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									Knight in Blue Jeans
The Blade Keepers

Author: Evelyn Vaughn

When he quit a powerful secret society, Smith Donnell lost his fortune-and walked away from love.
Beautiful heiress Arden Leigh deserved a man who could give her everything. Not a high-society outcast
with nothing to his name and a bull's-eye on his back.But when Arden's curiosity made her the society's
new target, Smith had to protect her-and win back her trust. Convincing Arden to let him back into her life
would take a miracle. But Smith would do anything to keep her safe, even though he'd already sacrificed
his heart-and this time, the price might be his life.
Author Bio
Evelyn Vaughn
Evelyn began writing stories as soon as she was able to hold a fat pencil and spell out words. She's been
at it ever since.Fourth in a family of five children, Evelyn has lived in Virginia, Illinois, Arizona, Louisiana
and finally Texas. She currently lives in Texas with her 17-year-old, one-eyed cat and her sweet-tempered
cocker spaniel. She recently bought a house with a great yard, largely for the cocker spaniel, but she
loves it, too.In her alternate life, she teaches writing and literature at Tarrant County College in the Dallas
Fort Worth Metroplex.

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