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					                                                                                    Elderslie High School

                    PARENT BULLETIN                                                     Volume 8 Issue 2

                                                                                           March 2008

                  Educating all students to achieve their personal best

EHS in the UK!                                                                     Inside this issue:

Four EHS students          hours with a two hour       develop an interschool
                                                                                   From the Principal      2
combined with five         stop over in Bangkok—       exchange program.
Camden High students       the team were very          After many emails,
and one Mt Annan           happy to be off the         travel arrangements,        Drama and Dance         4
student in a recent        plane when we finally       fundraising and help
Rugby Tour to England      landed at London’s          from our local Camden
in January. Our students   Heathrow airport (the       Rugby Club we had           HSC Mentoring
were Karl Newham           busiest airport in Europe                               Learning Support
(Yr 12), Rhys Millar       with a plane landing
(Yr 11), David Kay-                                    The two UK towns
                           every six minutes ).                                    English Matters         6
Spratley and Rhett                                     were very similar to
                           We then drove for two       Camden and the locals
Burraston (Yr 10).
                           hours to the town of        were very helpful and
                                                                                   Cricket Knockout        8
After many months of       Cheltenham, close to        excited to hear that a
planning, both here and    Bishops Cleeve, and the     school     from     the
in England, we left        base for our two-week       outskirts of Sydney had
                                                                                   Vaccination Program     11
Australia on Tuesday 8     stay in the UK. The tour    come all the way over
January bound for          was the brainchild of       to play Rugby against
Cleeve High School in      former EHS History          Cleeve High.                Duke of Ed News         12
the town of Bishops        teacher, Mr Andrew
C l e e v e         i n    Lundy who had the           However the harsh
Gloucestershire,           privilege of teaching for   winter in the UK can
                                                       turn very quickly. Our      Sport News              14
approximately two          approximately four
hours north west of        months at Cleeve High       first two scheduled
London. The flight took    School in 2005 and          matches were against
almost twenty-four         returned very eager to      Cleeve     High      and
                                                       another local school in
                                                       Cheltenham, with both       MEETING OF P&C
                                                       matches due to be
                                                       played under lights          ASSOCIATION
                                                       ( 5.30 pm because it gets
                                                       dark at about 4pm ) at       Tuesday 11 March,
                                                       Cheltenham Rugby club.              7.30pm.
                                                           Rhys Millar, Rhett
                                                          Burraston, Mr Arthur,
                                                                                   EHS Common Room.
                                                          Karl Newham, David          The Principal, Mr
                                                            Kay-Spratley, Ms
                                                                                      Esler, will give a
                                                          Crossingham and Mr
                                                             Kay-Spratley at         report and answer
                                                           Heathrow Airport.             questions.
                                                                                   (Next Meeting: Tuesday
                                              13 May)
  Page 2                                     PARENT BULLETIN

              the Principal
              Traxside Visit                  either because of            all our students.
                                              e m b a r r a s sm en t or
              Recently EHS received a         because they do not          School contributions,
              visit from the Traxside         have the up-to-date          canteen, community
              Youth Health Service            knowledge required to        sources and donations
              based in Campbelltown.                                       have enabled the
                                              hold such a discussion.
              Their members handed                                         following developments
              out very useful material        W e        st ro n gl y      to occur:
              under the auspices of           recommend that parents
              the Sydney South West           view the leaflets that       • The stage in the hall
              Health Service. Fifty-          their students received       has been developed as
              seven students sought           through Traxside and          a permanent dance
              individual help and 331         suggest that they have a      teaching space.
              students asked for              full and frank discussion    •A   greatly increased
              information       a b o ut      about the matters             number of data
              sexually transmitted            contained therein with        projectors         and
              infections. In total, 695       their children at home.       a s s o c i a t e d
              pamphlets were issued.                                        infra st ruct u re  to
              This information on             The information in itself
                                              is “values free” which is     enable students to
              drugs, smoking and                                            embed technology in
              sexual health has caused        why it is necessary to
                                                                            teaching and learning
  “Parents    concern for some                hold these discussions in
                                              the context of the            across a range of
   are the    While the school itself
                                              values and morals that
                                              parents have attempted
                                                                           • The  replacement of
     first    does its best through its
              Personal Development,
                                              to impart to their
                                              children. Parents are the
                                                                            the unsafe gas ovens in
                                                                            the two kitchens.
 educators    Health and Physical
              Education curriculum to
                                              first educators of their
                                              children: EHS strives to     • Purchase of a grand
   of their   address the needs of
              students in a relevant
                                              support you in this role.     piano for the stage and
                                                                            the replacement of a
  children:   and timely manner, the
              fact is that students are
                                              Elective Fees
                                              Many thanks to the vast
                                                                            piano in one of the
                                                                            Music rooms.
EHS strives   experimenting without
              their parents’ knowledge
                                              majority of parents who
                                              have now settled all
                                                                           • Replacement   of the
                                                                            old barbecue with a
to support    in a whole range of
              these areas. Some are
                                              accounts for the 2008
                                              school year. These
                                                                            safe, stainless steel
you in this   contracting diseases
              which, while treatment
                                              contributions have
                                              enabled the elective         None        of   these
    role.”    is available for the
              symptoms, can never be
                                              subjects within the
                                              curriculum to be fully
                                                                           resources could have
                                                                           been purchased without
              fully cured. It is also very    resourced and the            your support and
              clear to school staff that      general contributions        cooperation. Staff and
              there is reluctance             have enabled new             students are grateful for
              among parents to                physical resources to be     your assistance.
              discuss these matters           purchased for the
              with their children—                                                         S J Esler
                                              improved education of
                              Volume 8 Issue 2                                                      Page 3

