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									Work Wanted
Author: James W. Walker
Author: Linda H. Lewis

Edition: 1

The Complete Action Plan for Every Baby Boomer Who Wants to Keep Working-and Thriving!This is the
definitive handbook for every baby boomer who wants, needs, or expects to keep on working! You'll find
practical, realistic, action-oriented advice for working on your terms, not someone else's...reinventing
yourself for your next stage of life...finding more meaning in the work you choose...protecting your
finances and your lifestyle...and a whole lot more!If you're a baby boomer and a professional, chances are
you will live far into your 80s or beyond. That means you'll have 20+ more years to actively work and
pursue your interests. Work Wanted will help you make those years as valuable as you possibly can.
Packed with practical checklists, references, and case studies, this book is organized for action, not
talk. Drs. James Walker and Linda Lewis first explore the myths, falsehoods, and obsolete "conventional
wisdom" about aging and retirement that stand in your way. Drawing on their experience working with
companies and individuals facing these issues, Walker and Lewis help you realistically assess the
challenges you'll actually face-from your real income needs to your changing goals. Discover why a
growing shortage of experienced people will give you more workplace leverage than ever before. Then,
learn how to implement an action plan to keep working on your own terms at your current company, if
that's what you want. Ready to move on? Work Wanted will support you in reinventing yourself, pursuing
more meaningful work, acquiring new skills, and even mentoring your new younger colleagues. Whatever
you want to do, this book will help you stay vital, happy, and healthy while you're doing it...not just for
years, but decades!Boomers without boundaries!Transform the landscape of work and retirement, one
choice at a timeChart your own future-and make it happenDefine the value you will add and the difference
you will make...then do it!No more "Wal-Mart greeter" syndromeFind professional work that is fulfilling,
motivating, satisfying, and meaningfulChoose the right options at the right timesKeep working, go part-
time, phase into retirement, switch careers, return to school, or become a "free agent"

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