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N S W           C O M M U N I T Y                     D R U G             S T R A T E G I E S
                                                                                                                       AUTUMN/WINTER 2005
                                                                                                                                 ISSN 1445-0097

                                                                                                                 N E W S L E T T E R

Mums Against Drugs
launched at Bolton Point
Late last year, John Della Bosca,                   about drug issues.
Special Minister of State launched                  The achievements of the Mums Against Drugs
the Mums Against Drugs Community                    CDAT include involvement in the production of
Drug Action Team (CDAT) at Bolton                   a pamphlet on needle stick injury. They have
Point Community Hall.                               developed a directory to help the local
                                                    community to contact drug and alcohol and
The Special Minister of State joined local          other health and welfare services.
families for a performance by well-known
                                                    Daniella Chedzey, Chair of the Mums Against
Aboriginal band, Local Knowledge, and a
                                                    Drugs CDAT and organiser of the Project said
sausage sizzle. The CDAT formed in
                                                    “We held a weekend camp which was a
response to community concern when a local
                                                    great success and included a number of
child received a needle stick injury.
                                                    workshops and talks around prevention of
Mothers from the Department of Housing              drug and alcohol problems. A men’s camp
Bolton Point Estate in West Lake Macquarie          and a camp for teenagers is planned for early
                                                                                                         John Della Bosca, Special Minister of State and
met in August 2003 to form Mums Against             next year and Aboriginal elders will be              Daniella Chedzey, Chair of the Mums Against Drugs
Drugs in response to community concern              significantly involved in activities”.               CDAT.

Travelling Art Expo                                                                 GOULBURN            YOUNG       YASS       BEGA        NAROOMA

A group of South East CDATs from                    Young, Yass, Bega and Narooma. The Yass              The theme of the artwork from Young is
Goulburn, Yass, Young and Bega, together            project, titled Beat Graffiti, has engaged           care for yourself, care for your environment
with the South Coast Aboriginal Drug and            local young people. Assisted by local artist         with the message that just as the
Alcohol Committee joined to produce a               Kylie Ramsey, they produced three panels             environment should not be harmed by
Travelling Art Expo. Supported by NSW               using graffiti as the art medium. Goulburn           polluting waterways, the body shouldn’t be
Premier’s Department, the Art Expo opened           contributed ten pieces of art work, produced         harmed with alcohol or drugs.
in Goulburn on March 2, before touring to           in local workshops.

Ray Olsen (Goulburn Chair) and Paul Stephenson      Jennifer Lamb (Goulburn Regional Art Gallery) and    Hank Doll (Young CDAT Chair) and Joy Cornish
(Goulburn Mulwaree Mayor) at the Goulburn launch.   Rosemary Cosgrove (Southern Area Health Service      (Community Artist and CDAT member) with one of the
                                                    and CDAT member) at the Goulburn launch.             Young CDAT murals at the Young opening.
Editorial                                      Youth Week April 2005
Welcome to the Autumn-Winter 2005
edition of Drug Action.                        Community Drug Action Teams                    skateboarding and information stalls,”
                                               were actively involved in helping to           said Minister Della Bosca.
Youth Week continues to grow in
                                               stage Youth Week events across
popularity and coverage. CDATs this year
supported local youth events yet again,
                                               NSW, providing both financial and              Lake Macquarie, Northern Wyong
building on the achievements of previous       hands-on assistance.                           and the Killarney Vale Bateau Bay and
                                                                                              Tumbi Umbi CDATs held Battle of the
years. After active involvement in Youth       Youth Week is the largest single celebration   Bands competitions at drug and alcohol-
Week, many CDATs are planning events           of young people on the Australian              free youth festivals in the Central Coast
and activities to coincide with the Alcohol    calendar. The aim of Youth Week is to          and Hunter areas. Further events will be
and Other Drugs Council of Australia’s         showcase talented young people, to help        run during Drug Action Week in June
Drug Action Week 2005 from 20-24 June          put forward their ideas and of course to       2005. A regional final will also be held.
2005, (see article on this page). The week     have fun.                                      The CDATs have worked closely with
provides another excellent opportunity for                                                    youth committees and councils to
                                               “This year, Community Drug Action
CDATs to work with others in their local       Teams got behind Youth Week and                arrange the events, providing drug and
community to promote the achievements          provided support to local youth events.        alcohol free entertainment for young
of those working to reduce alcohol and         Activities ranged from band                    people and access to information on
other drug-related harm.                       competitions and dance parties to              services in the area.
More than 60 Drugs and Community
Action Strategy Special Fund grants have
been allocated this year. Many of these
grants have been used by CDATs for local
alcohol forums, research initiatives and
activities for young people. A significant
number of grants have also been used for
leadership and skill building activities for
CDAT members.
As the end of the financial year draws
near we are reviewing our processes and
are planning for the next two years of the
program. Our focus will remain on
supporting local CDATs and projects such
as di@yll. In addition, new community
education resources and campaigns will         Painting graffiti.
be explored.