EHS in the UK!
(from page 1)
 (continued on page 3)      Buckingham Palace.            best and fairest for each
                                                          team were presented
Heavy rain (and eventual    After our busy and tiring     trophies for the day.
heavy snow falls once it    tour we arrived back in       Cleeve High also
became dark) forced the     Bishops Cleeve to             presented us with a
cancellation of our first   hopefully play some           trophy in recognition of
two matches much to         rugby. Fortunately the        our tour which is
the disappointment of       weather was on our side       currently located in the
the team. However, this     this time and we played       EHS front office.
may have been more          Prince Henry’s school         Likewise, in a whole
fortunate than we           and Cleeve High in the        school assembly we
realised once the heavy     township of Evesham           presented Cleeve High
snow cover greeted us       approximately twenty-         with the Australian Flag
the next morning and        five minutes north of         given to us by our
was exciting for those      Cheltenham. In a very         Federal Parliament
boys who were seeing        close match played on a
                                                          member, Mr Pat Farmer.
snow for the first time.    wet and cold pitch we
                            lost a close match 7 – 5      We hope to have
We then set off for a six   to Prince Henry’s (a          Cleeve High participate
day tour of England         local private school) in      in the exchange program
which included two          conditions definitely not     by visiting us sometime
nights in the town of       experienced often on          in 2009 as they will be
Oxford, one night in the    the dry hard ovals we         touring South Africa in
historic town of Bath       have         become           July this year with both
and two nights in the       accustomed to in              Rugby and Netball
cosmopolitan city of        drought-stricken              teams.
London. We were able
to explore many of the                                    Many thanks to Ms Zoe
wonderful and historic      In our next match we          Crossingham, Mr Ty
sights of England which     lost to a very talented       O’Brien (from Camden
included       Oxford       and experienced team          High) and parent Mr
University (which is        from our host school          Warren Kay-Spratley
actually made up of         who have rugby teams          who helped make the
thirty-nine separate        for each age group from       trip such a success. Also
colleges), the ancient      twelve years through to       many thanks to all
Roman Baths, the            Open age (under 18s).         parents who were very
Tower of London,            The game was played in        supportive and ensured
Tower Bridge, London        great spirit and many         that such a big excursion
Bridge, the famous          friendships were forged       became a lifelong
London department           on the rugby pitch that       experience for all the
store Harrods, Piccadilly   afternoon.      Prince        boys.
square, St Paul’s           Henry’s hosted the after
Cathedral          and      match function in which                     D Arthur

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   Page 4                                           PARENT BULLETIN

                      Drama and Dance
                      It is already the middle of    auditioned for the State       more. If there are any
                      Term 1 and Drama and           Senior Drama Company and       other interested students,
                      Dance students are             Ensemble, with Cameron         see Ms Dennis in the
                      working tirelessly to          and Kelsey gaining a           Studio.
                      improve their skills, plan     callback. Jessica Craig,
                      performance items and          Alana Scott, Jordan            The Year 11 and 12 Drama
                      participate in as many         Baird and Erin Garrity         students attended a
                                                     auditioned for the Junior      performance of ONSTAGE
                      experiences as they can.
                                                                                    (the best of the 2007 HSC
                      Thank you to all parents                                      Drama Performances and
                      who attended the Dance         On Tuesday 19 February         Projects) on Tuesday 5
                      Information Evening on         the Year 12 Drama class        February at the Seymour
                      Tuesday, 12 February in        presented their practice       Centre. The students
                      the Hall—we hope you           group performance tasks        gained       a    clearer
                      gained some valuable           based on The Lucky             understanding of the level
                      information.                   Country… to an audience        of performance required
 “Thanks to all                                      of parents and friends.        for the HSC Drama
                      During Week 11 the Years       They also gave a talk about    course. Thanks to Ms
the parents who       8-10 Dance elective            the current status of their    Gulley for attending the
    assist with       classes, Dancesport, and       individual projects. The       evening and supporting
                      senior and junior Dance        students would like to take
  aspects of the      Ensembles will be taping       this opportunity to thank
                                                                                    HSC Drama.

