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									Using The Internet To Retain
Clients in Personal Injury and
Mass Disaster Cases

Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP
Attorney & Director of Marketing
          Traditional Model –
          Pioneered by Melvin Belli

“There may be better
lawyers than I, but so far I
haven't come across any of
them in court.”
Melvin Belli, 1907-1996
            Visit Victims in Person –Cal. State Poly
            Football Team Crash, Toledo, Ohio, 1960

Curtis C-46F plane crashes
just after take off due to
excessive payload.

Of the 51 passengers and 3
crew, 22 died.
Investigator Sent to Hospital
with Belli’s Book Ready For The

          Chapters Included:

            You, Too, Can Sue –
            and Be Sued
            What’s “Your” Leg
            Stagecoach Verdicts
            Ride The Airlines
            The Ambulance Chaser!
New Model: Incorporate
the Internet
       Part of Daily Life in the U.S.

“The Internet has been irrevocably woven
 into everyday life for many Americans. . .
 For some, it has become an integral and
 required part of work or school. For
 others, it is a primary means to stay in
 touch with family and friends.”
              Pew Internet Project Report (12/03)‫‏‬
        Internet Usage in the U.S.

73% (or 147 million) U.S. adults online
  Use varies by age.
   • 88% of 18-29 year olds online; 32% of those 65 and
  Use varies by income.
   • 53% online in households with income less that $35,000
     a year; 91% in households with income greater than
     $75,000 a year.
  Use varies by education.
   • 91% of adults with college degree are online
World Internet Usage (in
percentage of adults)‫‏‬
World Internet Usage (in
aggregate number of adults)‫‏‬
World Internet Users
               Impact Of Internet on U.S.
               Plaintiffs’ Firms
Clients are searching the Internet: Almost all U.S. Internet users
have researched a product or service online.

Quality of attorney’s website is an important factor in clients’
decision on whom to retain: Physical proximity to attorney is less
crucial than in the past, at least in generating initial inquiry.

Clients primarily seek legal information, not an attorney:
Opportunity to educate clients of their legal rights.

   Informative, timely content is critical to generating client
          Impact on U.S. Plaintiffs’

Publicity: Reporters search online to find an attorney to
speak to concerning a specific case or controversy.

Leverage Media Coverage: Free or paid coverage in
traditional media (TV, radio & newspapers) drives visitors to
attorney websites.

Reputation: Judges visit attorney websites.

Referrals: Attorneys (plaintiff and defense) search online for
attorneys’ handling of particular types of case.
          Impact on U.S. Plaintiffs’
          Firms: Challenges

Addition to firm’s costs: Firms have a new marketing
expense to account for. However, done right,
marketing can be a profit generator.
A new set of competitors: The cost of advertising is
low compared to traditional media. Small firms can
have a substantial, nationwide web presence.
  Quarter page, one month ad run in major newspaper can exceed 3
  months of nationwide web advertising with sponsored links.
       Internet Marketing
       Components: Basics
What Every Firm Should Have:
  Main website,
  Case or practice area specific websites,
  Search engine optimization program,
  Budget for sponsored links,
  Email newsletter, and
  Integration of Internet marketing with
  traditional marketing and public relations
       Internet Marketing Components:
       Website Guidelines

Superior Content: Regularly updated content
that incorporates keywords used in search

Consistent Layout and Design: The site
should be easy to read – the KISS principle.

Clear Navigation: No page should be more
than three clicks from the home page.
      Internet Marketing Components:
      Website Guidelines

Quick to Download: Avoid Flash and high end
graphics. Any video clips should be less than 90

Every Page Should Be An Entry Point: Don’t
assume persons will come first to the home page
of your site. Each page is the potential “front

Allocate Money To Promote the Site: “Free”
search engines have almost all disappeared.
Example: Peanut Butter
Recall in U.S.
Example: Gol Airlines
Accident in Brazil Webpage
        Internet Marketing
        Components: Search Engine
Definition: Process by which a website obtains
visibility (high rankings) on major search
Importance: Most visitors to websites come
through free listings in search engines and do
not look past the first two to three pages of
search results.
   “Airplane crash attorney” – 1,190,000 search results
   on Google
   “Airplane accident lawyer” – 1,340,000 search results
   on Google
      Internet Marketing
      Components: Search Engine
      Optimization -- Techniques

Rich, Regularly Updated Content.

Determine Keywords Most Frequently
Used in Searches.

Design Sites for Maximum Search Engine
      Internet Marketing
      Components: Search Engine
      Optimization -- Techniques

Compelling Meta Titles and Descriptions
for each page on the site.

Promote Sites through Paid Submission
Programs and Sponsored Links: Google
and Yahoo are main search engines.

Create Links among your sites.
Example: Google Results
for Kenya Air Crash Lawyer
Example: Google Results for
“Park To Reverse”

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