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									                             “UPON THE END OF DAYS”

    One day, just before the beginning of the Great Lent in 1987, I went to the cell of Father
Paisios. At that time, there were a lot of discussions on the subject of identification cards
containing the code 666. I asked the Elder if these identification cards truly have the number
of the Book of Revelation written on them.
    He replied, “This is a very cunning way through which they try to establish this new
financial system and set a trap for the Christians. Here in Greece, the application of this
system has been delayed. In America, they are already marking with laser beams the name of
the “beast” on the forehead and hands. In 1982, 3,000 people were marked in America; the
distinguished personalities were marked first, as a special way of honoring them.”
    Then, Father Paisios brought two pieces of paper, one from China and the other from
Europe, which had about a dozen buttons on them and the number 666 clearly written in
numbers. He also showed me some pamphlets from Australian banks advertising the new
financial system and confirming the security it provides to every person who has the mark
on his forehead and right hand. Moreover, he showed me the book THE NEW MONEY
SYSTEM 666, written by the American woman, M.S. Relfe.
    He went on, “I feel very sad, because the mysteries, which St. John the Theologian had
foreseen, are now clearly apparent; many people, even priests and bishops, regard this issue
from a secular point of view, rather than dealing with it spiritually. They say to people that
nothing is going on, and it does not matter if they take these identification cards and
generally find excuses for what is inexcusable. This is not right, because they reassure people
and allow them to be in a situation, from which they might not be able to get away. Of
course, they will be the ones responsible for this.
    “Many people, who knew my disagreement on the issuance of these identification cards,
said, “So what if Paisios said this? It is just his own opinion, not the opinion of the Church.”
However, this is not right. I did not express my opinion. I humbly indicate to those who ask
me for the Church’s opinion, the words of Christ, the Gospel itself.
    “I agree that no one, no matter whether he is a spiritual father, the Patriarch, or Paisios,
should formulate his own opinion and express it to the people of God. Instead, we should
all submit our opinion to the opinion and will of God that was made known to us through
the Gospel.”
    “One day, a priest came to visit me, who had heard that I was constantly telling people to
be careful with these identification cards and whatever has to do with the Antichrist, whose
system has methodically been promoted.”
    “Father, isn’t it better for us to talk about Christ, instead of discussing all the time about
the Antichrist?”
    “When you talk to a 90 year old lady about weddings, baptisms and celebrations, she
starts remembering her good old days and feels happy. However, she might suddenly die
unprepared, solely thinking about weddings and celebrations and false happiness. Instead,
when they tell her about the death of other old people, memorial services and people being
terminally ill, then she begins to think that she should spiritually prepare herself for her own
death, that is go to confession, etc. Thus, when death comes on its way, she will be ready for
it. The same thing applies to the priests or spiritual fathers regarding the matter of the
Antichrist. We must keep the faithful up to date and alert them in a good sense, so that they
will be properly prepared to face any coming difficulties. We must not panic them, as they
will not be the ones to be found in a difficult situation; rather, it is the people who are on the
devil’s side. It is also written in the Book of Revelation that we will certainly face difficulties,
but the people of the devil are the ones who will carry the scars on them. Things will be
more difficult for them as they will have to face God.”

    Many things are being said on the issue of the new identification cards. You must wait to
see what the Church has to say. The Church must express a clear view on the matter, so the
faithful people will know what to do. Also, the Church must [canonize] the ones who take
these identification cards out of necessity, so they can realize it is a sin. Carrying an
identification card, as the word itself suggests, means that you absolutely identify with it.

    Today the logic of those considered “knowledgeable” influences people. People love
comfort and conveniences and have been enslaved by them. Although they know that the
three 6’s on the Universal Product Code is a sign of the devil, they accept it. They are
responsible for doing so, because they know what it means. If they were ignorant, they
would be excused.

    The E.U. member states will not come to an agreement because each one of them has a
different cultural background and tradition.

   “Father, I have heard that in Jerusalem there is a man who says he is prophet Elijah. Can
you tell us something about it?”