   performing         their pieces for the SW        all the people who             Years 9, 11 and 12 Dance
                      Sydney Dance Festival and      attended on the evening        students attended a
  arts—without        Schools Spectacular. All of                                   performance of CALLBACK
                                                     for their support.
  your help the       the Dance groups will also                                    (the best of the 2007 and
                      be participating in the        Congratulations to Kayla       Projects) on Friday 8
 students would       McDonald’s Performing Arts     Powell (Yr 10) for gaining     February at Newtown
not achieve such      Challenge on Saturday 16       acceptance to NIDA for         School of the Performing
                      August. Stay tuned for         work experience—a very         Arts. The students gained a
excellent results.”   more details. If there are     exclusive program!             clearer understanding of
                      any students who have not                                     the expected level of
                      signed up for one of the       The CAPA faculty is            performance required for
                      groups there is still time—    offering students in Year 7
                                                                                    the HSC Dance course.
                      you just need to see Ms        t h e op p ort u n it y t o
                      Dennis or Ms Grimston-         participate in the Junior      On Friday 15 February
                                                     Drama Ensemble. This           Year 10 and 12 students
                                                     group will meet on             went to support EHS
                      Elise Spinks, Cassandra        Thursday mornings from         students       in     a
                      Rhodes, Claire Mitchell        8:10 to 8:55. Classes have     Campbelltown Theatre
                      and Meagan Carter (Yr          already started but if there   Group performance of
                      9) auditioned for the State    are any other interested       Calamity       Jane.
                      Senior Dance Company and       students, see Ms Dennis in     Congratulations     to
                      Ensemble. Congratulations      the Studio as soon as          Amber Kinnear and
                      to Meagan Carter on            possible.                      Kassandra Armstrong
                      gaining selection—this is a                                   on their excellent
                      remarkable achievement as      The Stage/Hall Crew has
                      there are only thirty          reformed for 2008.
                      students        selected       Operating this venue is        I would like to take this
                                                     now a very challenging task    opportunity to thank all
                                                     and twelve students signed     the parents who assist
                      Gina Bianco, Cameron           up for lighting setup and      with aspects of the
                      Meikle, Rhyss Webb             operation, sound, front-of-    performing arts—without
                      and Kelsey     Fillery         house, stage managing and      your help the students
                              Volume 8 Issue 2                                        Page 5

Year 12 HSC
Mentoring Program
EHS is committed to          Over fifty teaching staff     choices.
ensuring that our senior     have indicated that they
students have as many        are willing to participate    Please encourage your
opportunities         to     in a mentoring program.       student     to   take
succeed as possible. We      Students nominate 3           advantage of this
want Year 12 students        members of staff they         worthwhile program.
to do their best, and we     think they could work                         K Kell
recognise that often         with and an attempt is                   Coordinator
students need a helping      then made to link them
hand. The mentor             with their first choice. It
program is designed to       is not always possible to
help students produce        do so of course, hence
their best for the HSC.      the second and third

• Ten Year 10 students       • Year 10 and Year 12          Term 1. Parents will
  have volunteered their       students who require         need to organise or
  time to assist Year 7        Special Provisions for       update       medical
  students with their          their        School          information this term
  literacy skills.             Certificate and Higher       with either a doctor,
• All faculties will be        School Certificate           psychologist or speech
  working on Text              examinations need to         therapist for a current
  Types this term. On          see Mrs Moore to             record less than
  Tuesday 8 April all          organise the necessary       twelve months old.
  parents are invited to       assessment        and        Please contact the
  a presentation/viewing       application form from        school if you have any
  of the students’ work        the Board of Studies         queries.
  samples with BBQ             as soon as possible.                      M Moore
  refreshments. More           The deadline for                 Learning Support
  details will be given        submissions is April                        Teacher
                               11—the last day of
  later this term.

                                   MARKET DAY
                  Cawdor Uniting Church, Saturday 29th March, 8am-3pm.
                                     BBQ Breakfast and Lunch.
                           Coffee, tea, scones, ice cream, soft drinks, etc.
       Trampoline, bungee and jumping castle make for a great day of family fun.
      All proceeds to the African AIDS Foundation - all administration is voluntary.
                           Come along and support a great cause.
Page 6                                         PARENT BULLETIN

