Ethnicity and Everyday Life by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Ethnicity and Everyday Life
The New Sociology

Author: Christian Karner
Table of Contents

Introduction1 Ethnicity and Everyday Life 2 Power and Classification, Meaning and Resistance 3 Identity,
Diaspora, Hybridity 4 Ethnic Majorities, 'The Stranger' and Everyday Life 5 Forced Migration and
Structures of Fear in the Age of Globalization Conclusion - The Quest for Inclusive Meaning

Mixing theories of the everyday with a wide range of case studies, this book explains the 'character' of
ethnicity, from being a political tool of exclusion, to a source of meaning and solidarity, and the
relationship between culture, power and identity.Combining theories of the everyday with empirical case
studies, this book examines:the 'dual character' of ethnicity - as a political tool of exclusion and source of
meaning/ solidarity respectivelythe relationship between culture, power and identitythe significance of
historical/socio-economic contexts to ethnicity and everyday life.This book addresses many important
questions through a critical application of theories of the everyday to a series of case studies that include
travellers, the South Asian diaspora, contemporary Austria, and asylum seekers in 'Fortress Europe'.This
book provides an accessible and coherent introduction to the sociology of ethnicity and will be essential
reading for undergraduate students on cultural studies, race and ethnic studies, and sociology courses.

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