    “Do not rush to come to a conclusion. If you say now that he is prophet Elijah and he is
not, then the rest of the people will accuse you of lying. I will give you an example. When
you see a plant in a pot turning green, do not take the risk to say what kind it is. Be patient
and you will figure it out, when it grows a little bit more.”

   In 1987, during Great Lent, I went to see the Elder for a personal matter. While I was
there, he told me, “I have written a pamphlet on the issue of the new identification cards.
Do you have time to have a look at it?”

    I told him that I have plenty of time. After I read the text, we had a long discussion. I
would like to present the Elder’s text on the identification cards, so every Christian can read
it and keep it as a spiritual witness on this subject.

                               The Sign of the Times 666
     After the devil’s cataclysm, God’s sunshine will appear.
     Behind the worldly spirit of today’s “freedom,” the lack of respect for the Church of
Christ, older people, parents and teachers who have fear of God, is hidden spiritual slavery,
anxiety and anarchy which lead the world to an impasse, the destruction of man’s body and
     Therefore, behind the perfect system of the computerized “convenience cards,” is hidden the
universal dictatorship, the slavery of the Antichrist. “Also it causes all, both small and great,
both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so
that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the
number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let him who has understanding reckon the number
of the beast, for it is a human number, its number is six hundred and sixty-six” (Rev 13:16-
     St. Andreas of Ceasarea writes the following: “On the dirty name of the Antichrist. Time
and experience will reveal to those who are vigilant the accuracy of the numbers and anything
else written about him… but divine grace did not wish that the name of the scourge be written
in the Holy Bible; a lot will be found written on the subject…”
     Oddly enough, many spiritual people, apart from the fact that they give their own
interpretations on this issue, are also afraid of this secular filing system; they should be
concerned in a spiritual way, however, and help Christians by alerting them positively on the
subject and strengthen their faith, so that they can feel God’s consolation.
     I wonder! Don’t they question what is going on? Why don’t they put a question mark
next to their mind’s interpretations? What if they help the Antichrist in marking more
people? How can they sway these people to the loss of their souls? “to lead astray if possible
the elect” (Mk 13:22).
     Those who give their own interpretations will be led astray.
     Things are very clear. The “beast” with 666 in Brussels has swallowed almost all the
countries in its computers. The card, the identification cards, the introduction to the mark,
what do they indicate? Unfortunately, we only listen to the radio when we want to hear the
weather report.
     What will Christ tell us? “Hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the
sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times” (Mt 16:3).
     After the card, the identification cards and the establishment of the filing system, they will
maliciously proceed to the marking by announcing on TV that someone stole another person’s
card and withdrew all his money from his bank account. On the other hand, they will
advertise the “perfect system,” the marking of the Antichrist’s name, 666, on the hand and
forehead with laser beams which will not be externally detectable.
     Unfortunately, some who think of themselves as knowledgeable will “swaddle” their
spiritual children, as if they were babies in order to console them by telling them: “it doesn’t
matter, it’s nothing, as long as you have faith inside you.” While we see that St. Peter
externally denied Christ -and it was a denial-, they deny the holy mark of Christ, which was
granted to them through the Holy Baptism, the “Seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit,” by
accepting the mark of the Antichrist; and they claim they have Christ inside them!
     Unfortunately, some “knowledgeable” people shared the same logic during the years of the
holy martyrs and tried to change the minds of the prospective martyrs. St. Basil the Great
writes in his speech on Martyr Gordios: “…many people were being irrational by trying to
convince the martyr to deny Christ with his words only, and keep his faith in his soul, in his
inner disposition, claiming that God does not pay attention to our words but to our
disposition. However, martyr Gordios was rigid in his belief and replied: …the tongue, which
is created by Christ, cannot bear to utter anything against Him… do not deceive yourselves,
God cannot be mocked, He judges us according to our own mouth, He justifies us by our
words, and by our words, He convicts us.”
     Also, Dekios had issued a decree ordering Christians to avow the religion of paganism;
those who did and offered a sacrifice to the idols, were granted a certificate and thus were saved
from martyrdom. These people who denied Christ together with those who gave money to the
committee of pagans and took the certificate without denying Christ, the so-called “liveloforoi,”
were considered by the Church as being apostates and sinners.
     We have many examples, such as the miracle of St. Theodoros which is celebrated every
year on the Saturday of the First Week of Great Lent. “Julian, the Apostate, knowing that
Christians are cleansed more by fasting strictly during the First Week of Great Lent, -which
for this reason we call Pure Week- chose to pollute them during this specific period; therefore,
he secretly ordered that food, which had been polluted by the blood of the idols’ sacrifices, be
put out in the market place during this week. By tally appearance Martyr Theodoros
appeared to Archbishop of Constatinople Evdoxios in his sleep. The matryr revealed the
mystical message to the Archbishop and asked him to gather the faithful people immediately
on Monday morning, and alert them not to eat from this food. Instead, he offered them
“koliva” (boiled wheat given at memorial services) to replace the shortage of food. Therefore,
the aim of the Apostate was annulled and the devout people were protected and kept pure.
     Abstaining from the pollutions of the idols is a rule of the Apostles. “The apostles and
the elders were gathered together… abstain from the pollutions of idols and from unchastity
and from what is strangled and from blood…” Acts 15: 6, 20.
     Despite what I just reported, unfortunately, we hear today a lot of nonsense from those
considered “knowledgeable.” Some people say: “I will accept the identification card with the
number 666, but I will put the sign of the Cross next to it.” Others say: “I will accept to be
marked on the forehead with the number 666, but I will also put the sign of the Cross next
to it.” They think that this way they can be sanctified. But this is only an illusion.
     Only what is accepted with Holy Water is sanctified. For instance, water can be blessed
and become Holy Water. Urine cannot be sanctified. A stone can be turned into bread by a
miracle. Whatever is dirty, cannot be sanctified. Therefore, when the symbol of the devil, the
Antichrist is on our identification card, our head or hand, it cannot be sanctified by putting
next to it the sign of the Cross.
     We have the power of the Holy Cross, our holy symbol, the divine grace of Christ, only as
long as we have the holy marking of Holy Baptism, meaning we have denied the devil and
sided with Christ, and received the Holy Marking, the seal of the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

