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					 11 Quick Internet
  Marketing Tips
                 By Rob Toth

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Become the Captain of the Ship
If your business model revolves around having you or your website per-
ceived as an authority for the market … then you need to make sure you
project confidence and direction in all of your communications. It might
even hinge on the verge of “arrogance”. Your subscribers and clients need
to see this, just like passengers on a ship need to see a calm and collected
captain under EVERY circumstance.—Rob Toth

Time Flies When You’re NOT Having Fun
It’s easy to waste time “pushing papers” when you are trying to avoid doing
something in your business that you don’t enjoy. For some folks this is web
design, for others it’s calling back leads. Learn to fight through this
procrastination or outsource that job to someone else. Pushing papers
around will do nothing more than eat up your time.—Rob Toth

Who Would You Get Flying Lessons From?
Don’t take flying lessons from anyone other than a qualified flight
instructor. What do I mean? Don’t spend money and time implementing the
suggestions of how to generate traffic, how to write effective sales copy,
how to create an effective pay per click campaign, etc from anyone other
than those who are proven as being qualified to give advice on the topic.—
Rob Toth

Use the Search Engines to Learn Needed Skills
Need to learn a bit about a software package, get a refresher on a
certain skill or otherwise just research a topic? Search for your keyword +
“discussion forum” or “tutorial” or “how to” for immediate answers.
Example: Internet marketing discussion forum, Photoshop how to, web de-
sign tutorial. The search results will be the top rated web sites, tutorials
and discussions for your keyword.- Rob Toth

Get More Clicks On Your Affiliate Links
A basic step that you can take to ensure higher click-throughs for your af-
filiate offers is to not promote affiliate links directly. Affiliate links are easy to
spot, allow for commissions to be ’stolen’, brand somebody else’s website
(not yours) and put them in control. Instead use domains, subdomains,
HTML or Javascript redirects or a cloaking software.—Rob Toth
The Most Important Skill To Develop
Don’t waste time on fad tactics from self-proclaimed experts. Often what
they “teach” are theories that sound good versus proven techniques. In-
stead, invest time into the study of sales and marketing. The core skill of
effective marketing (online this is often labeled as “traffic generation”),
when implemented, will provide consistent profits.- Rob Toth

Use Your Competition’s Efforts to Your Advantage
‘Steal’ good ideas from your competitors (ie: adapt their techniques to your
own vs. plagiarizing) but avoid their pitfalls and you’ll quickly get ahead of
them. An Internet based business is often very transparent giving you a
terrific opportunity to model your business after your successful competi-
tors.—Rob Toth

Everyone Starts At Zero? Even Your Hero.
Everyone starts at zero. Every single entrepreneur you will hear of or learn
from started with zero web sites, zero products, zero visitors, zero sub-
scribers and zero sales. The difference is they decided to get to work and
start building from there. Inexperience, lack of funding, no products, no list
is where you most likely will be starting from as well. How far you build
from there is up to you.—Rob Toth

Outsource As Soon As You Can
As soon as you can afford it, start to outsource. Not only will this free up
time for more important business development tasks but by bringing in an
expert (for graphic work, web design, copywriting, etc), you end up with a
better presentation/product. Ideally you want subcontractors (or
employees) working in the business while you work ON the business.- Rob

Increase the Trust, to Increase Your Sales
Sales is closely tied to trust. This holds true for your online sales as well.
To increase your sales, constantly work to establish more rapport and
credibility with your visitors. Show proof where possible (screenshots, testi-
monials). Include your picture, as well as a live video or audio introduction
when appropriate.- Rob Toth
Are You Collecting Tools or Building a House?
Do you suffer from lack of focus? Learn to just say no to some of the
new courses, products and fads being introduced. Turn down irrelevant
ebooks, webinars and teleconferences. You don’t need to become a hu-
man library ... you need to become profitable! If a carpenter were to spend
all his time reviewing and buying more tools for his tool chest, he would
never get around to building the house.- Rob Toth


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