                  The staff and students        well as understanding           in encouraging all EHS
                  have hit the ground           and using their core            students to participate
                  running this year!            (class) text.                   positively in their English
                  A belated welcome back        Year 10 are examining
                  to all the English staff,     Conflict. There are a           I    have       recently
                  including our newest          variety of texts being          purchased a number of
                  m e m b e r        M s        used in the different           new titles for our book
                  Bernadette       Esler.       classes. Students will be       room, including Girl
                  Congratulations, too,         expected to complete            Overboard, Does my Head
                  need to be extended to        an exposition on this           Look Big in This? The Boy
                  these hard working staff      topic later this term.          in the Striped Pyjamas and
                  on the very pleasing                                          The Red Shoe. We have a
                  results in the HSC and        Year 9 are looking at           large number of titles
                                                the theme of Survival.          for students to read and
                  SC in 2007—well done.
                                                Mrs     Copland         has     enjoy and I would
                  Year 12 have completed        organised an excursion          encourage them to
                  two tasks already this        to    the    B o t an i c a l   complete their class
                  term. I am pleased to         Gardens at Mt Annan.            reading as quickly as
                  say that the great            Students need to bring
                  majority have taken           in    their     signed
                  their     work       very     permission notes as             I am looking forward to
                  seriously and are             quickly as possible as          a great year for the
                  obviously working to          numbers are limited.            students and staff in the
                  achieve their personal                                        English faculty. There
                  best. I would like to take    Year 8 students are             are many opportunities
                  this opportunity to           looking at Growing Up           for students to achieve.
                  encourage them to             and Year 7 are                  The         staff    are
                  participate in the            examining Fantasy. The          experienced          and
                  Mentor program being          Year 7 text type is a           passionate about this
                  run here at school (see       Narrative and it will be        vibrant and exciting
                  article previous page—        due in Week 8.                  subject. Please feel free
                  Ed).                          Most of our students            to call if your student is
                                                are hard-working and            experiencing         any
                  Year 11 Preliminary                                           difficulties or you would
                  students have a task in       cooperative. A small
                                                number are unsettled            like to discuss their
                  Week 7. Students will
                                                and interfere in the            progress.
                  be expected to self-
                  select two texts in their     learning of others. I                         K Kell
                  study of The Journey, as      would like your support          Head Teacher English

             TALENT QUEST 2008
                       The EHS Talent Quest is back for 2008!
         The Finals Show is on Tuesday 11 March in the Hall from 7.30 pm.
                   Tickets on sale in the Front Office—$5 for all!
                           This is a night not to be missed!!
                              Volume 8 Issue 2                                       Page 7

(Home Economics)
Congratulations to           House on Tuesday 4          Hospital at Westmead.
J e n n i f e r              March. It provided a        The quilts are given to
Cousemacker (Yr 12,          great      source      of   children suffering from
2007) on becoming one        inspiration for their       various diseases. They
of six state finalists for   shopping later in the day   send a message of hope,
Student of the Year.         at Newto wn and             encouragement and
This competition was         Ramsgate. Hopefully         warmth. The children
run by The Australian        their purchases will        and their families
Textile Arts and Surface     contribute to an equally    appreciated the kindness
Design Association.          successful       design     extended to these
                             project!                    children in need.
Year 12 Textiles
students visited the         Our Textiles students                 L Wheeler
Texstyle Exhibition of       recently donated 3 quilts       Head Teacher TAS
major works at Vaucluse      to The Children’s               (Home Economics)

Powerhouse Museum
On February 14, Year         function is what makes a    works. Some of these
12     Design       and      successful product. The     products and systems
Technology students          students found her to be    were truly amazing.
attended the designTECH      inspiring and interesting   They ranged from
seminars      at    the      to listen to.               textile      garments,
Powerhouse Museum.                                       computer programs on
                             Next they listened to a     issues about depression
Firstly, students listened   speaker from Dyson.         and driver education,
to a presentation by         She went through why        non-grip cups for
Sally Dominguez (a           and how James Dyson         disabled people, trailers
presenter on the ABC         created the bagless         for towing to a model of
show New Inventors). She     vacuum cleaner. She         an     environmental
took the students            emphasised         the      sustainable classroom.
through the design           importance of testing       Our students gained a
process using her most       products and the use of     wealth of knowledge
successful products that     prototypes       when       and ideas from viewing
h a v e         b e e n      designing.                  the major works and
manufactured—the nest
                             Lastly, students had the    their portfolios.
highchair and modular
rain tank. She believes      opportunity to view                      J Johnson
the combination of           some of last year’s
                                                                    Teacher TAS
practical and emotional      outstanding HSC Major

                                             Go 40 For Me
         Parents and students are reminded to drive safely on Hilder and Harrington
          Streets—a 40km/h speed limit applies from 8am and again from 2:30pm.
Page 8                                   PARENT BULLETIN

         Disco Inferno
         is coming!
         This year EHS will see          about the upcoming              donation towards the
         the return of a musical         performances. If there          musical, your business
         performance. We will            are any parents with            will be advertised in the
         be presenting Disco             expertise in advertising,       program for the evening.
         Inferno—a fun script            front-of-house, costume         Please contact the
         with high energy song           or set design we would          CAPA faculty.
         and dance numbers,              love to hear from you.
         direct      from       the      Please contact the              Stay tuned for regular
         seventies. If you enjoy         Creative and Performing         updates        on    our
         musicals then you will          Arts faculty, as any help       progress. Disco Inferno
                                         would       be     much         will be presented to the
         really love Disco Inferno.
                                                                         school community on
         Auditions for all roles                                         the July 3-5 in the Hall.
         and chorus are finalised        If there are any
         and rehearsals are going        members of the school           See you there!
         strong. Everyone is very        community who would
                                                                                   CAPA faculty
         nervous and excited             be happy to make a