Yvonne Korn, Project Director,
Community Drug Strategies
                                               Mudgee CDAT’s Youth Week activity
                                               Mudgee Drug Action Team                        their dreams and to record them on a
Drug Action                                    (MDAT) was a key sponsor in                    banner to travel the state. The event was
                                                                                              also a showcase for music recorded by
Editorial Committee                            the Mid Western Regional                       local Mudgee youth from a previous
Aileen Ogilive, Pittwater CDAT                 Council Youth Week Totally                     MDAT initiative with their own messages
Peter Ryan, Orange CDAT                        Wickid youth event.                            on the impacts of drugs and alcohol.
Liz Junck, Senior Project Manager DCAS                                                        MDAT provided prizes for the skate
– State-wide Issues                            During the event young people could            competition, distributed information
                                               watch a demonstration and “skate off”          on impacts of various drugs and alcohol
Anjali Boronowskis, Senior Project
                                               between some of Australia’s top BMX, in        and on available local services and
Manager, DCAS Western NSW
                                               line skate and skateboard riders, meet the     what to do in the case of an emergency
Lisa Simone, Senior Project Manager,           stars, take part in clinics and in
DCAS Illawarra/South East                                                                     ie. overdose.
                                               competitions. Totally Wickid also
Amanda Pullinger, Project Manager, CDIS        encouraged young people to talk about          The event was an outstanding success,
Vera Ranki, Project Manager, CDIS

