    new receptionist they forwarded.
  – Tips:
     • Personalize the referral message
     • Provide an incentive
     • Keep it going

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