         State Schoolboys
         Cricket Knockout
         EHS recently played a           difficult—a large, slow         losing 8 wickets for just 25
         thrilling match against         outfield provided just one      runs. With just one wicket
         Leumeah High in the Allan       boundary for the whole          remaining the opposition
         Davidson shield. This game      day. Jason Hodge (Yr 11)        still needed 6 runs to win.
         always promised to be           helped his captain fight in a
         tough for EHS as our            late charge towards the         The EHS bowlers were
         opponents were one of                                           dominating the match and
                                         team’s total of 115.
         the best teams in the                                           the last batsmen decided
         region last year, losing only   Leumeah started superbly        they should ride their luck,
                                         in the run chase with two       swing the bat, and go for it.
         to Westfields Sports High.
                                         very capable and aggressive     The winning runs arrived
         Creditably, EHS batted          openers. Just when it           off the top edge of the bat
         through its forty overs         seemed the game was lost        and EHS was sunk. Despite
         against a strong bowling        for us, newcomer Beau           the disappointment of
         attack. Lachlan Trench          Townsend (4 for 7) and          losing, the team were
         and Aaron Millis battled        Luke Webb (2 for 6)             happy to have been a part
         through the early overs         produced inspirational          of such an enjoyable
         which offered both tight        bowling spells. They ripped     mat ch . Other team
         bowling and fielding. The       through the opposition          members included James
         team captain, Luke Webb         with great determination        Ulrich, Marc Burgin,
         (pictured, Yr 11) led by        and the balance of power        Mitchell Creecy and
         example, finishing unbeaten     shifted into Elderslie’s        Edward       Geoghegan.
         on forty runs. He was           hands. Robert Vicary (2         The school now looks
         supported by the Lillis         for 31) and Mitchell Lillis     towards its Open Girls
         brothers Mitchell and           (1 for 35) also gave their      Cricket team for the next
         Ben in conditions that          best efforts and the            adventure.
         made scoring runs very          opposition crumbled,
Volume 8 Issue 2   Page 9
     Page 10                                               PARENT BULLETIN

                             Lions Club
                             Youth of the Year
                             The Youth of the Year          a panel of judges prior       in the Regional final at
                             Award is an annual             to the public speaking        Ingleburn on March 12.
                             event organised by the         competition. Lucy won
                             Lions Club. Lucy               the public speaking           The school community
                             Chapman (pictured, Yr          section, as well as being     wishes her well at the
                             12) competed in the            declared the overall          next level of this
                             Macarthur Lions Club           winner. Well done,            prestigious event.
                             event. The students            Lucy!                                    S Dennis
                             must participate in an                                       Dance/Drama Teacher
                             intensive interview with       Lucy will now compete

                             Year 11 Hospitality            out in chef’s uniforms        then made into a
                             students          have         with their hospitality kits   delicious soup!
                             commenced         their        they developed skills in                    T Burden
                             course looking like true       precision cutting of              Hospitality Teacher
                             professionals. Decked          vegetables, which was

    Minutes of P & C Meeting held 12/2/08                     stage as a Dance teaching space (est $10K) and
Meeting opened at 7:48 pm                                     replacement of all stoves in Home Ec. (est $6K).
Apologies: D Behrens                                        • Invoices to be sent home for Yrs 7-10 (13/2). Failure
Matters Arising from Last Meeting (4/12/07)                   to pay elective fees will mean pupil will not do that
• Apologies: S Quinn                                          elective. General Contribution is voluntary but
• Fraser’s Memorial: Aim to have planting at AGM on           Elective fees are compulsory.
   March 11, Fraser’s wife invited. Suggest to name         • Possibility of Industrial Action this year due to
   amphitheatre in his honour? S Esler stated it was          imposed changes of transfer system at all levels and
   inappropriate.                                             salary award negotiation?!
• Presentation Evening: compliments to staff and            • Year 11 attended an Enrichment Program at Camden
   students on an excellent event.                            Civic centre this week.
Treasurer’s Report                                          • Viewing of progress of the Amphitheatre C.O.L.A. –
• Opening balance $2766.90. Interest $22.61, P&C              looking good!
   voluntary contribution $475, donation for                Deputy Principal’s Report
   Presentation Evening $1000. Balance $2264.51             • Girls outperforming boys in nearly all ages and areas
Principal’s Report                                            of the school. [8 girls gained UAI above 90, no boys!
• Reference to latest Bulletin re HSC results. High           Girls are overwhelmingly the achievers within the
   hopes for this year’s HSC!                                 school – why?]. Staff will target boys’ performance,
• Need to lose 0.6 staff due to overall fall in pupil         aim to improve. Strategies outlined in ‘4 Focus Areas’
   numbers despite 45 new yr 11 enrolments.                   to be implemented across the whole curriculum.
• Emphasis for 2008 on ‘Fix & Consolidation’.               General Business
   Replacement of blinds, piano, purchase of grand piano    • Plaques for HSC high achievers? [K Herrison]
   for stage (est $10K – canteen to fund), fit out of         Presented at Yr 11 Assessment Evening [S Esler]
                                Volume 8 Issue 2                                           Page 11