                                                                                                    20-24 JUNE 2005
                                                                                                   Drug Action Week® is a national
                                                                                                   week of activities to raise
                                                                                                   awareness about alcohol and
                                                                                                   other drug issues and to
                                                                                                   promote the achievements of
                                                                                                   those who work to reduce drug
                                                                                                   related harm.
                                                                                                   The week also aims to promote public
                                                                                                   debate about good practice strategies
      Making jewellery.                           Trying out colour hair sprays.                   for reducing drug related harm.
                                                                                                   In 2004 over 450 events took place
      Hay CDAT, together with the Hay             “Providing drug and alcohol free                 throughout the country including
      Shire Council, hosted a concert by          alternatives and information is a major          53 activities in New South Wales
      Melbourne band Simeon to celebrate          role of Community Drug Action Teams.             arranged by or involving Community
      Youth Week. It proved to be a great night   Youth Week provides an excellent                 Drug Action Teams.
      of wholesome entertainment. There           opportunity for Community Drug                   Drug Action Week® 2005 will have
      were no age restrictions on the event       Action Teams to work in partnership              activities that inform and involve
      and the entry was free, to encourage as     with local young people and youth                communities, educators, individuals,
      many people to attend as possible.          services to address drug and alcohol             the media and politicians to reduce
                                                  issues,” Minister Della Bosca said.              drug related harm in Australia.
      The Yass CDAT had a drug information
                                                  A number of CDATs also organised                 Theme days for 2005:
      stall at the Totally Wickid skate event.
                                                  motivational speakers at various events
                                                                                                   ■ Monday 20 June – Young People
                                                  during the week.
      Working with the youth services and                                                          ■ Tuesday 21 June – Treatment
      council to run the events, Kyogle           Drug and alcohol information and details         ■ Wednesday 22 June – Prevention
      CDAT held a Natural High skate              of local services were available at events       ■ Thursday 23 June – Indigenous
      competition and a youth dance event.        run by CDATs.                                      Australians
                                                                                                   ■ Friday 24 June – Consumers and
                                                                                                   Drug Action Week® is an initiative of
                                                                                                   the Alcohol and other Drugs Council
                                                                                                   of Australia (ADCA).
 Totally Wickid
      with approximately 400 young people                                                            Drug Action Week®
      and families crowding into Mudgee                                                              kits and posters
      Skate Park on Saturday April 16 and
                                                                                                     are available from
      more than 35 young people ranging
                                                                                                     ADCA. Kits are
      from 6 to 25 years taking part in the
                                                                                                     available from your regional DCAS
      skate competition. MDAT received
                                                                                                     office. Otherwise, please go to
      extensive coverage on the day partly
      through PA announcements and from                                                    
      local print and radio media both leading                                                       orderk.html/.
      up to and after the event.                                                                     To view CDAT activities from Drug
                                                                                                     Action Week 2004, go to
      Photo by courtesy of the Mudgee                                                                www.communitybuilders.nsw.
      Guardian and Weekly.                                                                 
Consulting drug users and their carers
In order to gain some accurate                WorkshopTM was held for the ‘drug user’       of drug users and how problematic it
                                              group in Grafton and a second                 was for them.”
local data to assist with service
                                              workshop was held for the ‘family/carer’
provision, the Coffs Harbour                                                                “In addition we were much more
                                              group in Coffs Harbour. With careful
                                                                                            optimistic than drug users or their
and Clarence Valley CDATs                     promotion and the promise of total
                                                                                            families about the ease with which we
are conducting a major                        confidentiality, the workshops were well
                                                                                            thought someone using drugs could
community consultation and                    attended with 40 participants in Grafton
                                                                                            change their circumstances.”
                                              and 20 in Coffs Harbour.
information project.                                                                        A comprehensive report of the workshop
                                              A unique angle on this consultation
                                                                                            findings has been produced. The
The CDATs are targeting parents of year       methodology was the mandatory
                                                                                            CDATs now have a new challenge –
7-9 students; employers; frontline            attendance by CDAT members at each
                                                                                            how to make sure the findings are
workers; the general public; and drug         of the workshops.
                                                                                            properly considered and used to inform
users, including their families and carers
                                              “CDAT members were able to hear the           their planning and future action.
“While it is challenging to identify and      experiences of those being immediately
                                                                                            The workshops were made possible by
access drug users and their families, we      and directly affected by harmful illicit
                                                                                            the Value Creation Group P/L’s generous
felt it was also important to understand      drug use. This experience gave them
                                                                                            donation of time, technology and
their needs as well as the needs of those     insights they could not have gained in
                                                                                            expertise. The project is funded by
working more at the prevention end of         any other way,” Andrew said.
                                                                                            grants from the Drugs and Community
things”, explains Coffs Harbour CDAT
                                              “For example, we significantly                Action Strategy Special Fund and the
Chairperson Andrew Robertson.
                                              underestimated the extent to which            National Illicit Drugs Strategy
In October 2004 a Value Creation              illicit drug use has impacted on the lives    Community Partnerships Initiative.

Resources for CDATs – what’s available?
Over the years the Premier’s                  The Drug Action Toolkit                       Getting the Best from your CDAT
Department has produced a range               Provides information to assist CDATs in the   Work: Evaluating Plans, Projects
of resources to help build the skills         areas of project management, consultation     and Team Processes
of CDATs. With Drug Action Week               and community participation.                  A booklet and a training manual to help
coming up, here’s a recap on the                                                            CDATs evaluate their work.
most popular ones. All can be
found on www.communitybuilders.                                                             Getting Involved in the Community                                                                       Drug Information Initiative
                                                                                            A booklet to help CDATs organise community
                                                                                            events in their localities. It includes checklists
Working with the Media Kit
                                                                                            for organising
More and more CDATs are taking on an active                                                 launches and
role in the media. This kit outlines:                                                       ideas for
■ the role of the media and how it works
                                                                                            local events.
■ examples of what is ‘news’ and how to
   present stories in a way that is
■ tips on how to respond when approached
   by the media
■ tips on how to contact the media and
   promote your story or event
■ steps to establishing a media policy or
   strategy for your organisation or CDAT.
                                                                       COMMUNITY VOICE

