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                Internet Marketing
     (Web Site Promotion and Advertising Services)
              from OmegaNet Inc.

    Two kinds of Internet Marketing are available:
                  Passive & Active
All promotion avenues are available in packages or ala cart and
        can be cancelled with a 30-day written notice.
 Two Kinds of Internet Marketing
Passive (stores come TO a site and see an ad, link or banner):
1.   Search Engine Registration (Google, Yahoo, etc)
2.   Search Engine Monthly Optimization
3.   Links in Industry Specific Portals
4.   Banners and Ads in Industry Portals
Active (ad, link or banner is sent OUT to an email address):
1. Ads & Banners in Industry Newsletters
2. Email Blast to Targeted Stores

An Ideal Marketing Campaign has a Blend of Both!
               SEARCH ENGINES
1.   SEARCH ENGINE REGISTRATION (SER): (Google, Yahoo, etc)
     OmegaNet registers your web site in all of the major
     search engines and directories so customers can find
     you. The fee for two submissions (6 weeks apart) to all
     major Search Engines and Directories, is just $80,
     and we recommended that this be repeated at least
     once per year. “Really a must !
     It should be noted, though, that search engines are like the yellow
     pages in that they are available to everyone and so search
     engines will draw end-consumers as well as retailers to your site.
OR better yet …”
     Monthly optimization of your keywords and meta-tags
     and resubmission of your site to all major search
     engines and directories. $25/mo. “For the serious!”
Begin Your Promotional Campaign with a Link
       in one (or more) of OmegaNet's
           Industry-Specific Portals.

    • GiftsWholesale.Com         • ToysWholesale.Com
    • DecorWholesale.Com         • ApparelWholesale.Biz
    • AccessoriesWholesale.Com   • TheShoppePlace.Com

A Proven, Effective
  Way Of Driving
Retailer Traffic To
  Your Web Site.

        • Online Since February, 1998
        • 30,000+ Retailers Registered
        • Ranks High in the Search Engines
            GiftsWholesale.Com Link
        $19.95 per
• One Thumbnail Picture
• A Paragraph Description Of
  Your Company and/or Line
• A Direct Link To Your Web Site

Other OmegaNet portals can be
added at only an additional $10 /mo.
• DecorWholesale.Com
• AccessoriesWholesale.Com
• ToysWholesale.Com
• ApparelWholesale.Biz
• TheShoppePlace.Com (retail)

 Some listed sites have reported as much as 40% of their traffic
   coming from retailers linking through GiftsWholesale.Com
         GiftsWholesale.Com Banner
                          $80 per month

• Posted On Home Page of (GW)
  For One Month
• Then it will be moved to
  another vendor GW page.
• Not Rotating, Always Seen

           Banners can include GIF or Flash animation and
                   link directly to your web site.
        Gift & Home Retailer Newsletter

• 30,000+ Emailed Monthly
• Industry News, Including
   Your News!
• Picture, Text & Link
         Gift & Home Retailer Newsletter
                             Text Ad: $66.00/mo.
  One client reported an     Display Ad or Banner:
  immediate increase in           $90.00+/mo.
  registrations at their
  site after a newsletter
  containing a Text Ad
  and news item about
  them appeared in the
  Retailer News.

• 30,000+ Emailed Monthly
• Industry News, Including
   Your News!
• Picture, Text & Link
              Custom Private Label Email
                  Newsletter or Blast
Supply wording & design and
OmegaNet sends a custom email
newsletter to your Registered Web
Site Customers for OR
Email Blast to potential customers:
• Select Store types (gift shops, pet
stores, furniture stores, etc), or
• Send to Select States or Regions
$75 set up, plus mailing fee of $0.03 /
recipient ($30.00 / 1,000 - Min. $30) Optional
design: $100-$400.
(*ON Web Clients receive a 50% discount on mailing fee)

• 150,000+ Retailer Database
• Option to Target Shop Type                              Example of an email blast
• Option to Target State/Region
                       Internet Marketing
   (Web Site Promotion and Advertising Services)
                       The minimum recommended Internet
                       promotional campaign package
                       available is the Intro Package
                       for $85.95 per month.

                       GiftsWholesale.Com Link:            $19.95
                       GW Newsletter Text Ad with Link:    $66.00
                       Total per month:                    $85.95
                       Search Engine Registration          $80.00
    Call Toni Ivey
                       First Month Total                  $165.95
    800-726-1423   Into Package Price            $85.95/mo.
                       Internet Marketing
   (Web Site Promotion and Advertising Services)
                       The Value        Package includes three
                       promotion services, plus Search Engine
                       Registration, and is available with a 10%
                       discount for $149/month.
                       GiftsWholesale.Com Link:                $19.95
                       GiftsWholesale Banner:                  $80.00
                       Retailer GW Newsletter Text Ad:         $66.00
                       Regular Total:                         $165.95
                       Less Value Package Discount              -10%

    Call Toni Ivey     Value Package Price               $149.00/mo.
    800-726-1423       Search Engine Registration               80.00
                       First Month Total                       229.00
                                Internet Marketing
           (Web Site Promotion & Advertising Services)
                                The Deluxe Package includes five
                                promotion services, plus Search
                                Engine Optimization, and is available
                                with a 15% discount for $281/month.
                                 GiftsWholesale.Com Link:             $19.95
                                 2nd Wholesale.Com Link:              $10.00
                                 GiftsWholesale Banner:               $80.00
                                 2nd Wholesale.Com Banner:            $40.00
                                 GW Newsletter Display Ad:            $90.00
                                 GW Newsletter Text Link:             $66.00
       Call Toni Ivey            Search Engine Registration:          $25.00
        800-726-1423                                                 $330.95
                                 Less Deluxe Package Discount          -15%
All services can be cancelled    Deluxe Package Price           $281.00/mo.
with a 30-day written notice.
                             Internet Marketing
     (Web Site Promotion and Advertising Services)

       For further information or to enroll in any
        of these promotional services, please
               call OmegaNet or simply
                      complete the
               and fax to 770-482-2741.
If you don’t already have a tracking system on your site to track where visitors are coming from, ask for one to be
      installed on your site. You will then be better able to plan and verify the success of your marketing dollars.

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