Vaccination Program
for Junior Students
Vaccinations will be           three vaccinations given      11 March: Year 7. Hep
given to all Year 7 and        in this program. The          B for both boys and girls
also girls in Years 8-10.      time between each             and HPV for the girls
NSW Health will be             vaccination is important.     only.
administering        the       If a student is unable to     27 March: Years 8-10
vaccination. An area in        attend school on the
                                                             HPV for girls only.
the school hall will be        day, the student may
                               need to attend another        12 June: Year 7.
organised for each day.
                               school on another day         Chicken Pox for both
All Year 7 will receive                                      boys and girls and HPV
vaccinations         for       to      have      their
                               vaccination.                  for girls only.
Hepatitis B and Chicken
Pox (Varicella) There          Permission notes will be      12 June: Years 8-10
are two Hep B                  sent home to be               HPV for girls only.
vaccinations and one           completed by parents          28 October: Years 8-
Chicken             Pox        and caregivers. Please        10 HPV for girls only.
vaccination.                   ensure these permission
                                                             18th November Year 7
All girls in Years 7-10        notes are completed and
                                                             Hep B for both girls and
will have vaccinations to      returned promptly.            boys and HPV for the
prevent cervical cancer        Please       note    the      girls only.
(Human Papillomavirus          following dates:                              C Baines
Vaccination). There are
                                                             Head Teacher Welfare

Special Religious
Special Religious Education    the DET, Principals and the   teacher and room every
or Scripture is available to   community have remained       eight weeks. Students will
all students in Years 7 and    convinced of the value of     study their scripture class
8.     This      program       this program. Indeed the      for this eight week period
encourages students to         salaries and expenses of      once in the year.
understand, learn and          the program are funded
make dec ision s for           exclusively by the local      Care has been taken to
                                                             ensure that all students
themselves.                    community and churches.
                                                             receive the mandatory
The Camden Churches            SRE at EHS is organised in    teaching requirements
B o a rd o f C h r i st i an   the following ways: Year 7    stipulated by The Board of
Education has provided         students in their Art         Studies.
two Scripture Teachers,        classes will complete one
Mrs Mandy Williams             scripture lesson every        Students have provided
and Mr Aaron Williams                                        feedback and typically
                               second week.
to teach lessons. It is more                                 agree that they have
than twenty years since        Year 8 students will          enjoyed the lessons and
Ca md en ’ s in n o v at ive   complete their mandatory      that they were helpful.
Scripture program began at     Design and Technology         Teachers regard their
Elderslie and Camden High      electives and scripture       opportunity to teach as
Schools. Over these years      class by rotating their       both a privilege and an
Page 12                                PARENT BULLETIN

          Student Tour
          of Japan
          T h e       C a m d e n       even Tokyo Disney!            There will be an
          International Friendly        Students           are        information evening at
          Association offers a trip     accompanied          by       Camden High School on
          for local school students     teachers from local high      Wednesday 5 March at
          to Japan in the               schools.                      7.30pm. At this meeting
          September/October                                           Japanese food will be
                                        It is an excellent learning   served and you will be
                                        experience. You have          able to hear from
          This trip involves staying    the opportunity to            students who traveled
          with a Japanese family,       understand            and     to Japan in 2007. For
          visits to high schools and    participate in Japanese       further information
          primary schools and also      culture and also make         please      see    Ms
          hotel stays. You will         lifelong friends.             Crossingham in the
          travel to places like                                       Health       Studies
          Hiroshima, Kyoto and          Organisation for this
                                        year’s trip has started.      staffroom.

          Duke of Edinburgh
          Gold                          office and processed.         expeditions until later in
                                        Awards cannot be              the      year.     More
          Welcome back to the           presented unless this         information is coming,
          New Year. Many of our         happens. Ideally, all         so stay tuned.
          participants have now         aspects of the Bronze
          completed their practice      award     sho uld be          EHS will again have the
          expeditions with Test         completed      before         annual ski trip in late
          expeditions being held in     starting the Silver           August for participants.
          the next few weeks.           program. A warm               T his    is a great
          Now the bigger job is at      welcome to a few new          opportunity and I
          hand of completing all        students who have             encourage           all
          the other aspect of the       joined the award at this      participants to attend.
          award.                                                      More information will
                                                                      be forthcoming in the
          Silver                        Bronze                        next few weeks.
          Sailing and bushwalking       Welcome to the new            If there are any
          expeditions       will        Bronze participants in        questions or inquiries
          commence towards the          Year 9. Meetings will         please do not hesitate to
          end of Term 1 and             commence to fully brief       contact me.
          throughout Term 2.            students to participate
          Participants from last        as soon as award books        It is important that regular
          year must also complete       are received from the         participation in all the
          their awards and bring        office. New participants      areas of awards is
          their completed and           will commence their           completed.
          signed logbooks in so         award soon but not
          that they can be                                                          P Marshall
                                        participate          in                    Coordinator
          forwarded to the Award
                              Volume 8 Issue 2                                                  Page 13