Culcairn Holbrook Youth Action Team
The Culcairn Holbrook                          information about alcohol and other drugs,              resources. The artwork was created by Year 9
                                               youth issues and local related resources.               and 10 students from Billabong High School.
Youth Action Team (CHYAT)
                                               Although a great deal of information about              The calendars were launched and distributed
conducted community
                                               alcohol and other drugs has been distributed            by CHYAT and the Youth Development Team
workshops in Culcairn and                      to the community from state and federal                 at the Greater Hume Shire’s Culcairn office
Holbrook in May 2003.                          governments and local resources, people                 just before Christmas.
The workshops aimed at giving interested       often have not read and/or keep this material.
                                                                                                       Residents were invited to provide written
community members the opportunity to           Responding to the challenge, CHYAT                      feedback outlining what they liked or disliked
discuss local drug and alcohol issues and to   developed a calendar for 2005 clearly                   about the calendar and what they felt could
identify ways the issues could be addressed.   displaying relevant, interesting, useful,               improve future calendars. Positive responses
Information collected during the workshops     positive and/or motivational information about          clearly indicated the calendars were very
indicated participants wanted more             alcohol and other drugs issues and local                popular and minimal changes were suggested.

Calendar launch, 22 December 2004.                                     Proud of the calendar (photo courtesy of Eastern Riverina Chronicle).

Narrabri Junior Speedway
Project to highlight drug
and alcohol issues
The Narrabri Youth Service and                 The project, originally
Narrabri Community Drug                        funded by NSW Premier’s
                                               Department, caught the
Action Team have embarked on a
                                               eye of NSW Police and
new and innovative project that                Narrabri Shire Council,
aims to increase awareness of                  both of which also became In the community spirit: The Narrabri Junior Speedway Project – Narrabri
drug and alcohol misuse amongst                joint funders, providing     youth on the wagon.
young people.                                  an opportunity for young
                                               people aged 14-16 to be involved in             Employment Narrabri Shire Council
The program provides alcohol and drug          delivering a message. Other key partners        and Narrabri Aboriginal Lands Council.
information while covering all aspects of      include the Narrabri Community Drug             It is also supported by numerous local
preparing and maintaining a speedway           Action Team, the Narrabri Youth                 businesses. Participants of the program
car and racing it over the Narrabri            Service, Narrabri TAFE, RTA, Narrabri           will benefit by developing literacy,
Speedway racing season.                        Speedway Association, Best                      communications and teamwork skills.
Action Around the State
                                                    girls of the Links to Learning class of        Shire, service providers and the
                                                    2004 took photos to depict the positive        community, providing sponsorships,
                                                    images of Walgett. The young women             prizes and their talent. Over 200 people
                                                    gained a range of skills, and expressed        attended. As a result of the Family Fun
                                                    their appreciation at being given this         Day, Brewarrina CDAT has been asked
                                                    opportunity. The photographs also have         by the community to conduct these
                                                    been exhibited at community gatherings         events regularly. The CDAT plans to
                                                    and functions.                                 hold four events every year to capture
                                                                                                   the seasons in Bre – get wet in summer,
                                                                                                   get active in autumn, get fishing in winter
                                                    The Albury Wodonga Community
                                                                                                   and get celebrating in spring.
Participants of the Leeton conference.
                                                    Drug and Alcohol Action Team, in
                                                    order to promote their work, developed
                                                    an information booklet. The booklet lets       The Tamil Volunteers Project, funded by
Building Community Capacity Around                                                                 Auburn CDAT, was launched with the
                                                    people know what the CDAT does, how
Local Drug Issues – the Riverina/Murray                                                            Tamil community at Auburn Town Hall
                                                    the community can become involved in
Region CDAT Conference was held on                                                                 on 12 December 2004. A group of
                                                    contributing to reducing the harms
10-11 March 2005 in Yanco. Fifty people                                                            volunteers received training about
participated in the two day conference              created by drug and alcohol misuse.
                                                                                                   alcohol and other drug issues, services
hosted by the Leeton Community Drug                                                                and supports and presenting this
Action Team.                                        Bourke CDAT has produced                       information to individuals and groups.
                                                    fluorescent stubby holders to promote          A help card has been produced in Tamil
A youth information card has been                   safe drinking messages. The stubby             with telephone numbers for the 24 hour
produced to help young people across                holders are being distributed through          alcohol and drug helpline. The
the New England/North West region                   takeaway outlets in Bourke. Posters            volunteers will also help to identify
know where they can get help. The                   promoting the messages were placed in          specific issues that the Tamil community
youth card lists local and state-wide               various licensed premises. Anecdotal           may have.
support services for young people. The              evidence indicates that the strategy has
card was produced by the Tamworth                   caused some serious discussions about
                                                                                                   The Parramatta/Holroyd CDAT is
Community Drug Action Team in                       alcohol and violence in licensed
                                                                                                   working with Sydney West Area Health
partnership with local services that work           premises and across dinner tables around
                                                                                                   Service Alcohol and Drug Services to
with young people.                                  Bourke. Evaluation is to be finalised.
                                                                                                   promote a 24 hour Drug and Alcohol
                                                                                                   Help Line through cinema advertising at
Walgett CDAT calendar was distributed               Brewarrina CDAT held an alcohol free           the Parramatta Village Cinemas. The
in January. The calendar, titled From a             Family Fun Day on 4 December 2004 at           helpline provides central intake, referral
Girls Eye View, was produced by young               the Brewarrina Swimming Pool to get            and assessment for drug and alcohol
people in Walgett with support from the             families together in a safe environment        services and also offers information and
CDAT, TAFE and Kodak. Supported by                  to promote healthy lifestyles. The event       advice to callers. A particular target will
a young Aboriginal photographer, the                was supported by local businesses, the         be young people.

