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									              RECREATION….SPORTon Forum
               Local Government Recreati
 The Local Government Recreation Forum (LGRF) is a forum for Local Government professionals who are
involved in the provision of recreation and sport opportunities for their community. It provides a mechanism
                    for information exchange, professional development and advocacy.

Who are our members?                                        What can the LGRF do for your Council?
   Local Government professionals who have                      Provide an opportunity for information exchange
   recreation and sport provision as their role. This           and networking with Local Governments in South
   includes, Recreation/Open Space Planners,                    Australia and nationally.
   Recreation and Sport Facility Managers,                      Support the development of benchmarking and
   Community, Youth and Recreation and Sport                    effective practices in Local Government recreation
   Development Officers.                                        and sport provision.
   Other government and non-government                          Keep your Council informed of current trends and
   organisations and individuals that have an interest in       issues in relation to recreation and sport
   local government recreation and sport provision.             provision.
There is no membership fee.                                     Be a practical voice to the LGA, State and
                                                                Commonwealth Government on Local
What does the LGRF do?                                          Government recreation and sport issues of
   Meets bimonthly to discuss recreation and sport
   issues, network and undertake professional
   development opportunities.                               Strategic Partnerships
   Is an advocacy body for local government                 The LGRF is supported by the LGA and the Office for
   recreation professionals.                                Recreation and Sport (ORS).
   Supports the development of benchmarking and
   effective practices in local government recreation       The Forum seeks to form strategic partnerships with
   and sport provision.                                     all government and non-government organisations that
   Promotes a whole of industry/government                  have an interest in recreation and sport provision at
   approach to recreation and sport provision.              the local government level.
   Provides linkage between local government’s in
   South Australia and nationally.                          Meetings
   Is a practical and informed voice to the Local
   Government Association (LGA) State and                   The Local Government Recreation Forum meets on a
   Commonwealth Government on Local                         bi-monthly basis, the second Thursday of the month,
   Government recreation and sport issues of concern.       8.30am-11.00am, usually at Local Government House,
   Provides a forum for external organisations to           16 Hutt Street, Adelaide.
   inform local government of programs or initiatives
   which relate to recreation and sport provision

What has the LGRF achieved?
                                                            For more information contact:
   Secured funding through the Research and
   Development Fund to develop a State Youth                Ray Scheuboeck
   Recreation Strategy.                                     Chairperson
   Developed a strong network of government and             Local Government Recreation Forum
   non-government recreation and sport
   professionals.                                           phone:     (08) 8203 7688
   Provided feedback in relation to the State               email:
   Government Recreation and Sport Grants review
   and other State Government Strategic Direction
   Supported a State Sport Association and Local
   Government Forum

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