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Rat Pack Process and Procedures by lindayy


Rat Pack Process and Procedures

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                                                                                       Rat Pack
Lasotell Pty Ltd
                                                                       Processes and Procedures

         Rat Pack Processes and

                                              prepared by

            Lasotell Pty Ltd                                <>

            Chrysalis Designs Pty Ltd                       <>

            Technical Horizons Pty Ltd                      <>

            JAR Documentation and Training Pty Ltd          <>

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                                                                                              Rat Pack
Lasotell Pty Ltd
                                                                              Processes and Procedures

                                     Table of Contents
                         (Click on yellow text to access that information.)
 00 Rat Pack Processes and Procedures              Prd_01 Document Management
                                                   Prd_02 Document Assessment
 00 Logic Map of Processes and Procedures          Prd_03 Document Standardisation
                                                   Prd_04 Document Publishing
 Gui_01 Standard Parameters                        Prd_05 Adapting Standalone Documents
 Gui_02 Configuration Management & Backups         Prd_06 Backups
 Gui_03 Graphics Management                        Prd_07 Configuration Management
 Gui_04 Document Management                        Prd_08 Creating Appendix Headings & Labels
 Gui_05 Issue Trees                                Prd_09 Appendix Annex TOCs
 Gui_06 Visual Basic Standards                     Prd_10 Excel into Word
 Gui_07 Shall Numbering                            Prd_11 Graphics Management Standards
 Gui_08 Using Word Master Documents                Prd_12 Graphics Management Remote Site
 Gui_09 Formatting OASITO Style Bids               Prd_13 MS Project Gantt into Word
 Gui_10 Slide Preparation Guide                    Prd_14 Printing Procedures
 Gui_11 Using RCS                                  Prd_15 WordPerfect Conversions
                                                   Prd_16 Word8 Word7 Conversions
 Tem_01 Information Plan template                  Prd_17 Writing VBA Code
 Tem_02 Content Specification template             Prd_18 Creating CDs
 Tem_03 Project Plan template                      Prd_19 Format removable media
 Tem_04 Project Wrap_up Template                   Prd_20 Clearing Corrupt File Messages
                                                   Prd_21 Arranging Non-compliant clauses
 WI_01 Project Specific Activities
 WI_02 Document Check List

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                                                                                           Rat Pack
Lasotell Pty Ltd
                                                                           Processes and Procedures

              This guide describes the preparation and publishing activities/tasks performed by Rat
              Pack staff. It is applicable to any work received by Rat Pack staff and to any advice
              offered in response to requests for assistance.

              The guide is not software specific – where software is mentioned, it is for example

              The procedures provide the instructions for completing tasks. They generally assume
              a working knowledge of the underlying tools and devices – specific button-press level
              instructions are included as appropriate to the task.

              Rat Pack staff provides various starter kits/templates on request and these usually
              contain instructions for the users as to what is expected of them with regard to
              preparing documents.

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                                                                                             Rat Pack
Lasotell Pty Ltd
                                                                             Processes and Procedures

1.         Rat Pack staff
              Rat Pack staff provides professional document management and publication services
              which includes providing technical writers, editors, graphic artists etc with support
              skills for “on-site” assistance across Australia and overseas.

              Rat Pack staff consists of people who specialise in technical writing and/or graphic
              design. They aim to free technical staff from spending time working on document
              presentation and the mechanical aspects of document production so the technical staff
              can apply their core skills to the primary tasks for which they are employed.

              Rat Pack staff provide:

              •     Advice and assistance on document content
              •     Template definition
              •     Formatting documents, including tasks such as:
                    •     Standardising the page setups across files and within files
                    •     Applying the relevant templates for deliverable file outputs
                    •     Standardising styles (overall appearance) and print enhancements (bold,
                          italics, etc)
                    •     Applying house or project style manual requirements.
              •     Creating the graphics for the document, including tasks such as:
                    •     Incorporating Project and Excel files
                    •     Creating custom charts.
              •     Publishing the document, including tasks such as:
                    •     In-house or external printing
                    •     Producing final copies of the document for distribution.

              Rat Pack staff people usually fill one of two roles in producing documents:

              •     Editing: editing another person’s draft text)
              •     Technical authoring: creating draft text to be checked by a technical person and
                    then edited.

              Typically, each document task is assigned to one member of staff and that person
              manages that document through all its phases.

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                                                                                          Rat Pack
Lasotell Pty Ltd
                                                                          Processes and Procedures

     Maintaining templates

              Rat Pack staff define Word templates as standards within Rat Pack and for any
              project/person wanting to work to a document standard. The templates are related to
              each other and a new one is typically created because particular styles need to look
              different from what is stored in the current template(s). For example, the heading
              styles may need to be indented further from the left margin.

              All templates have common style names. This is fundamental to the publishing
              function when it is decided to attach a new/different template to a document. It
              ensures that the current styles are automatically replaced with the new style

              The macros, buttons and autotext are more frequently updated depending on the
              individual project requirements.

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                                                                                             Rat Pack
Lasotell Pty Ltd
                                                                             Processes and Procedures

Rat Pack Process and Procedures

              The procedures in this document are to be applied under all conditions. If necessary
              either more resources should be added to maintain the quality or the customer must
              agree to a lower quality end product.

              The contents of each procedure are presented under a series of unnumbered headings.
              The comments under the following headings are common to all procedures:

              a.    Approval
              b.    Tracking
              c.    Records.

              Any exceptions to these comments will be made under the relevant heading in the
              procedure concerned.


              Change to procedures in this book requires approval of the senior technical writer or
              the senior graphics person.


              Rat Pack activities are typically one-off jobs. That is, Rat Pack is required to prepare
              a particular document for a client who is responsible for reviews and other such
              activities. Records for tracking the progress of the document itself are usually held by
              the client. However, Rat Pack staff keep the document in CS-RCS (a revision control
              system) and will assign tags to the file(s) to show its current status – such as Review,
              Final Edit, ToPublishing, Delivered.


              The primary record of work done is contained in the CS-RCS log file. The client of
              will have records relating to document delivery and dispatch to third parties.

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