Young Australians the target in new phase of the National Drugs Campaign
The Australian Government has                       with their children about drugs. Three new         (including English).
launched a new drugs campaign                       television and cinema advertisements will      ■   Non-English speaking background mini-
                                                    focus on the dangers of using illicit drugs.
aimed at preventing young people                                                                       brochure in 16 languages summarising the
                                                    The television and cinema campaign will be
using illicit drugs.                                supported by a number of other education           key issues and directing parents to sources
                                                    materials.                                         of further information.
This prevention campaign will educate young
people about the risks and negative                 The campaign will also be supported by the     ■   Campaign web site and youth-specific
consequences of illicit drug use – in particular,   following resources:                               youth web site
the harm caused by using cannabis, ecstasy          ■   Youth booklet and wallet card.                 Resources can be ordered through the
and amphetamines.                                   ■   Youth posters reflecting the three             website.
The campaign includes print and television              youth commercials.                         ■   A free information line (1800 250 015)
advertisements, encouraging parents to talk         ■   Parents’ booklet in 17 languages               answered by the Department’s call centre.
Are You Responsible?
Alcohol awareness campaign launched
The Forster Tuncurry
Community Drug Action Team
launched the Are You
Responsible? campaign
at the Tuncurry Senior Campus
on Thursday 16 December.
“The advertisement was screened on Prime
and NBN as well as running at film screenings
at the Great Lakes Cinema throughout this
summer,” said Chloe Beevers, Great Lakes
Council Community Development Officer.
“Summer is a peak time of the year for
underage drinking and alcohol related injuries.
This campaign was designed to raise
                                                   The Forster Tuncurry Community Drug Action Team.
awareness and to educate adults about their
responsibilities ensuring that we can all have a
                                                   Commotion by the Ocean.                            happen to them if they drink too much,”
fun and safe holiday season,” Ms Beevers said.
                                                   Tara Steele, one of the young people involved      Ms Steele said.
Local young people were involved in
                                                   in making the advertisement said “It was           The Are You Responsible? campaign received
developing the concept and acted in the
                                                   rewarding and really interesting how an ad         financial support from the Forster Tuncurry
production. New Moon Productions worked
                                                   is made.”                                          Memorial Services Club, Great Lakes Council,
with the young people to develop the
                                                   “The ad will make young people think more          NSW Premier’s Department and the Mid North
advertisement and organised local drug and
                                                   about what they are doing and what could           Coast Area Health Service.
alcohol free events such as the recent

