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									SCORE!: A Better Way to Do Busine$$
Author: Thomas T. Stallkamp

Edition: 1

Strategic collaboration: today's best route to long-term profitabilityUsing strategic collaboration, Thomas
T. Stallkamp helped transform Chrysler into the most profitable company in its industry. In SCORE!,
Stallkamp reveals how he did it-and shows how you can do it, too. Includes never-before-published
metrics on the business value of collaboration.To maximize long-term profits, companies and their
managers must focus more on win/win collaboration with business partners, rather than using coercion
and adversarial tactics to force compliance. Stallkamp pioneered new strategies for collaboration as
President of Chrysler Corporation. His breakthrough strategy (SCORE—Supplier Cost Reduction Effort)
turned Chrysler around and into the world's most-profitable automaker. Organizations ranging from Dell
Computer to the U.S. Air Force are now profiting from the lessons they learned from Chrysler. Stallkamp
offers a complete blueprint for deploying strategic collaboration with suppliers, customers, and
employees. Learn how Stallkamp made it work at Chrysler—and how he overcame the pitfalls and
cultural obstacles that stood in the way. Simply put, this is everything you need to establish collaborative
relationships that drive unprecedented business value.Why "adversarial commerce" no longer worksHow
coercive relationships drive up costs and drive out innovationImplementing strategic collaboration, one
step at a timePractical solutions for working with suppliers, customers, and even employeesChrysler's
SCORE program: powerful results, powerful lessonsHow strategic collaboration drove massive cost and
quality improvements at ChryslerInformation is power: share itWhy information must be shared, and how
to overcome the resistance to doing soWhy there's nothing "soft" about collaboration
t collaboration
out collaboration

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