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Business Checking Acct


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									Business Checking Account Cost Analysis
This template calculates the annual earnings or cost of a checking account. This calculation should be done for all checking accounts that you are considering. You may need to customize the template, depending upon the features of the account. Also, this calculation does not take into account charges and fees for overdrafts, stop payments, ATM use, and check printing. To view the template, click the worksheet tab labeled Template at the bottom of the screen or press CtrlPgDn. With the exception of data entry cells, all cells are protected. Use the Tab key to move from one unprotected cell to the next.

Business Checking Account Cost Analysis
Enter date in cell to the left Earnings Average monthly balance Average interest rate Total estimated annual inflow Account Cost Monthly service charge Annual service charge Average number of checks per month Charge per check Annual transaction costs Required minimum balance Opportunity cost of minimum balance Total estimated annual outflow

Net Earnings or Cost Net earnings/cost

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