                                                                                                        Community Alcohol
    Chairing and                                                                                        Action Forum
    Team Leadership Workshop                                                                            A Community Alcohol Action Forum
                                                                                                        will be held on 1 June 2005 for all
                                                                                                        CDATs in the Sydney metropolitan
    A Chairing and Team                            knowledge and skills in the area of                  area. Geoff Munro from the
                                                   team leadership.                                     Australian Drug Foundation will talk
    Leadership Workshop was                                                                             about the national Community
    hosted in Parramatta on                        Participant evaluations indicated
                                                                                                        Alcohol Action Network (CAAN).
                                                   that the session efficiently met the
    15 March 2005.                                 expectations of all attendees and
                                                                                                        The idea of the forum is to provide a
                                                                                                        context for why CDATs should
    The training was attended by CDAT              highlighted certain aspects of the
                                                                                                        consider community action around
    Chairpersons, Deputy Chairpersons              training that were particularly
                                                                                                        alcohol issues and to showcase
    and other interested CDAT                      useful including the importance
                                                                                                        examples of programs and initiatives
    members from across South Western              of preparation and taking
                                                                                                        in a range of areas related to alcohol.
    and Western Sydney Region.                     initiative, strategies to attract and
                                                                                                        The forum will be free of charge to
                                                   interest community representatives
    The workshop, which was presented                                                                   CDAT members.
                                                   and techniques for resolving
    by Paul Van Reyk, was a fun and                difficult issues.                                    For more information contact
    interactive training session that                                                                   Emily Dempster for Coastal Sydney
    aimed to increase confidence and               All participants reported looking
                                                                                                        on (02) 9228 3723 or Renae Taciak
    skills in chairing meetings and also           forward to implementing the strategies
                                                                                                        for Western/South Western Sydney
    provided useful foundation                     they learned.
                                                                                                        on (02) 8836 4962.
                           New study of Australian                                            do and say when working with people
                                                                                                                                                                       For more information:
                           secondary school students’                                         to help reduce alcohol related harm.
                                                                                                                                                                       If you would like more information about any of
                           use of drugs and alcohol                                           The content is structured according to
                                                                                                                                                                       these Government responses to community drug
                                                                                              the priority topics that frontline
                           A report released on 24 November                                                                                                            issues, contact the Central Office, your regional
                                                                                              workers have identified, such as:
                           2004, titled Australian secondary school                                                                                                    office (see below), or visit the website
                                                                                              interventions, low risk drinking, safe
                           students use of alcohol in 2002, studied                                                                                           Drugs
                                                                                              choices, medicines with alcohol, other
                           25,000 students aged 12 to 17. The                                                                                                          and Community Action Strategy staff provide
                                                                                              drugs with alcohol, sexual assault,
                           report found that almost 90 per cent                                                                                                        additional resources that explain the Strategies
                                                                                              supporting families and carers,
                           of Australia’s secondary school children                                                                                                    and the work of the Community Drug Action
                                                                                              treatment, counselling, pregnancy and
                           have consumed alcohol, and a quarter                                                                                                        Teams in more detail.
                                                                                              breastfeeding – among others.
                           has used cannabis. However, according
                           to the Report, smoking has dropped to                              The handbook also features website                                         Central Office
                           its lowest level in 20 years.                                      addresses, phone numbers, resources
                                                                                              and services – pages are designed to be                                  General Inquiries
