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									Hunter's Pride
Morgan's Mercenaries

Author: Lindsay McKenna

THE TOUGHER HUNTER WAS...The harder he was bound to fall. But that didn't stop rugged mercenary
Devlin Hunter from shrugging off his boss's order to partner up with pretty Kulani Dawson on his latest
mission. After all, a man had his prideand this man worked alone. But Kulani wasn't about to let Dev stalk
off into dangerous territory without a guide. And after a few nights fraught with dangerand filled with
passionDev's biggest battle was keeping his beautiful partner from stealing his heart and destroying his
vow to never ever fall in love!
Author Bio
Lindsay McKenna
A homeopathic educator, Lindsay McKenna teaches at the Desert Institute of Classical Homeopathy in
Phoenix, Arizona. When she isn't teaching alternative medicine, she is writing books about love. She
feels love is the single greatest healer in the world and hopes that her books touch her readers on those
levels. Coming from an Eastern Cherokee medicine family, Lindsay has taught ceremony and healing
ways from the time she was nine years old. She creates flower and gem essences in accordance with
nature and remains closely in touch with her Native American roots and upbringing.

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