Mock Trial
A group of dedicated         Alyssa White and             The team competed
Year 10 and 11               Nathan Cassar (Yr            admirably in their
students and Ms              10). The students have       practice round against
Dennis are taking on         been working hard            Broughton Anglican
the world of Mock            during lunchtimes and        College. Well done!
Trials this year. The        after school to perfect      Our Second Round
team members are             their knowledge of the       encounter will be in
Katherine     Smith,         legal system, court          late March. Good luck
Elizabeth Gilmore,           processes and the            team!
Ina Hoxha (Yr 11),           case they are studying.                    S Dennis
Kayla       Powell,

Year 11 Ancient History
As part of the initial       objects housed in the        at school and is an
topic studied in Year 11     museum’s collection.         integral part of the first
A n c i e nt H i st o r y—                                topic in the course.
Investigating the Past:      Students will be placed
History, Archaeology and     into two groups and will      You can visit the
Science—the History          experience the Hands         museum’s website at
faculty has organised an     On program as well as a
excursion to the             tour of the Upper            nicholson/
Nicholson Museum             Gallery of the museum,
                             where the best artefacts     The date of the
within         Sydney                                     excursion is Thursday
University, to take          in    t he    mu seu m’s
                             collection are on display.   27 March (Line 3
advantage of the Hands                                    classes) and Friday 28
On Archaeology program       A teacher and a trained
                             archaeologist, who will      March (Line 4 classes).
provided there. Students
will be given a unique       actually lead discussion     Travel will be by bus
opportunity to handle,       and activities, will         leaving school at 8:15
discuss and analyse          accompany each group.        am and returning by
actual artefacts such as     This is an opportunity       3:45 pm.
coins, human bones,          that cannot be provided                  M Raeburn
weapons and other

            Maths tuition                                           Accident Insurance
               Primary and High School
                                                               Protection for your child 24 hours a day, 7
  Free Assessment • Experienced Head Teacher                   days a week anywhere in the world for $25
     Macarthur Tuition Centre, Campbelltown                                     per year.
                                                                         For more information see:
                 Contact Joe Wallace
            (02) 4626 2876 or 0411 152 309
 Page 14                                           PARENT BULLETIN

                        The EHS swimming            • Emily  John - 50m          event. More information
                        carnival was held on 8       backstroke 35:87; and       will be given closer to
                        February at Camden           50m Butterfly 31:95         the date.
                        Pool. Once again it was
                        a huge success with a       • Orla Ni Chaoimh -          Congratulations to
                        great turnout and plenty     100m        Freestyle       Michelle Barnes who
                        of events both novelty       1:06:00                     has been awarded a
                        and competitive. DJ                                      Sydney West Institute of
                                                    • Courtney   Shaw -          Sport Scholarship for
                        Hook was there again         50m Backstroke 34:56;
                        playing a great mix of                                   netball.
                                                     and 50m Freestyle
                        music, entertaining all.     30:60                       Congratulations to
                        The age champions for                                    Emily Wilson (Yr 7)
                                                    • Edward Geoghegan           who came second in the
                        the day were:                - 50m Backstroke:           Sydney South West
                        Emily Bradwell and           33:19; 100m Freestyle:      A r e a     d i v i n g
                        Adam Richards (12            1:02:73; and 50m
                        yrs), Courtney Shaw          Freestyle: 28:66.
                        and Jarrod Watson                                        We have had a number
                                                    Congratulations to all       of Zone trials in the first
                        (13 yrs), Emily John        age champions and to
                        a n d      E d w a r d                                   half of the term and as
                                                    our new school record        usual a number of EHS
                        Geoghegan (14 yrs),
                                                    holders.                     students have attended
                        Shannon       Huntley-
                        Wei and Neil Poulton        The EHS Swimming             with great success.
                        (15 yrs), Jacqueline        Team will attend the         There will be a lot more
                        Ralph and Ryan Clay         Zone      Swimming           coming up so students
                        (16 yrs) and Alysia         Carnival on 6-7 March        need to listen to the
                        McAuliffe         and       at Bradbury Pool. We         daily notices so they
                        Cameron       Raeburn       wish them all the best       aware of dates and
                        (17+ yrs).                  and know they will make      times. So far we have
                                                    us proud.                    only heard back from a
                        The following students
                        achieved new school         A reminder that the          few of these trials but
                                                    School Cross Country         congratulations to the
Edward Geoghegan        records on the day:
                                                    carnival will be held on 7   following students:
                        • Alysia McAuliffe -        May which is the second
                         100m       Freestyle                                    • James Merrick - Open
                                                    week of Term 2. Years
                         1:04:99                                                   Boys Basketball
                                                    7-10 will soon start a
                        • Jacqueline Ralph -        fitness unit of work in      • Mitchell Merrick -
                                                    their PE lessons in            Open Boys Basketball
                         50m Freestyle 29:18
                                                    preparation for this           Referee.
                                                                                   Sport Coordinators

