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Program for “The Sixth Clare Valley Bone Meeting” Clare, South ...

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									                                    Program for “The Sixth Clare Valley Bone Meeting”

                                            Clare, South Australia, March 26-30, 2010

Conference Secretariat
Lara Birchby
Phone: +61 8 8177 2215
Fax: +61 8 8177 2251

FRIDAY 26th March

Registration                            14:00   Clare Country Club Foyer

Session 1                                       Chair: Nick Fazzalari
Bone the tissue                         16:00   FERGAL O’BRIEN (IRELAND)
                                                The effects of oestrogen deficiency and bisphosphonate
                                                therapy on BMD and bone quality in an ovine
                                                osteoporosis model

                                        16:30   JENNEKE KLEIN-NULEND (NETHERLANDS)
                                                Role of osteocytes in mechano-adaptive bone remodeling

                                                FRANCOISE PEYRIN (FRANCE)
                                                Three dimensional imaging of bone microdamage,
                                        17:00   microvasculature and osteocytes using synchrotron-
                                                radiation sources

                                                MARK HOFFMAN (AUSTRALIA)
                                                Cortical Bone: Nanomechanics and Microstrain Analyses

Welcome Reception                       19:00   Restaurant

SATURDAY 27th March
                                        07:00   Breakfast

Session 2                                       Chair: Tony Pohl
Bone the cells                          08:40   BABUL J. BORAH (Sanofi-Aventis/ Warner-Chilcott
                                                Pharmaceuticals, USA)
                                                Intracortical porosity and bone mineralisation

                                        9:10    JIAKE XU (AUSTRALIA)
                                                RANKL and its signaling pathways as potential targets for
                                                the treatment of osteolytic bone diseases

                                        9:40    STAN GRONTHOS (AUSTRALIA)
                                                Mesenchymal Stem Cells
                            10:10   Discussion

                            10:30   Coffee

Session 3                           Chair: David Findlay
Bone molecules (1)          11:10   VICKI ROSEN (USA)
                                    Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (1)

                            11:40   HOWARD MORRIS (AUSTRALIA)
                                    Vitamin D Activities and the Skeleton: Two diseases and
                                    two mechanisms

                            12:10   GERALD ATKINS (AUSTRALIA)
                                    The Biology of Mineralisation

                            12:40   DISCUSSION

                            13:00   Lunch

Session 4                           Chair: Darryl Teague
Fracture                    14:00   MELLICK CHEHADE (AUSTRALIA)
                                    Measuring fracture healing

                            14:20   TONY POHL (AUSTRALIA)
                                    Treating pelvic fractures.

                            14:40   BOGDAN SOLOMON (AUSTRALIA)
                                    Tibial plateau fractures.

                            15:00   VICKI ROSEN (USA)
                                    Promoting fracture healing.

                            15:30   Coffee

                            16:00   Free time

Clare Valley Wine Tasting   18:00   The Pavilion

and Buffet Dinner           19:00   The Pavilion

SUNDAY 28th March
                            07:00   Breakfast

Session 5                           Chair: Ian Parkinson

Bone and Joint              08:40   FERGAL O’BRIEN (IRELAND)
                                    Collagen-based scaffolds for bone regeneration: applied
                                    biomaterials and cellular responses to biophysical stimuli

                            9:10    BRIAN FREEMAN (AUSTRALIA)
                                    What influence does sustained mechanical load have on
                               diffusion in the human intervertebral disc? An in-vivo
                               study using serial post-contrast magnetic resonance

                       9:40    DIETMAR HUTMACHER (AUSTRALIA)
                               Establishment of a preclinical ovine model for tibial
                               segmental bone defect repair by applying bone tissue
                               engineering strategies

                       10:00   DOMINIC THEWLIS (AUSTRALIA)
                               Extrinsic Mechanical Biomarkers for Knee Osteoarthritis

Session 6                      Chair: Vicki Rosen

Bone molecules (2)     11:10   DAVID KE (USA)
                               Inhibition of Sclerostin as a Potential Therapy for Low
                               Bone Mass and Fracture Healing

                       11:40   JENNEKE KLEIN-NULEND (NETHERLANDS)
                               Wnts in bone

                       12:10   JULIA KULIWABA (AUSTRALIA)
                               Osteocytes in human tissue

                       12:30   HONG ZHOU (AUSTRALIA)
                               Glucocorticoids in bone

                       12:45   DISCUSSION

Free afternoon         13:00   Lunch

Conference Dinner      19:00   Clare Golf Club

MONDAY 29th March
                       07:00   Breakfast

Session 7              8:30    Chair: Fergal O’Brien

PhD student showcase           KAMARUL KHALID
                               The role of osteocytes in bone response to mechanical

                               OLIVIA PALLOTTA
                               Monitoring fracture repair with intramedullary nail fixation

                               BRIANNA MARTIN
                               Spatio--temporal mathematical modelling of bone
                               remodelling in trabecular bone
                                     GEETHA MOHAN
                                     Articular cartilage and subchondral bone changes in the
                                     monosodium iodoacetate rat model for osteoarthritis: a
                                     dose-response study

                                     DIANE PHAM
                                     Multi-scale mechanical testing of collagen type I in the
                                     intervertebral disc

                                     IMAN ROOHANI
                                     Novel Nano-Composite Scaffold for Bone Tissue

                                     DONGQING YANG
                                     The role of vitamin D in the proliferation and differentiation
                                     of osteoblasts

                                     IRENE ZINONOS
                                     Apomab, a fully human agonistic DR5 monoclonal
                                     antibody, inhibits tumour growth and osteolysis in murine
                                     models of breast cancer development and progression.


Session 8                    10:30   Chair: Mellick Chehade
Burning issues in bone
                             11:00   PANEL DISCUSSION with international faculty and
                                     industry delegates’ perspectives

Close of meeting and lunch   12:00

Coach departs from Clare     13:00
Country Club
Coach arrives Adelaide       15:00

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