  May God enlighten us. Amen. Mount Athos, Panagouda Cell of Koutloumousiou
Monastery, Saturday, First Week of Lent, 1987.
  With lots of pain and love in Christ,
  Monk Paisios

    In the age of the Antichrist, when he will dominate the world, the simple but genuine
prayer of a Christian will make him tremble, for Christians have tremendous power.

    “Elder, some people say when the Antichrist comes, Christians will not be able to buy
food and will starve.”
    “Well, Christians can live on bread and olives. The ones who will suffer are those who are
used to having ten different kinds of cheeses on their table.”

    We constantly hear on the news that one third of the forests have been burnt, one third
of the sea water has been polluted, and by the year 2000 one third of the people will be
suffering of cancer. The news we read sounds like an interpretation of the Book of Revelation.

    “Father, they say that everything is polluted after the Chernobyl accident. What shall we
“If just a certain area had been polluted, I would suggest you avoid it. But since pollution is
everywhere, make the sign of the Cross and eat everything. You will not be harmed; this is
what I do.”

   When people stopped the discussions on the new identification cards and the
government froze the issue, Father Paisios also ceased to talk about it. However, some
people kept on discussing it and writing against the government and the passing of the new
bill. They went to see the Elder and asked him, “Why do you also keep silent?” He replied,
“When they stop, we should also stop, otherwise they will say: “Something must be wrong
with these people. They shout and create problems without any reason.” That is why we
should keep silent when they stop; and when they start again, we must also start. A good
guard dog barks when it sees a thief coming. When, however, the thief disappears, it stops
barking. If it continues, then something is wrong with the dog.”

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