                                     Adult TAFE Classes
                   Want to improve your English, reading, writing, spelling or maths?
              Campbelltown TAFE on Narellan Road has adult classes that can help.
       For more information phone Cheryl Hales on 4620 1868 or Elizabeth Hunt on 4620 1848
                                 Volume 8 Issue 2                                                  Page 15

Year 9 History Performance
Like Hay Before the Mower
Year 9 will be viewing a       performance which will      before students will be
performance by the             take place during Period    dismissed for Recess at
Troubadour Theatre on          1 in the school hall.       10:40 am.
Tuesday 18 March.
                               Students will proceed       The cost will be $5 per
This performance is a          directly from Roll Call     student and should be
tribute to the men and         to the quad where they      paid at the school office
women who served               will be directed into the   by Thursday 14 March.
Australia during World         hall.
War I, is in the form of                                   Any problems with
a drama-documentary            The performance will        payment need to be
and is an important part       commence at 9:30 am         referred to Mr.Raeburn.
of the course. All Year 9      and conclude at 10:25
                               am. There will be                     M Raeburn
students      will    be                                    Head Teacher History
attending           this       questions and discussion

Year 7 French
Year 7 is fortunate to         Theatre LOTE’s visit        They have performed
have the opportunity of        enables us to provide       successfully at EHS
attending the Theatre          students       with    a    before and we look
LOTE incursion called          culturally          and     forward to their return.
Le Secret de Poubelle.         linguistically enriching
This is a performance          experience with minimal     In Term 2 parents are
that beginning students        cost and disruption to      invited to a mercifully
can easily follow and          students’       normal      brief evening where
enjoy while learning key                                   Year 7 students will
                               learning routines.
phrases and expressions                                    perform items from
                               Theatre LOTE is a           their course. Invitations
in French.
                               company that has            will be issued shortly.
The visit will be in           performed           at
Period 1 of Monday 10          international festivals                M Raeburn
                               and schools across                   Head Teacher
                               NSW and Victoria.

                                                 Japan Australia Japan
                             The annual school exchange between high school students from Camden
                             and Narellan areas and students from Kashiwa City in Japan is planned for
                                                  the October holidays in 2008.
                             If you are interested in finding out more about this exciting opportunity, see
                            Mr Clipsham, Ms Kell or Ms Crossingham. There will be an information evening
                                                               early in 2008.
                              Sightseeing ● Japanese food ● Tokyo Disneyland ● Japanese schools
                                     Family life in Japan ● Sport in Japan ● Cultural Activities
          Elderslie High School

                                                                                              Quick Sudoku
           Hilder Street
        Narellan NSW 2567
            PO Box 69                                                                        Each large box of
        Narellan NSW 2567                                                                  nine (surrounded by
                                                                                             the bold lines), as
        Phone: (02) 4658 1110
          Fax: (02) 4658 0219                                                              well as each row and                                                        column of nine small
                                                                                           boxes, must contain
Excellence. Honour. Service.                                                                 the numbers 1-9.
                                                                                             There are various
                                                                                           strategies for solving
                                                                                              sudoku puzzles,
                                                                                           which have become a

                                                                                                Top: Very Easy
                                                                                               Bottom: Very Hard

EHS—Proud to be a public school
                                                                                                Puzzles courtesy

  Wk        MONDAY               TUESDAY            WEDNESDAY              THURSDAY                   FRIDAY
             10 March                 11 March         12 March               13 March                 14 March
         11/12 Music to       Yr7 HepB & HPV     Police vs Open Boys   Yr10 Reading tutors to     UTS Open Day
         Opera House                             Oztag during Sport    C’town TAFE
                              P&C Meeting AGM
  7A                          Talent Quest
                                                                       12 Drama to Illawarra
         Yr7 Theatre                                                   (5:30-11pm)
         LOTE incursion

             17 March                 18 March          19 March             20 March                  21 March

                              Area Swimming      DofE Silver Prac      DofE Silver Prac
  8B                          DofE Silver Prac                                                      GOOD FRIDAY

                              Yr9 History
                              incursion (Pd1)
             24 March                 25 March          26 March              27 March                28 March

                                                 DofE Gold Prac        DofE Gold Prac             DofE Gold Prac
  9A         EASTER                                                    Yr7 Text Types due         11 Ancient History
             MONDAY                                                                               to Museum (Line 4)
                                                                       11 Ancient History to
                                                                       Museum (Line 3)
             31 March                 1 April            2 April               3 April                 4 April
                                                                                                  DofE Gold Test 2
                                                 DofE Gold Test 2      DofE Gold Test 2
  10B                                                                  CHS Swimming &