                           For the series, Australian Secondary                                                                                                        Community Drug Strategies
                                                                                              photocopied to give to clients. It has
                           Students’ Alcohol and Drug Survey, see                                                                                                      Ph: (02) 9228 3731 Fax: (02) 9228 5517
                                                                                              tabbed sections for quick reference.
                                                                                              For information contact:                                                 Regional Offices
                                                                                              Don Keast, Broken Hill Department                                        DCAS North Coast
                                                                                              of Rural Health Librarian, on                                            Ph: (02) 6648 7230 Fax: (02) 6648 7232
                           2004 National Drug Strategy                                        (08) 8080 1210 or email:
                           Household Survey: First results                                                                            DCAS New England/North West NSW
                                                                                                                                                                       Ph: (02) 6771 4827 Fax: (02) 6771 3658
                           The Australian Institute of Health and
                           Welfare released the 2004 National                                                                                                          DCAS Western NSW
                           Drug Strategy Household Survey, titled                                                                                                      Ph: (02) 6881 6377 Fax: (02) 6884 7405
                           First results. The summary data
                                                                                              The Australian Drug Foundation’s                                         DCAS Hunter/Central Coast
                           represents Australia’s most
                                                                                              DrugInfo Clearinghouse, with funding                                     Newcastle
                           comprehensive national survey on drug                                                                                                       Ph: (02) 4927 8799 Fax: (02) 4927 8798
                           issues. It gives key results on drug-                              from the Victorian Premiers Drug
                           related awareness, knowledge, attitudes                            Prevention Council, has been working
                                                                                                                                                                       Ph: (02) 4337 2311 Fax: (02) 4324 2698
                           and behaviour. Comparisons with 1991,                              to implement a Koori Access Project.
                           1993, 1995, 1998 and 2001 surveys are                              The project aims to build capacity                                       DCAS South Western Sydney/Western Sydney
                           also presented as well as population                               among Koori communities by                                               Parramatta
                           estimates of the numbers of consumers                              increasing the relevance and                                             Ph: (02) 8836 4961 Fax: (02) 8243 9463
                           of both licit and illicit substances.                              accessibility of DrugInfo Clearinghouse
                                                                                              information and services. One of the                                     DCAS Coastal Sydney
                           First Results (ABN 83 605 426 759,                                 outcomes for this project is a new                                       Ph: (02) 9228 3730 Fax: (02) 9228 5517
                           AIHW Catalogue No. PHE-57) is                                      drug information website
                           available free of charge from                                                                                                               DCAS Illawarra/South East
                                                                                     also                                        Wollongong
                           Department of Health and Ageing                                    known as Koori DrugInfo. The                                             Ph: (02) 4224 9903 Fax: (02) 4229 5370
                           Tel: 1800 020103 x 8654                                            website is specifically for indigenous                                   Queanbeyan
                           Fax: (02) 6289 8360                                                workers who work in the alcohol and                                      Ph: (02) 6297 6911 Fax: (02) 6297 9505
                           Email:                                  other drug and related fields.
                           On line:                                                                                                            DCAS Riverina/Murray
                           publications/index.cfm/title/10122/.                                                                                                        Ph: (02) 6021 1455 Fax: (02) 6023 8166              MAILING LIST
                                                                                                       Please put me on the mailing list – return slip
                           Alcohol Handbook
                            The Alcohol Handbook for Frontline
                           Workers is an essential everyday resource                                   Organisation:
                           to make alcohol intervention easier.                                        Address:                                                                     Postcode:
                           This A5 size, 180 page illustrated
                           handbook offers straightforward,
                           practical information and advice about                                      Telephone:
                           alcohol use and misuse. It gives
                           information about when and how to

                           do brief intervention, including what to                                    Send to            Assistant Project Officer, Community Drug Strategies, Premier’s Department
                                                                                                                          GPO Box 5341, Sydney NSW 2001
                                                                                                                          Fax: (02) 9228 5517

                           Drug Action is produced by the Community Drug Information Strategy, NSW Premier’s Department. Drug Action provides an opportunity for Community Drug Action Teams
                           to contribute information and articles. The ideas and opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the NSW Premier’s Department.

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